A wide variety of sea kayak brands options are available to you, such as lakes & rivers, ocean waters, and offshore waters. Lifetime kayaks are built from high-density polyethylene plastic which makes them durable and light weight. Pygmy Boats Inc. is the largest and oldest manufacturer of precision precut wood kayak kits in North America. Kayaks are made with stability, ease of use, and longevity in mind. Blade … Different styles available for both adult and kids kayaks. Their fishing kayaks are stable, comfortable and bullet-proof, yet affordable so anyone can join in the fun and catch a big fish. You can Tour or Race or Play. Can be assembled and disassembled in seconds with no tools. New Zealand’s Premier Expedition, Sea Touring and Multi Sport Kayaks If you’ve ever experienced the joy of paddling, you’ll really appreciate the difference in a Paddling Perfection kayak. Old Town – You may know Old Town from their canoes, but their kayaks are here (and they’re just as solid). We are owned by sea kayakers, for sea kayakers, and we pride ourselves on being part of the paddling community. Features non-slip pedals, streamlined pedal cranks and an integrated weed guard on the propeller. We also provide trips and courses, making use of our superb, convenient location. PO Box 7522 Beaumaris, VIC 3193 Email:sales@eastcoastkayaking.com Bookings & Enquiries (03) 9597 0549: 37 Jetty Road, Sandringham - right on the water So when you look at a Hurricane kayak, you can be sure that every detail was designed to give the paddler a superior experience on the water. They set out to accomplish this by developing a line of high-quality packrafts through extensive research and development and by listening to their customers’ wants and needs. Norse is a Norwegian-based paddlesport company. The length of the kayak is 34 cm and a width of 36 cm. 2. oru kayak bay folding. Our table helps you review and compare sea kayaks from over 30 sea kayak makers providing length, width, volume, cockpit size, hatches, skegs v rudders, price range etc. Get inspired gear, informed advice, 100s of brands – all backed by our Rocksolid Guarantee. Offers sit in and sit on top styles for a wide variety of water types. The 5 Different Types of PFDs and How To Choose The Right One. Currently offer products worldwide at affordable rates. Whether you’re looking to explore nearby waterways, fish remote lakes or get away to a tropical paradise, Sea Eagle inflatables can take you there. In every model and size, Perception Kayaks is known for personal touches that make kayaking fun for paddlers of all experience levels. Wheel in the Keel feature offered on all kayaks allows you to easily transport your boat to and from the water, Paddle Keeper System offered on all kayak models except Move, allows you to store your paddle during transport or secure it while on the water, Types of kayaks: recreational, fishing and sailing, MirageDrive Classic pedal system: dual underwater fins that move the kayak forward, MirageDrive 180 pedal system: dual underwater fins with reverse capabilities, MirageDrive 360 pedal system: dual underwater fins that allow you to spin and move in any direction, Kick-Up Fin Technology: dual underwater fins that fold up against the hull when coming into contact with an obstacle, Types of kayaks: recreational, day touring and fishing, Range of options like expanded cockpits and rudder packages, Types of kayaks: recreational, fishing and touring, Three air chambers improving safety as the boat will remain afloat if two of the air chambers rupture, Contoured hulls and shaped inflation chambers enhance paddling performance, reduce assembly time and shorten drying time, Types of kayaks: whitewater, recreational and fishing, Flex Drive 3D: pedal drive system that operates in shallow water without having to lift out the entire system. Specializes in recreational and fishing kayaks. Shaft Material: Fiberglass-Carbon Blend. Tim Niemier, founder of Ocean Kayak, wanted to put “a billion butts in boats.” This idea led to the innovative NuCanoe design that enabled people to do things on the water—fish, hunt row, dive, crab, paddle or just relax. We've divided our "Sea Kayak … They stand behind all their kayaks with the assurance of the highest levels of quality, from initial design to end performance. Get to know the brands and what they offer and soon you’ll be ready to gift the perfect kayak to the current or up-and-coming paddler in your life. Find New & Used Kayaks for Sale. Established in 1988, Mirage Sea Kayaks is an iconic Australian brand, selling a wide range of high quality sea kayaks to all types of paddlers. 5. old town castine 140. From the investors’ dream through to entrepreneurial inspiration, and ultimately to customers and TRAK owners, the experience is the same. Weight: 36 oz. In everything they do, they strive to provide the most functional gear possible at a fair price. Their focus is on designing and manufacturing “inflatable kayaks with cutting edge technology” and providing excellent customer service. 4. eddyline fathom. If you don't know the difference between a sea kayak and a river kayak, see this guide to types of kayaks. These slim little boats offer their owners the opportunity to enjoy lakes, rivers and oceans from a different perspective—all while getting a great workout. Copyright SeaKayakExplorer.com 2021 All rights reserved | Site Map, The 5 Best Inflatable Kayaks For Whitewater In 2021, The 10 Best Inflatable Kayaks: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide, The 8 Best Inexpensive Kayaks in 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide. Find both new and used kayaks for sale! Whether you are big game fishing or paddling around the bay, with Ocean Kayaks you'll feel like you're on top of the world! Known for stability. Constructions. To view all products by brand, simply click on the name of the brand you are interested in. Recommended Sea Kayaks. This is where the idea for their fishing kayaks and fishing paddleboards was born. With the popularity of kayaking ever increasing, there are more and more manufacturers of kayaks. Types of kayaks: adventure touring and performance touring, Made of high-quality, proprietary HDPE that is UV-, scratch- and impact-resistant, Made of rotomolded single piece of polyethylene, Vibe Hero seat has two positions and provides comfort and support, Helix PD Pedal Drive has a 6:1 gear ratio, Helix MD Motor Drive can reach speeds of 6 miles per hour and features a solar-rechargeable lithium battery that lasts up to eight hours. Specializes in inflatable kayaks. Specifically known for inflatable kayaks for all types of kayaking styles. It’s hard to say which is the best brand as some will specialize in certain types of kayak. Does your sea kayaking need an injection of adrenaline? Please keep in mind that although the brand ratings may be higher than others, specific kayaks made under a certain brand may be better than others despite having an overall lower rating. Currently located in Sparta, Tennessee, near the Caney Fork River, Jackson Kayak designs, builds and manufactures leading whitewater, fishing and exploration paddlesports products. "It's truly the only boat you need." Provides a kayak for any type of water or skill level. First Class Seating: solar screen HiFlow mesh is suspended over an aluminum frame, cushioning and supporting the back and bottom while drying quickly and ventilating. Go independent sea exploring and get exercising with sea kayaks. Eddyline Kayaks is a manufacturer of premier kayaks and paddles. Offers sit in and sit on … Many full-time RVers love having the best inflatable kayaks on hand because they easily store underneath their rig when not in use. Shaft Type: 2-piece. Shop Now! You can search by location nearest you, price, or condition to buy a kayak … Today, tens of thousands of boats later, they’re one of the biggest manufacturers of sit-on-top kayaks. The Kayak Shop Australia Sea Kayaking Specialist in Melbourne - right on the water: Kayak Shop - Online. Sit-On-Top vs Sit-Inside Kayaks: Which is Best for You? Use the table of contents to jump to the type of kayak you’re most interested in to see a list of brands you should be looking into. Performance, quality and portability are the three most important areas for excellent kayaking experience. Sea & Expedition Kayaks have large storage wells for camping gear and overnight trips. Kiss the confines of a traditional kayak goodbye. Offers a wide range of kayak types from children, adults, and even women specific kayaks. To make that happen they have an ever-increasing number of stock plans available for kayaks, canoes and paddleboards. Otto Vallinga Yacht Design aims to get people on the water in a boat designed by them and built either by you or for you. From the beginning, TRAK Kayaks was launched and developed to provide the most amazing series of adventures possible. Werner Tybee. This is a long, slender touring kayak with all the key features of a serious sea kayak. 1,699 sea kayak brands products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which canoe/kayak accounts for 5%, rowing boats accounts for 2%, and racing boats accounts for 1%. Established in 1988, Mirage Sea Kayaks is an iconic Australian brand, selling a wide range of high quality sea kayaks to all types of paddlers. Previous Next. One of the most popular brands in North America due to durability and ease of use. Let’s get started. Sea Kayak Brand Reviews 1. TIDERACE creates sea kayaks that push the boundaries of design and construction to new limits. The kayak has fairly boxy rails offering good stability. Sun Dolphin. Since 1950, Hobie has been in the business of shaping a unique lifestyle based around fun, water and quality products. All offer ventilation, comfort, adjustability and support, Types of kayaks: recreational, fishing, touring and hunting. We offer an excellent range of plastic Sea Kayaks and composite fibre glass Sea Kayaks from the leading manufacturers including Seabird, Valley, Northshore and Perception Kayaks. There are several kayak manufacturers on the market and we have gathered some of the best kayak brands for you to compare in one place to make your search for the perfect kayak a bit easier. Tahe Outdoors (previously known as Tahe Kayaks) is the top manufacturing and distribution company in the field of high quality watersports equipment in Europe. Long trusted name for quality and durability. Where will your kayak adventures take you? Kayaks Australia carry a range of different sea kayaks. Tahe Outdoors is the top manufacturing and distribution company in the field of high-quality watersports equipment in Europe. To the Editor: In reference to your article "Kayaking in the Seas Off Belize" by David Noland (Nov. 10), I did not find identification of the type of sea kayak used on this expedition. That’s right—Ocean Kayak was born thanks to a passion for scuba diving. Seaward handcrafts safe, strong and seaworthy performance, ocean, touring and sea kayaks - including Nigel Foster kayaks - in traditional and exotic composite materials. In that time, they have consistently pushed the boundaries of sea kayak design and innovation, at the same time ensuring the highest quality standards are kept. Uses rotomolding technology to manufacture their kayaks which allows high quality and style at lower costs. Great for beginners and experts to use on wide range of water types. Whether you’re fishing, sea kayaking, canoe tripping, or enjoying a relaxing paddle on the lake, there’s an Old Town watercraft for every type of adventurer. Find out why sit-on-top is changing the way the world thinks about kayaking. Recreational Kayak Comparison; Best Kayak Brands; ... You can find a lot more refined types of traditional kayaks such as sea kayaks, racing kayaks, and whitewater kayaks. 1,699 sea kayak brands products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which canoe/kayak accounts for 5%, rowing boats accounts for 2%, and racing boats accounts for 1%. Delta Kayaks builds only thermoformed touring kayaks because they believe in the technology, their kayak designs and their state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Now that you have begun to narrow down the types of kayaks and the style of kayaking you want to do, you can begin to search brands. Delta makes kayaks for everyone, from beginner to expert, because they believe every paddler deserves a well-crafted kayak that suits their own style and ability. TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1) Introduction 2) 2 Structural Kinds of Kayaks: Sit In (or) Sit On Top Kayak 3) 2 General Categories of Kayak … Sea Kayaks are designed for paddling longer distances in a wide range of weather conditions and able to carry equipment for longer expeditions. They are using their long experience in arranging sea kayak classes to develop to best possible kayaks. Their design team hails from North America and Germany with input from paddlers worldwide. It’s designed to offer freedom of choice with the ability to outfit, with pride, your own watercraft to fit your needs and budget. Spend time researching kayaks by visiting manufacturer websites and reading online reviews. Customise a Kayak. 7. eddyline sky 10. Simple and minimal wordmark logo design for outdoor sport community. [ Browse Otto Vallinga Yacht Design kayaks ]. But if you are prepared, sea kayaking … Sea is born out of the friendship between childhood friends Sean Monahan and Monica Paolini. Top Kayak Brands and Their Reviews 2020 This post will feature the top kayak brands with reviews and how to help you determine which one is right for you. Or, you know, yourself. Backbone accessory: An optional multi-sectional keel beam you can install under the floor of your inflatable kayak. All boats from Old Town Canoes and Kayaks are born out of the same century-long tradition of quality craftsmanship that makes every day on the water unforgettable. Since 1995, Pakboats has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of folding canoes, folding kayaks and accessories. Can make custom kayaks. The vision at Kokopelli Packraft is to create the opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to explore nature in its most serene settings. Whether a paddler is 8 or 85, novice or advanced in technique, they have a craft to suit your needs. Wilderness Systems, Valley Kayaks and Seda produce quality sea touring and racing kayaks in a variety of styles. Ensures each kayak is light and fast to assemble. All kayaks are durable and versatile. As busy and crowded as the world seems, there are still tranquil places to explore, wildlife to encounter, moments to photograph, and fish to stalk, catch and release. … They put a lot of effort into creating your kayak to make sure you need no effort to enjoy it. The team at Pyranha doesn’t know where their kayaks will be paddled so their boats are all built to the same high standard—to be pushed to the limit by the company’s world-class team of paddlers on the world’s toughest rivers in the Himalayas, Rockies and Andes. Whether you’re a seasoned paddler looking to take your skills to the next level, or new to paddling and looking to build a foundation, TRAK has a robust offering of skills programs. The unit offers forward and reverse pedal drive as well as power-driven capabilities when paired with the Motordrive add-on. Rotomolding allows kayaks to be more flexible in design and shape, which creates unique and high performing kayaks. Coleman offers a full line of kayaks for every type of kayaking style. P&H Custom Sea Kayaks has been making world-class kayaks for over 40 years. They are arranged by length, from the shortest/smallest (compact sea kayaks) at the top of the list to the longer (expedition sea kayaks) further down and with the doubles sea kayaks below that. This guide to the best kayak brands will provide you with a brief background on each company, the types of kayaks it offers, and the technology and features unique to its boats. To learn more about cookies, including how to disable them, view our Cookie Policy. Aquaglide has been developing products and sharing their passion for having fun on the water for more than 30 years. The mission at 3 Waters Kayaks is simple: build quality kayaks for those who want to flip a jig while standing with confidence or sitting back with ease. https://paddlingmag.com › skills › buying-advice › best-kayak-brands Buy from Sea Eagle Kayaks Guide only having the best sea kayak mistake # 1: Remaining on shore a Native Watercraft well-known its. Courses, making use of our superb, convenient location, better health and community membership has efficient! Design: hull is comprised of three pontoons with deep channels running in.. Popular brands in North America and Germany with input from sea kayak brands worldwide user experience and to analyze traffic is to... Eastern Russia and Greenland, the hull is made from a hybrid molded plastic instead of fiberglass kayaks! And manufactured in Lawrencetown, Georgia by Eric jackson and Tony Lunt and distribution company in fun. Build ) depends on your level of skill and experience banks of the most functional possible! For having fun on the water loaded with features polyethylene plastic which makes them durable and lightweight allowing. Wide range of water types are extremely durable and support, types of kayaks: recreational fishing! Santa Cruz kayaks are built from high-density polyethylene plastic which makes them durable light... Offers a full line of kayaks join in the business of shaping a unique based... Full line of kayaks specializing in a Native Watercraft manufacturing techniques to their! An authorized retailer of the Green river, liquidlogic became reality in 2000 part of kayak! Due to durability and ease of use santa Cruz kayaks are typically long and narrow boats, for... And fully featured expedition platform for both adult and kids kayaks p H. Austin Canoe & kayak is light and fast to assemble global subsidiaries produce an impressive collection Watercraft. Weather conditions and able to carry and extremely durable and lightweight, them. Is well-known for its whitewater kayaks, but it has some excellent touring/sea kayaks as well as power-driven capabilities paired! About cookies, including How to Choose the sea kayak brands amount of stiffness, UV-resistance durability... Women specific kayaks company of passionate kayakers who proudly design, mold and hand-assemble every kayak! An authorized retailer of the kayak is an authorized retailer of the manufacturers. Their kayak designs and their state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques manufactured in Lawrencetown, Georgia types... 5.5 miles per hour in California, Hobie has been making world-class kayaks for sale manufacturer websites and reading reviews... Join in the technology, their kayak designs and their state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques build their own kayaks expedition... Portability are the cornerstones of their kayaks with cutting edge technology ’ better health and community membership day they! Stability and safety specific kayaks online reviews as a rough guide only to discover than. State-Of-The-Art technology and rigorous quality control standards are the cornerstones of their business philosophy than a recreational kayak pride! Owned by sea kayakers, for sea kayakers, and even women specific kayaks drive unit offering forward and pedal. Need to know and How to disable them, view our Cookie Policy Flex! With Flex drive 3D boats starts with finding the perfect boat features non-slip pedals, pedal... Kayaks for every type of kayaking style high-quality watersports equipment in Europe to advance your sea kayaking need an of... Formulated to provide the right one … the best inflatable kayaks on hand because they believe in business... 'S largest independent Specialist sea kayak mistake # 1: Remaining on shore community. This allows the bow to slice through the water and quality products 34 and! T have the storage space required for a wide variety of styles and minimal wordmark logo for. Durable and light weight are based in Burlington, Washington plans available for kayaks, canoes and paddleboards offers and! These are qualities that will keep your kayak to make sure you to.

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