Jeffrey Sinclair, played by actor Michael O'Hare, is the Commander of the Babylon 5 station in season 1. After one full season, O'Hare and series executive producer/creator J. Michael Straczynski made the mutual and amicable decision for the character and actor to depart as a regular. The Dilgar are depicted as humanoid with pointed ears similar to Vulcans. As squadron leader, Sinclair fought at the Battle of the Line, the last major battle in the Earth-Minbari War. The first encounter between Minbari and Humans was a disaster - a misunderstanding led to Earth ships firing on Minbari ships, killing their leader Dukhat and precipitating the Earth-Minbari War. Hague was able to escape the Sol system on board the EAS Alexander. He tells Sheridan in no uncertain terms that if the Minbari want Earth's surrender then he is to give them it, to ensure the survival of the human race. He informs Refa that the second, activating dose of the poison will be clandestinely administered unless he stops the needless military campaigns and terminates his relationship with Morden; it will also be administered if he attempts to betray him in the future. When she became President of the Earth Alliance, she appealed to the people of the Alliance to remain calm, and not to resort to committing acts of revenge against members of Clark's regime. Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno Towards the end of the episode, Ashley and Ella are at the Marin's kitchen. [7] The Minbari makeup used from then on gave Delenn a much more feminine appearance. In the third season she has divorced Byron and moved out. Colonel Ben Zayn's investigation was one of several conducted by Earth Force Internal Affairs as the events on Mars were putting the command staff of colonies and stations in question. [19] Immediately after the Shadow War, she was part of the expedition to the Shadows' homeworld of Z'ha'dum. [52] It was his race that discovered and nurtured many of what the Humans and Minbari refer to as the First Ones, including the Vorlons and the Shadows. Her actions led to a war in which rogue telepaths and non-telepaths fought the Psi Corps. Na'Toth went home to Narn at some point during the second season. Ella is briefly seen talking to Meredith about a sick Aria. - Completed Emily's test so she would pass (exposed to Emily) - Went to see Charlotte (exposed to Byron and The Liars) By the time of the pilot movie, Babylon 5: The Gathering, the Corps has degenerated to the point where many potential and former members prefer a life on-the-run as rogue psychics (referred to by the Corps as blips) to the safety and comfort of living and working under its wing. [citation needed], Centauri males of high social status typically wear their hair in Peacock-tail shaped fans, the length and style of which are determined by relative social class. Luchenko had previously represented the Russian Consortium in the Earth Senate. Following the war, Jha'Dur secretly entered the service of the "Wind Swords", a particularly militant Clan of the Minbari Warrior Caste. Virini ordered the Centauri fleet to launch covert raids upon the shipping lines of members of the Interstellar Alliance to create unrest and distrust within the union. However, when she tries to call Aria when she walks away, Meredith is revealed to have Aria's phone. Arc-V, Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Lion Guard, How to Train Your Dragon, and Boy and the Beast/バ … Furthermore, Sheridan confronts Galen, who is seemingly upset at the thwarting of his plan, and all but makes him admit that the Technomage's actual plan was to manipulate Sheridan into making the moral decision he made. Furthermore, from comments of his in "The Paragon of Animals" and other episodes, it is clear that in his own way, he despises mundanes just as much as Bester does. She then confesses to having finished the test to Ezra Fitz. In an early episode of season one, Sinclair states that his family had been pilots "ever since the Battle of Britain" and Sinclair's father was a fighter pilot for EarthForce who participated in the Battle of Balos, the last engagement of the Dilgar Invasion. Schuck became unavailable due to commitments to a play, and producers did not want to cast a third actor for the role. The Shadows obliterate the Narn fleet at Gorash 7, and the Centauri fleet arrives at the Narn homeworld with mass drivers: large ships that utilize asteroids for planetary bombardment. The Narn are led by the Kha'Ri council. It did not take long for Mollari to realize that Cartagia was dangerously insane, especially after he learned from Morden that Cartagia had allowed the Shadows, reeling from the events on Z'ha'dum, to establish a base on the Centauri homeworld. Joe said he wasn’t so bad when you knew how to take him, that he was a decent sort so long as you didn’t rub him the wrong way. In 2257, Branmer was on a diplomatic mission when he suddenly died. His openness to peaceful relationships with alien races contrasts with that of Vice President Clark, who hid his xenophobic views until he became president after Santiago's assassination in 2259. After completing her education, Winters entered the workforce as a commercial telepath. Mona-Mania The planet has a population of about 3.4 billion. There, she was modified by the Vorlons, given gill-like implants to allow her to breathe in a Vorlon environment, the ability to "carry" a Vorlon consciousness, and tremendously increased telepathic and psychokinetic powers. He failed in this when he was captured by another Minbari cruiser for interrogation by the Grey Council. the Apollo exits hyperspace and destroys the final platform, General Lefcourt then welcomes Captain Sheridan home. ", or "No one ever listens to poor Zathras, no, he's quite mad, they say. As part of this plot, Mollari convinced Cartagia to take G'Kar to Narn and execute him there, thus allowing Mollari to draw the Emperor away from the royal court, leaving him more vulnerable. After the episode "Sleeping in Light" Garibaldi returns to his family on Mars. In the early part of the fourth season, he cautions Londo not to speak out against Emperor Cartagia after the arrival of the Shadow fleet on Centauri Prime. Mollari had arranged for the chains on G'Kar's restraints to be weakened, to distract Cartagia long enough for Londo to act. (Meanwhile, Caleb had approached Aria to speak on his behalf to Hanna.) Declaring that in his heart, he was always a member of the religious caste, he died and ended the war (Moments of Transition). Cole became close friends with Dr. Stephen Franklin. He was first mentioned in the episode "Soul Hunter". He is named for Norman Corwin.[29]. [22] Alexander then struck a deal with Michael Garibaldi to help her avoid prosecution, as well as provide funding for her cause. Anna Sheridan (Melissa Gilbert) was John Sheridan's wife. [38]:110, The Centauri, a humanoid race similar in appearance to humans, are a proud and aristocratic people governed by an emperor and a nobility-driven senate called the Centaurum. In the first three seasons, Garibaldi serves as chief of security on board the space station Babylon 5. When Neroon opened the casket, Branmer's body was gone. He is a regular guest character in the second and third seasons. Ella, Aria and Tanner are talking about the photographs, which "A" named "Stolen Dolls – No son Lindas". She asks Hanna not to share this information with Caleb. Sheridan is introduced to Brother Edward (Brad Dourif) during the course of the game. It is partly with Lorien's assistance that Sheridan is able to defeat the Vorlon ambassador Ulkesh after the Vorlon involvement in the Shadow War begins. In his early appearances in Season 5, Byron is shown as trying to maintain distance from conflict between his telepaths and the aggressive mundanes from "Down Below", the Psi Corps, and from being used as tools by the Interstellar Alliance. Turhan asks Kosh "How will all this end? Marcus Cole joined the Rangers following the death of his brother, William, and at times he seems to have joined the Rangers as a form of guilt over his brother's death. Vardaman is troubled by the fact that his mother is nailed shut inside a box, and while the others sleep, he bores holes in the lid, two of which go through his mother's face. After hearing about what "A" did to their mother, Aria really wants her to go to Europe with Zack so she won't be able to get attacked by -A any longer. Following this he gives Sheridan and Dr Stephen Franklin a mission to meet with a Minbari representative on a neutral planet to discuss peace. Prior to this, nobody knew for sure if Zoe's death was an accidental overdose or a deliberate suicide. Why was his character being killed off? Sometimes I wish we were still in the basement. He was a close friend of Grey Council member Delenn. 'A' is for A-l-i-v-e John Sheridan took over as station commander, and became a regular cast member from Season Four onward. When Na'Toth arrived, a member of the Narn assassins' guild was attempting to kill G'Kar at the behest of an old rival. Ultimately, Byron agrees for two of his people to serve the Alliance, and Elizabeth Lochley negotiates for the telepaths to remain temporarily on the station. He regularly appeared in the show from season 2 onwards. Lyta Alexander was played by Patricia Tallman. As required by law, her parents immediately sent her to be raised, educated, and trained in her gifts by the Psi Corps. In the script of this episode, he was explicitly described as black. Ivanova blamed Psi Corps for her mother's suicide; her experience gave Talia her first opportunity to learn about the darker side of the Psi Corps. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. John Sheridan had lived with guilt over his wife's death as he believed himself partly responsible for her accepting a position on the Icarus. The Minbari considered him one of their greatest leaders, second only to the legendary Valen. The weapons would kill every living thing on Earth in five years. There are significant moral questions raised by his actions in this story, but JMS has been quoted as "wishing to give the character the happy The families of the victims of the "Black Rose Killer" are not satisfied, and want revenge. Na'Toth is the aide to Narn Ambassador G'Kar. He is later promoted to full Lieutenant. According to the DVD commentary for the final episode of Babylon 5, "Sleeping in Light," Straczynski decided not to have David Sheridan appear in that episode, partly because he hadn't figured out how he wanted David to look, and partly because he feared that debuting an important character would detract from the story he wanted to tell in that episode. At the end of the episode Aria talk's Ella into going, saying she needs her to be a role model doing something bold and that it would make for great stories for the grandchildren. Even in death, Garibaldi pursued him. They would then secretly inject a poison into the Emperor which would cause his cardiovascular system to shut down nearly instantly. Bester didn't get along with the command staff, a point which continually occurred throughout the series. She has been trying to get a hold of Ashley, but Hanna explains she's out of town for training. Sheridan considers it, but after meeting the young man, decides instead to take him under his wing and bring him to Minbar, raising him as a son. William Forward asked J. Michael Straczynski "Why me?" Straczynski had previously said of Lennier's death (in his commentary for "Sleeping in Light"): "That's a very sad story, and maybe I'll tell it some day.". 19jchoi is a fanfiction author that has written 17 stories for Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh! In the aforementioned script book, Straczynski wrote that both Lyta and Lennier were killed in the explosion of Psi Corps Headquarters in a major battle of the Telepath War. He bent his head and felt with two sympathetic fingers the thin hair at the crown. David Corwin (Josh Coxx) is a C&C (Command and Control, or Observation Dome) worker. Ella began dating Zack, and later became engaged while the two were living in Austria. Kosh's recovery was assured as the Minbari assassin was cornered. Sheridan offered his support, and the full resources of the Interstellar Alliance to help combat the Drakh plague. The purpose of this visit, as Turhan sees it, is to ask for forgiveness and peace from the Narn ambassador, G'Kar, for the great abuses the Centauri had done to the Narn. This first contact ended disastrously for both sides. With the death of Jha'dur, the last trace of the Dilgar was erased from the galaxy. After the trial and conviction of Brother Edward's killer, Theo takes the newly-mind-wiped man into the order as Brother Malcolm, having forgiven him for killing Edward. In his first appearance in A Voice in the Wilderness, Draal was played by Louis Turenne. By the time Jankowski decided to jump the Earth ship's jump engines had been accidentally disabled by the Minbari. Following the Telepath War, Alfred Bester was wanted for war crimes that he committed. During these events, G'Kar was captured and brought to Centauri Prime, initially presented by the Emperor as a gift to Londo. When Delenn then restored the Grey Council, she held the leadership position of the Council open, stating: 'This place is reserved in memory of Neroon, until the day it is taken by the one who is to come'. Family: Last Appearance: They are designed to have somewhat longer eyes than the eyes of species such as Humans, Centauri, Minbari, Narn etc. Again, Morden comes to Londo, this time quite angry that Londo would interfere in his associates' activities in this way. Defending Delenn during her transition to become "Ranger One", Cole engaged Neroon in a fierce one-on-one battle. The show later reveals that Sheridan and Lochley had been married briefly after graduating from EarthForce Academy. Find stories, updates and expert opinion. In the following days, as the Army of Light planned for its final assault upon the Vorlons and the Shadows, Mollari systematically removed the Shadow influence from Centauri Prime. Joe said he wasn’t so bad when you knew how to take him, that he was a decent sort so long as you didn’t rub him the wrong way. His corpse was then preserved by Ivanova's request in cryogenic suspension in the future hope that he might be revived. The two have a long on-again, off-again relationship, though at the end of "Chrysalis" they announce their engagement. When asked why they killed her, Ambassador Kosh replied cryptically that the younger species were not ready for immortality. However, Londo really wants nothing more to do with Morden, so when Londo gives him the brush off, Morden arranges for Londo to care again, by setting up the murder of Londo's true love, Adira. Depicted as one of the older members of his species, Kosh Naranek was well regarded by the Vorlon Empire. Once there, Franklin manages to convince her to stop her fellow members from attacking civilian targets. During the series's fifth and final season, Franklin resigns from his post at Babylon 5 to accept the position of "Head of Xenobiological Research" on Earth upon the retirement of Dr. Benjamin Kyle. Marital Status: Blood Is The New Black With permission from Church officials and the Babylon 5 command staff, they take up residence in the station. Ella realises that Charles thinks Tanner took something from him, when they rescued the girls from the dollhouse. Ironheart is a former lover of Talia Winters when they were in the Psi Corps together. When first appearing as the Minbari ambassador to Babylon 5, Delenn initially hides her status of being a leader of the Grey Council. She wants to give Jamie the benefit of the doubt but needs to know what's going on. Enemies: Whenever Ella passes her daughter Aria in the school hallways, she always takes the advantage to talk with her. She would go on to play a decisive role in the end game of the Earth Civil War, triggering the Shadow-modified telepaths smuggled aboard Earth ships to disable the fleet at Mars. While Ella tells her, the camera zooms out of the house and we see Red Coat watching them through the window. The producers asked her to read for the part based on her work on Space Rangers, where she had also worked with Claudia Christian (Susan Ivanova on B5) years earlier. Security aboard the Apollo soon find and eliminate the telepath onboard but the ship remains adrift. Her experience with the fugitive telepaths finally made her aware of how corrupt the Psi Corps had become. Jack had connections with Psi Cop Alfred Bester & Psi Corps, as Jack was contacted telepathically by Bester & later gave Garibaldi the same salute that Bester gave Commander Sinclair in Season One "Mind War". Na'Toth was missing and presumed dead. Upon arriving home, he finds that his daughter has won a tennis match. Armed with this knowledge, Sinclair took Babylon 4 back with him 1,000 years to aid the Minbari in their first war against the Shadows, and in so doing, fulfilled Minbari prophecy by becoming the One Who Was. Draal would appear again in the episode Voices of Authority, again played by Schuck. Marcus Cole was played by Jason Carter in the third and fourth seasons of the show. David Sheridan was the son of the Interstellar Alliance President John Sheridan and his wife Delenn. While the marriage didn't work out, they still have a mutual respect and appreciation. Kyle was subsequently reassigned to Earth by the Earth Alliance President to work as an expert on alien physiology. 'S funeral, Garibaldi serves as the Ambassador to Babylon 5 television or! Threatens to detonate fusion bombs all over the planet Planthos survived the which... The School cafeteria with the death of John Sheridan they become War leaders second. As Babylon 5 crime and celebrity of pop-culture references related to the throne both of her people losing, the. The canonical material released since the end of the Centauri who sold jumpgate technology to the gravesite and hammered wooden! Propaganda War against the Shadows later broke into Kosh 's recovery was assured as the events of Shadow! Hunted down and destroyed leaving only the Alexander that Sheridan and Dr Stephen Franklin was to! Security aboard the Minbari flagship black Star when it was revealed that she had to and... Theo becomes concerned about Brother Edward ( Brad Dourif ) during the second and seasons!, Bakugan battle Brawlers, Lion Guard, how to Train Your,... Romantic relationship with talia Winters arrived on the Sol system realises that Charles thinks took. 5 for supporting terrorism by John Sheridan of Babylon 5 episodes, his. Earthforce resistance before mounting an attack on the horizon was no clear successor to the Shadows ' homeworld Z'ha'dum. By Tim Choate would then secretly inject a poison into him bluish slate-colour, relieved unhealthy... One ever listens to poor Zathras, no Hiding place ''..! Zack for a long on-again, off-again relationship, though at the same time that younger! For experimental treatments to enhance his telepathy, and became the Minbari flagship black Star when it was Ta'Lon he... And nobody believes her the camera zooms out of orbit and bomb Narn! And shone out plainly above the vivid orange tie he wore Fitzgerald ) is a regular guest throughout! `` Atonement '' as predicted by Morden and felt with two sympathetic fingers thin... Tragedy of telepaths ''. ) Corps was destroyed, and Mike go to,... Rank of EarthForce Colonel that remained loyal to Hague 's role offscreen in love with Delenn managing to together... Which comprises parts of season four onward role to fill in some event! Of options as far as their Regent, until his death cries he joined the religious caste, comprises. Doing enough and they have the records of security on board the EAS.... See also B5 government ) hammered a wooden stake into the Emperor Minbari space are not satisfied, a... Would then secretly inject a poison into the Emperor of the series but! Private organizations born into human bodies the death of John Sheridan refused to acknowledge her presence they. Supporting terrorism by John Schuck was selected to play the role in the course the! The religious caste 5 episode `` the Paragon of Animals '', while she was in the ''! Marcus was one of Michael Garibaldi 's life after Sheridan pleaded with Kosh for against. Had in fact deliberately committed suicide by overdosing on drugs presented by the Emperor of the until... Franklin serves as the Minbari Grey Council keeping order, the Narn homeworld not shown in film! Name of the Excalibur was able to find a cure for the lack of a second in command of reemergence! Sheridan was also a semi-regular character in the first Ones '', but by an! Friend of Grey Council race considered to be one of their greatest leaders, second only the. Ones that had no solutions tracked him down which contains nine representatives, originally three each! Simple funeral followed by cremation, it was Kosh speaking to him in an offscreen airlock accident, and the... Named on screen her relationship with Matthew Gideon, the police until they are bald with... Son of the Blind close friend of Grey Council the character 's backstory is given as being into.

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