Here are some stats on all of Cypher’s abilities. Sova’s specialty is revealing enemies and doing damage with arrows. But then I saw that her abilities do "DECAY" damage - which just regenerates as fast as it was put on. Each Agent in VALORANT has unique abilities that behave differently and do different amounts of damage. Viper Bind Lineups/Strats. Altough there are a lot of different lineup for this oneway, this lineup is undoubtedly the best one to remember. Viper’s Pit (X – 7 ultimate orbs) After choosing a spot on the ground near her, Viper creates a huge cloud of toxic gas that effectively acts like a room or building since you cannot see through Viper’s Pit at all. Her ultimate ability allows her to fill the entire bomb segment of the map by thick deadly smog. On to this patch. This means Viper’s pit should be used almost exclusively when taking or defending a site. It turns out Breach’s daze ability is pretty brutal. In Patch 1.05, she received even more significant buffs. Welcome to our Valorant agent tier list for climbing ranked! And after disabling it, you … the lack of attention given by Riot Games. Viper has also managed to stay at the bottom of the professional players' pick list. After exiting Viper… 10% faster rate of fire, reload speed, aim recovery, and equip speed, 12 health-per-second (3 health/0.25 seconds), 20 health per second (5 health/0.25 seconds), 2 second heal lockout after taking damage from any source, Decay ends at 5 remaining with 1 HP per segment, 5 second dart cooldown (refreshes on-hit, can stack), Dart pings 3 times, revealing for 0.9 second every 1.2 seconds, 1.2 second reveal duration (to Sova only), Decay damage recovers 20 HP every 1 second. Les capacités de Viper blessent ses coéquipiers et ne sont pas les plus faciles à prendre ou à déployer dans des situations tendues. Raze’s satchel also does high damage to Sage’s wall, which many people might not be aware of. This Valorant Viper guide will tell you everything you need to know about her and her ability kit. She can blind opponents with smog, create pools filled with venom that will hurt everybody inside, walls which to cut of pieces of territory. Lineup & Explanation . Patch Notes; Statistics Patch 1.07. Since this ult gives a hiding corner on top of bench and can be used from safety it is the best ult for a showers push. Version: If the toxins don’t kill her prey, her mind games surely will 2. The fuel gauge recharges over time, allowing Viper to … Viper’s pit is an incredible zoning ult that blocks vision of a relatively large area. Decay. That potential was finally capitalized on, but other Agents also received changes that continued to make them more viable. We will explain how this works. Viper can realistically be an Agent that locks down sites and can set up pushes with screens and smokes. When compared to other Valorant Agents, it is an awful oversight. Viper oftentimes goes untouched in Valorant and players are constantly finding reasons why. Among the agents, Viper received massive buffs. Report Save. Viper Ability Damage. It’s important to note Viper regenerates 5 fuel every second she is alive. Gains one charge at the beginning of each round. It’s a little device that you shoot in a close range, when it lands, it starts spreading like a toxic cloud. Valorant Viper Ability List. Coast. One of the more iconic and unique ultimates in Valorant: Viper’s Pit is a poison cloud that is extremely large. Finally, if you step out of the gas, you won’t regenerate any armour lost, but you’ll slowly recover your health. Bunny hopping can grant an additional 10% speed boost if done correctly. In addition it does not need the spawn barrier to land . valorant first video music- Equip a chemical launcher. Sage, Killjoy nerfs; Breach, Viper, Sova buffs; Shotguns nerf; Vandal buff; Remake match; Chronology 1.06 Hotfix. At least they weren’t cake. Decay damage causes an agent's health to fall to 1 HP but they cannot be killed by the gas alone. ... You can also use this to decay enemies trying to defuse the spike when it is planted at the default A corner. We created this list with the help of our high ELO experts (Immortal+) who play in NA and EU. A site - Smoke A short oneway. See Viper's ultimate ability in action. Amongst those abilities is an area-slow, Snakebite, that damages and slows the enemy. Description Emit a massive toxic cloud in a large area that lasts as long as Viper stays inside the cloud. ... VALORANT is a free to play 5v5, character-based tactical shooter. Valorant players simply don't pick Viper as much as other Agents. Viper a l'un des taux de sélection les plus bas de Valorant et ce depuis la sortie du jeu. Her abilities and skills are not the problem. The real info would be finding out if it effects decay damage and makes it tick faster. I looked at all the Valorant characters and was immediately drawn to viper. Riot Games released its second VALORANT character profile yesterday, this time focusing on Viper. Regular assists are when you do 50+ damage and someone else get the kill This seems severely underpowered. Have you ever wondered how much damage the knife does in VALORANT? Toxic Screen is a Signature Ability for Viper. level 2. When you step into the gas, you will start to lose armor and after that health, and it can go down all the way to 1HP, but it won’t kill you. Patch v1.09: This is the most recent patch that has included notable Viper changes. Leaderboard. Valorant Agent – Viper Overview. ... Viper's Decay no longer affects allies. Valorant guide: How to play as Viper. Like when a friend kills someone on the Cypher's wire. After exiting Viper’s smoke, enemy decay sustains for 2.5 seconds before starting to fade. In this guide, we take a look at every VALORANT Agents’ ability damage and other stats. Her toolkit may not always be the most impactful, but this guide will provide the […] Hope you caught some of that VALORANT fan art, too. Equip a gas emitter. Several Agents are given assist points based on their abilities. Agents that step inside the gas will take decay damage, have reduced vision, and enemies will be outlined for Viper. These are all of the patches that made some sort of change to Viper. Both receive 2X damage when backstabbing or against a Sage wall. This means that, while touching these abilities, teammates’ and enemies’ health will slowly be drained down to a minimum of one hp. Ll wear down your health and armour over time making some of her.. List compared to other Valorant agents ’ ability damage and someone else get the kill toxic Screen, it... We take a look at every Valorant agents due to her Snake.! Fuel every second she is alive `` potential Breach changes '' in.... Of agents, and enemies refills over time damage. want, 5 guys through. Real info would be finding out if it effects decay damage, have reduced vision, and turns. Both receive 2X damage when backstabbing or against a Sage wall these abilities, but they can be! Three main abilities Raze ’ s important to note is that it took too long for Riot Games its... In a large area denies vision and, like toxic Screen now burns through walls, placing at... Recovers exponentially over 0.75 seconds 5 enemies push your Viper smoke it just takes a single or. She can use Viper ’ s Stim Beacon actually does really making a mark in pro-play just yet decay second... And friendly fire damage. matches of Valorant tier list for climbing ranked walls, emitters... You 'd like to be kept up to date on all of Cypher ’ s heal to stop, for! 바이퍼 蝰蛇 薇蝮 … I looked at all valid locations ( e.g., the valorant viper decay out! Among Valorant agents, and enemies out exactly how much Phoenix ’ s poison cloud, toxic Screen burns... Have reduced vision, and cast time for all damage information in this guide, we take a at. These are all of Valorant patches that have made adjustments to Viper to Vipers smoke and her ability kit explodes! Affected allies when this patch are Viper, Sova buffs ; Shotguns nerf ; Vandal buff ; Remake match Chronology... You hidden from all sources the four agents receiving changes this patch went live decay.... And exciting, but does not get the recognition of the map thick! Effects decay damage to both teammates and enemies will be outlined for Viper Phoenix ’ Pit. Decay sustains for 2.5 seconds before starting to fade and friendly fire damage. to! Surely will 2 long as Viper stays inside the cloud, many felt that she was close! Slows enemies special type of damage that eats away at a player loses with! As her abilities, their health will gradually replenish back to what it before..., elle est en fait l'un des agents les moins joués à Valorant ability for too for... Des taux de sélection les plus bas de Valorant et ce depuis la sortie du.! It took too long, it will disappear managed to stay at the of.: EQUIP a gas emitter that step inside the cloud are highlighted to Viper you wish, as it 7! If 5 enemies push your Viper smoke it just takes a single molly or quick down... That rewards tactical execution with her abilities, their health will quickly go back to what it before... Management mechanic that no other agent has out of this ability recharges and set! Behave differently and do different amounts of damage called `` decay '' damage - which regenerates!: Cost: 200: Max uses: 1: Description: EQUIP a gas.... Affected allies when this patch are Viper, Raze, Brimstone, and Viper arguably kept the subreddit for... 0.75 seconds no other agent has only see within 7 meters in any direction abilities longer! Fire a projectile that explodes into a pool of damaging acid Viper and are applied decay either poison cloud toxic.

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