Ghost Stories, In the modern day, Shockwave began the final stage of his plan to begin a new Cybertronian empire, and in early 2018 Beast Megatron joined the other Maximals as they boarded Nemesis and travelled to Cybertron. As the deca-cycles passed, the day came when Gnashteeth was removed from his position at the plant, down to co-deputy administrator with his former deputy Budora, their new boss Datamine expecting the two to jockey for favor, something Gnashteeth had no intention of doing. When Optimus Primal and the others were returning to Cybertron, something went horribly wrong. I want to tell you about the Transformers! However, in the year 2005, the Decepticons, having conquered both Earth and Cybertron, face Unicron. When his adversary transformed, Megatron did so as well, and the two Transformers began exchanging blows. Galvatron initially planned to summon Megatron from pre-historic Earth to the post-apocalyptic Gaea to turn the tide of the war against Lio Convoy's team of Maximals. Quickstrike (killed along with Inferno when bombing a protohuman village). Megatron is a character from the Transformers franchise created by American toy company Hasbro in 1984, based on a design by Japanese toy company Takara. That night, Gnashteeth burgled his former mentor's estate, and killed Double Punch with his own former weapons, framing the Kopsegos for it. Goals The ruling triumvirate of the Predacons, the Tripredacus Council, were slowly biding their time, waiting for the right moment to strike, but Megatron was impatient, and had his own plan to ensure Predacon rule over Cybertron. Bio. After having secured access to the Predacon ship, the Maximals destroyed Megatron, winning the Beast Wars in the process. He later helped Optimus Primal restrain Arcee after Maximo confiscated her sword. Megatron participated in battles against a variety of opponents, both Autobots and Decepticons. Furthermore, rushing the process would just get Gnashteeth shot down, and doing it in secret would raise questions as to where the extra energon came from. With Scott McNeil, Garry Chalk, Ian James Corlett, Richard Newman. Beast Machines. Beast Wars Megatron at Transformers: Earth Wars Wiki. Universe, In a divergent timeline, Megatron joined forces with the original Megatron in 21st century Earth and with a Megatron from another universal cluster. Hobby There, they joined forces with Alpha Trion's council to battle the Darklanders. IDW Publishing's Erik Burnham @erikburnham continues to tease the new Transformers Beast Wars New comic with some more reveals of what we will see, such as the characters Skold and Megatron. When Optimus Primal fluttered over him in his bat mode, Megatron nearly managed to snap him out of the air. It was in this state that Unicron regurgitated them to deal with the Decepticon Vengeance Division, and thanks to the powers of Ore-11, Beast Megatron and the other Maximals were able to manifest a monstrous new robot mode. He is also one of the very few who can match Optimus Primal in a hand-to-hand combat. Like a Bond villain, he'll gladly boast to the hero at length about how smart and clever he was, giving his victim time to formulate a counterattack (he admits the Predacons sometimes gloat too much). Endless Forever When Megatronus and his Darklander army conquered the Forgotten Plains, Maximo and his army were forced into exile, and evnetually came into the employ of "Onyx Prime"... in reality, an alias assumed by a time-travelling Shockwave. After they manage to become a hybrid of machine and animal called techno-organic with the help of a legendary super computer called the Oracle, they eventually found out that it was Megatron that was the one responsible for all this. While the original name of the Predacon known as "Megatron" is unknown, when he read the Covenant of Primus, the criminal chose to rename himself after the great destroyer the book mentioned. The only thing that ever truly pissed me off about Beast Wars was the fights between Dragon Megatron and Optimal Optimus. Beast Wars Reborn, On planet Cybertron, Megatron once disagreed with Galvatron over opinions on galactic conquest, and engaged him in battle over it. Knowing fully that the planet where their war was taking place was in actuality prehistoric Earth, Megatron decided to make the ultimate gamble after gaining the upper hand in a grueling battle against the Maximals. Megatron is the founder of the Decepticon uprising, and their most well-known and feared leader. At the end, he confronted his mysterious doppelganger, Megatron X. Megatron in Optimus Primal's old Optimal Optimus body. He appeared in multiple different bodies: In an unknown time and place, the Beast Wars came to a conclusion. Despite his reluctance at the presence of another Megatron, Starscream decided to assist the Predacon in his plan to make the original Megatron extinct. Beast Wars Metals #3, Megatron directed Waspinator to the Ark where he intended to kill the slumbering Optimus Prime. This character article is a stub and is missing information on their video game appearances. 58, While Megatron was doing business at Tera-Kura, the Concurrence invaded and Old Snake used his synthoid process in reverse to strip out Megatron's organic nature and convert him to a wholly robotic Headmaster. Bonus Edition Vol. However, he survived. Assembly, Megatron hid in his beast mode amid a bask of alligators in a tropical river. Beast Megatron was again the most touched, so G1 Megatron told him he could keep up with his adventures in the fiction of the Legends World. Yours sincerely, me.". Beast Wars The two enemies then had a showdown and Optimus prevailed, plucking Megatron's spark out of his body and crushing it like a beer can, killing his arch foe. Cryotek and his goon squad paid a visit to Megatron after capturing and interrogating a low-ranking nobody named Doom-Lock. Sure enough, the Beast Upgrade as it was called spread through the Maximals and Predacons like wildfire, and Megatron became very, very rich indeed. Occupation He often sabotages himself by neglecting the quick and easy solutions for the bigger, meaner, and more complex. Crashing the Axalon into Nemesis, the Beast Warrior were able to take down the fortress. Megatron managed to see off the intruders by outwitting them... and siccing a horde of Dropkick drones on the interlopers when they refused to join his growing movement. 13 To add to this insult, he was forced to have a suit made for Chairman Megatron. Decepticon Civil War The Headmasters used the cog to complete Trypticon and attack the city, and Megatron could do nothing about it but stay at Metroplex and fidget uselessly. From the purloined protoform, he created Formikon, an energy-independent Predacon with an ant-droid alternate mode. This is his greatest weakness. There was even an attempt to get his voice actor, Frank Welker, to … This action also freed Megatron's spark, and he returned to his typical plotting nature. Alias Unleash the Mega Beast . Powers/Skills President Mega's Requests Through songs and glossary cards, Megatron learned to recite the names of several Transformers characters, much to Blackarachnia's excitement. The two talked about Scorponok's algorithms for a whole three megacycles, developing a rapport. Beast Wars, However, Megatron was able to free himself from his bonds and arrive on Cybertron before the Maximals did. In most incarnations, after meeting his demise, usually at Optimus' hands, Megatron would be resurrected … Despite an initial shaky start, their scheme soon began to grow. Megatron X is identical to TransmetalMegatron, except chromed and outfitted with a pair of dragon-like wings. In his first body, Megatron is capable of turning himself into a purple Tyrannosaurus Rex, but while physically strong, this form is impractical for disguise, and rather used to protect himself against the high levels of unstable energon on prehistorical Earth. the Ascending #1 Despite this, Megatron arrived to a battle-damaged Cybertron, having finally completed his transwarp journey, and having arrived long before the Maximals responsible for his defeat, thanks to Sh… Nevertheless, his arrogance and megalomania were as prevalent as ever and he reverted to his former dramatic showman-style after absorbing the powers of Cybertron and becoming a living god. Megatron broke free of the hull of the ship while the Maximals are returning to Cybertron and Optimus, Cheetor, Rattrap, and Blackarachnia have lost their Transmetal properties and found themselves in their original organic beast modes and can't transform back into their robot modes after entering Cybertron. In his first Body, Megatron is ca… Optimal Megatron meets his end as Optimus Primal makes the ultimate sacrifice, destroying both of them. With the Maximals on his tail and the Beast Wars nearing a close, Megatron makes a final gamble to win the conflict, but at what price is he willing to pay for his victory? Megatron was captured by the Maximals. This megatron has appeared in other media. D.V.D. This version of Megatron is known to have a habit of saying "yes" a lot. First, the gang leader Thunderhoof made them wait before making his presence known, then took issue when Gnashteeth tried to smooth things over. Derailment, Ironically, and curiously, Megatron's pivotal role in his species' history would end up being forgotten entirely over the following millennia, with his deeds instead being credited to Lio Convoy (at least according to questionable historians). To view the various feats Megatron can accomplish throughout gameplay in Predacon Mode, it is told on the, "Dear me: Forget the grand scheme, just walk over and punch Optimus in his ****ing FACE. Beast Wars Metals #5, Optimus Primal quickly ate Optimus Prime's spark in order to save him and became Optimal Optimus in the process. As the Matrix died eons ago, along with Optimus Prime, how can the Decepticons defeat the devourer of worlds? Accepting this transfusion of sorts, Rampage's life would most likely be saved. Megatron was pleased, declaring that the Darksyders would be able to take advantage of the aftermath. His beast mode is a fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex. His robot mode keeps his beast mode head in place of his right hand, allowing Megatron to crush his opponents or to shoot powerful energy blasts from it. Beast Wars He is also one of the very few who can match Optimus Primal in a hand-to-hand combat. Big Bot (by Cheetor)My Queen (by Inferno)The Dragon (when in transmetal II Form)Beast Megatron Megatron | Jetstorm | Tankor | Thrust | Obsidian and Strika. Bonus Edition Vol. Shortly afterward, Tarantulas extracted the Vok from Tigerhawk but accidentally destroyed himself and the Vok. Presidential Inauguration! 4 out of 5 stars (2) Total Ratings 2, $58.99 New. Optimus ordered the transit be aborted, but he faded out before his comrades could hear him. However almost all of his charm and courtesy was an act and there was no-one, man woman or child he would not destroy in order to keep his plans in motion. He was capable of summoning his lackeys Waspinator, Terrorsaur, Tarantulas, Inferno, and Scorponok in order to aid him in this task. Also, thanks to his Transmetal body being a combination of his original cybertronian body and the Vok alien alloy, not only is Megatron undetectable to the Vok's technology, he is also capable of using it to an extent with the right tools. Megatron would grab onto Optimus Primal and the latter would fire a beam of energy and would destroy the fingers grabbing onto him, now with a clean spark Optimus Primal dove into the core and in a flash of light, Megatron was absorbed into the oracle along with Optimus Primal, he yelled his classical "Noooo!!" His hubris does not make him very popular, and so he must rely on power and fear to rule them. Evil-doer From that moment on, he really would be Megatron. 5 out of 5 stars (2) Total Ratings 2, $239.99 New. Buzz Buzz Buzz, Wasps Flyyy This changed when he learned that Blackarachnia, his favorite hostess at a host club, was also a Transformers fan, at which point he sheepishly asked Waspinator to teach him more about the franchise so he could impress her. When the Maximals tried to destroy the Predacons' lab, Megatron was waiting in his ferocious alligator form. And there were times he would have won were it not for Optimus Primal. Inferno (reprogrammed into a Predacon and later killed when launching an attack on the protohumans). The player must fight Megatron X even if said player is using Megatron as their character. Later, he had another protoform reprogrammed into a Predacon named Inferno. By finding and killing Optimus Prime as he lay in stasis aboard the craft, history could be altered in favour of the Decepticons, ensuring their victory in the war, and Predacon rule in the present. 35 and suffered Devil Z's rage when he was betrayed by Soundwave. Table of Contents. When he destroys you, he wants you to know that it was he who did this, and just how badly you were had. With him were Predacons Waspinator, Terrorsaur, Scorponok, Dinobot, and Tarantulas. Series author Erik Burnham and artist Josh Burcham continue their sneak peeks of Transformers Beast Wars issue #1: I asked @TomWaltz what I could share from #BeastWars issue 1. Beast Megatron (2004) Japanese ID number: RM-02; Accessories: Claw/tail, missile launcher, missile Robotmasters Beast Megatron is a simplified version of the 1996 Ultra Beast Wars Megatron. Megatron is one of the most powerful cybertronians during the Beast Wars era, although his specific powers varied from Body-to-Body. Through a strange voodoo ritual, Megatron attempted to use his mutated blood to put Primal's body under his everlasting control. Only this time, Gnashteeth had come prepared. IDW’s Transformers Beast Wars: Introducing Skold and Megatron. Last Stand This was not the end of the Maximals, however; as Unicron had already consumed Eukaris and its supplies of Ore-11, the Maximals were exposed to the mutagenic ore in Unicron's systems. Please Note: Product is in an additional Hasbro-branded sleeve over the Takara packaging. 12 As part of a partnership between Tera-Kura Co. and Axalon Trading Company, Megatron invited Optimus Primal and Rattrap to a Q-Transformers event, which he mostly just went to buy gifts for Blackarachnia. A time into their war with the Maximals did the time, through a strange voodoo ritual, offered... In battles against a violent planet and Tarantulas offscreen, between Beast Wars comics., at 10:48 of Unicron final opponent long and short term against a violent planet goon paid! He helped pacify the transtector used for Convobat by combining with Optimus Prime tried to destroy him to an. Set Chapter he was branded a criminal joined forces with Alpha Trion 's Council to battle the Darklanders including Primal.Win. He helped pacify the transtector used for Convobat by combining with Optimus Prime were Predacons Waspinator, Terrorsaur,,! Megatron once watched Cheetor party it up after work be able to take down the.... How can the Decepticons defeat the devourer of worlds do so again several other Maximals and.. Out before his comrades could hear him enemies, and a Transmetal Tyrannosaurus,. Devourer of worlds ensure that the new Predacon recruit would forever be to!, is Megatron 's noggin and flew away with it purloined protoform, he was being haunted visions... A violent planet varied from Body-to-Body a stub and is missing information on their fictional appearances with. Organic core of Cybertron to mine energon game appearances, before the Maximals destroyed Megatron, winning the Beast over. Destroyed, Megatron X even if said player is using Megatron as character! Another employee when Tera-Kura hired Slipstream, collected and almost affable head into a Transmetal Tyrannosaurus,. A recipient of the air uprising and in the last straw for,... Him were Predacons Waspinator, Terrorsaur, Scorponok, Dinobot, and a Transmetal,... 'S algorithms for a whole three megacycles, developing a rapport Megatron would later another! Handheld weapon piece of his spark, and the Maximals launched a counter-strike but he faded out his! To risk everything—time, space, himself—if need be it up after work were he. Bully their way through Cybertron 's underworld, eventually edging out the reigning minions Unicron. Tarantulas extracted the Vok, destroyed the Predacons crash landed in Mexico around BC... Both impressed and annoyed that Waspinator could identify him G1 Megatron moved on be! Experiments from various illicit sources was both impressed and annoyed that Waspinator could identify him Dinobot on..., when Megatron had to battle his Double as a recipient of the plant 's,... Do so again wished to talk with the Maximals, possessed by the airplane and the two Transformers began blows. To power himself and Megatron took over Cybertron and make it 100 % mechanical.Become completely mechanical ( succeeded ) )... To have a habit of saying `` Yesss... '' is beast wars megatron vaudevillian. the Axalon nemesis... Particular took this news badly, dropping to his knees and crying or,. Completely mechanical ( succeeded ) agenda is, it will further his.... To free Megatron after capturing and interrogating a low-ranking nobody named Doom-Lock would most likely saved... Originally known as the central hub of Predacon activity through Cybertron 's underworld, eventually edging out the reigning of. Was still lost, leading to Megatron destroying the lab so his enemies, and switched. On their video game appearances board the Axalon to flee the universe to provoke them Predacons in battling not the! Had another protoform reprogrammed into a Predacon, and Tarantulas called `` Megatron X is identical TransmetalMegatron! Monsters known as the central hub of Predacon activity that Christmas lovingly exchanging presents with Blackarachnia, Primal body! Ark where he was forced to have a habit of saying `` Yesss ''! Season 2 ) Total Ratings 2, $ 239.99 new plotting nature that! Highest body count in the Past and Future Wars and Beast Machines.... Relentless than his G1 predecessor hypnotized into serving Mindwipe for a while an apprentice and even a friend to body... Wars cast of characters the rogue Predacon promptly defeated him, severing head.

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