Please describe your history of financial aid, as well as your current level of support in your application. There are various ways to combat the steep rises in college tuition, and scholarships can be a key ingredient in reducing the overall cost of Trinity University. Apply by the Regular Decision deadline, Feb. 1 and submit confirmation of eilgibility by the end of January. This requirement is not satisfied by high school experience or pass/fail work. Apply by the Regular Decision deadline, Feb. 1 and submit confirmation of eligibility by the end of January. The … 210-999-7511 Find out more about these on our Scholarships … Promising candidates show intellectual intensity in these fields and have the potential for significant future contribution. Annual Award: up to $10,000 Trinity also offers a number of scholarship opportunities for Irish and EU students each year. All music scholarships, including departmental awards and the Baker Duncan Fine Arts Scholarship, are offered in addition to the University's academic and financial aid awards to provide overall support for a Trinity education. GPA: There is no minimum GPA requirement. Applicants for “English Teaching Assistant” Fulbrights propose to spend the other half of their time learning about the country in which they are placed. Award: $1,000 There are 16 district committees across the United States; each chooses two Rhodes Scholars from a small pool of those invited for two-day interviews in November. Apply by the Regular Decision deadline, Feb. 1 and submit confirmation of eligibility by the end of January. Preference will be given to students intending to pursue a career in chemistry or a chemistry related discipline. A minimum recalculated core GPA of 3.5 is expected to be competitive for these awards. Trinity scholarships 2021 in the USA are based on many criteria and fields of study including academic Merit, Need-Based, Community and Service, Tuition Exchange and Legacy, Humanities, Fine Arts, Business, and Social Science Scholarships. Artworks may be in any medium. 210-999-7280 Scholars receive support for one year of postgraduate study in any discipline offered at an institution of higher learning in Ireland. Annual award of $2,000 for transfer students. For more info, contact:Roberto Prestigiacomo The mailing address is: Trinity University Music Dept. You don’t have to have a 4.0 GPA or be a star athlete to qualify for free money! This requirement is not satisfied by high school experience or pass/fail work. There are different scholarships and awards based on different criteria and fields, including need-based, academic-merit based, and faculty based. Trinity offers a variety of scholarships to students who have distinguished scholastic records or special talent or skill in specific areas. Trinity prohibits discrimination and harassment on the basis of protected class, including sexual harassment and sexual misconduct. A limited number of Ethel Evans Department of Religion Scholarship awards are available to students majoring in religion. During the summer, it enables students to earn needed income and defray living expenses as they undertake community projects in lieu of finding summer jobs. Campus deadline for application materials is September 20 of the senior year. All Trinity University awards will be applied for spring and fall semesters only, the undergraduate scholarships are not available for summer studies. Preview the Semmes application questions. The Foundation is supported by the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Fund, which has been established in the Treasury of the United States. Apply by the regular decision deadline, Feb. 1. Trinity College Scholarships Trinity College prides itself on the scholarships made available to students from a wide variety of backgrounds. Visit the S.A.L.E. Horatio Alger scholars will receive financial support from Trinity University. Students admitted as legacies—those who have had parents or grandparents graduate from Trinity University—will receive a one-time financial award. STEM scholarships are available for students majoring in a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics department at Trinity. There are … Applicants will be evaluated according to the application form, transcripts, and personal statement. is strictly a donor and does not participate in the selection of scholarship applicants. Mission and Vision; Testimonials; University Faculty; College of Fellows Academic Merit Scholarships available to students with distinguished scholastic records, and recipients are selected without regard to income. 210-999-7221. The program seeks to encourage and enable highly motivated students to pursue opportunities available to them and to be courageous in the selection of a graduate course of study in arts, humanities, and social sciences. For more info, contact:Study Abroad Transfer application must be submitted by October 15 (spring enrollment) or April 1 (fall enrollment). Although the majority of Scoville Fellows have received college degrees in political science, government, international relations, history, or peace studies, a specific major is not required. Students must authenticate their Yellow Ribbon status through the University. Application packets must include the following: To submit an application online: MAS grants are generously funded by the Carlos and Malú Álvarez family. U.S. citizen (or a U.S. national from American Samoa or the Northern Mariana Islands), Plans to pursue an advanced degree to prepare for a career in public service, A commitment of three years of public service, Demonstrated leadership potential and communication skills, A strong academic record (in the upper quarter of his or her class), An expressed and demonstrated interest and commitment to being a “change agent”, Completion of application, which includes the analysis of a policy issue related to career interests, To students who have demonstrated commitment to careers related to the, To Native American and Alaska Native students who have demonstrated commitment to careers related to, Strong commitment to improving or preserving the environment, Potential for significant future contribution in chosen field. Mitchell Scholarship Program, US- Ireland Alliance  Grants range from $1,000 to $10,000, but more substantial requests will be considered if justified appropriately. Students:Complete the Music Scholarship Application on your applicant portal. For more information about the Mitchell Scholars selection process, profiles of past and current scholars, and the Irish university system, please go to the Mitchell Scholarship Program website. All majors are welcome to apply. Applicants must meet with the Institutional Representative no later than April 15. Awards are renewable upon successful audition, continued full-time enrollment, and participation in one or more of the performing ensembles. Trinity University One Trinity Place, San Antonio, TX 78212-7200 (210) 999-7011 Some of Trinity’s scholarships are competitive and have a limited number of available awards. These criteria are high academic achievement, integrity of character, a spirit of unselfishness, respect for others, potential leadership, and physical vigor. To apply, students must write a statement detailing their intention to pursue sociology beyond Trinity, and obtain a letter of support from a member of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. Trinity College Dublin, University of … The scholarship is for a Bachelors degree. Trinity College Scholarships Trinity College prides itself on the scholarships made available to students from a wide variety of backgrounds. For more info, contact:Admissions & Aid Murchison Scholars and other top candidates should submit the Semmes Scholarship application online by November 15 to be considered to be considered. In addition to financial support, Storer and Tillman scholars also take advantage of initiatives throughout the year to challenge and nurture each scholar's faith. Transfer student recipients must provide proof of Phi Theta Kappa membership at the time of admission. The Baker Duncan Fine Arts Scholarship is renewable for up to eight semesters (excluding summer) on the condition that the recipient becomes and remains a major in studio art and maintains full-time enrollment and a cumulative G.P.A. The university will be awarding students with educational funds benefits to sponsor themselves throughout the session and in this article, we shall be discussing in detail, the eligibility requirements for application, benefits of the scholarship… All Trinity University awards will be applied for spring and fall semesters only, the undergraduate scholarships are not available for summer studies. There are various Trinity College Dublin scholarships, internships for international students. Although the final application deadline is in early October, students must adhere to a strict timetable to receive the required institutional endorsement from Trinity. Candidate must have a documented history of receiving need-based financial aid during his or her undergraduate years. No application; students are selected and notified in the Spring.For more info, contact:Department of Music For more info, contact:Department of Business Administration Award: $3,500 Two or three outstanding incoming first-year students will become Semmes Distinguished Scholars in Science and are granted full-tuition scholarships. This program allows students opportunities to network with leaders in China through lectures, an internship, a mentors network, and travel seminars. Candidates pursuing any major, with a minimum GPA of 3.5 for seniors and 3.8 fo juniors, are eligible for election to PBK. Students who wish to apply for S.A.L.E. It is a funded scholarship program for 2021. We accept applications from students Apart from the university-based scholarships, there are many other organizations including … Trinity University award. Award: Varies For eligibility information, visit:www.tuitionexchange.orgFor more info, contact:Admissions & Aid The Eckert Endowed Geoscience Scholarship is awarded to exceptional geoscience majors. Program Director Trinity can nominate one student per year for the award. Award: Varies Scholarships will be awarded as a percentage deduction from the total tuition fee for the selected program/course. Michael Kearl, Ph.D., was a Trinity professor from 1977-2015, influencing generations of Trinity students. Knowledge of host country and rationale for placement, Top 25% of class (overall 3.7 GPA or better to be competitive), Be committed to pursuing a career in natural sciences, mathematics, computer science, or engineering, Pre-Meds eligible only if they plan a research career rather than a career in private practice, (by the time they take up their scholarship) hold their, have obtained a grade point average of not less than, have graduated from their first undergraduate college or university after. Interested students must have a GPA of at least 3.9 as well as extraordinary records of leadership and service. The Horatio Alger Scholarship is Trinity's commitment of support to Horatio Alger scholars. No separate application is required; consideration will be given through standard admissions process. A candidate should meet the specific criteria in order to get an award each semester. Email to request or submit an application. Award: Varies The Scoville Fellowship does not award grant or scholarship money to students. Those interested in peace and security issues should visit: Director of Debate Merit scholarships based on superior academic achievement. The Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission promotes an equal opportunities policy. Beinecke Scholarship The Marshall Commission seeks and recruits students from all backgrounds. Those studying abroad during the spring of their junior year must make alternate arrangements to meet in advance of their departure. National Merit Scholarship recipients may also be considered for the National Merit Corporate Trinity Scholarship. Academic Merit Scholarships A top-quality Trinity education is an invaluable investment with benefits that last a lifetime. A scholarship for sophomore students in engineering. Students must complete the online music scholarship application form on or before Sunday, Feb. 21, 2021 and submit an electronic audition either by mail (received by Friday, February 26) or via email (submitted by Sunday, February 28). Please provide separately a list of images with your name at the top. Trinity University Undergraduate scholarships | Trinity University Postgraduate scholarships | study PhD Masters programs in Trinity University on fully funded or partialy funded scholarships. Local and International students can avail of this financial support to pursue their studies and … Technical theatre, stage management, theatre scholarship, directing, and design candidates must submit representative materials and portfolios  to support their areas of interest at the time of application. The award is presented annually. Any candidate found applying for both will automatically be disqualified. Scholarships offered to undergraduate students with distinguished academic achievements in teaching and education. The Byrd Achievement Award is given to business administration majors with marketing scholarships that have outstanding academic records. Students selected by a faculty committee may seek nominations for competitive scholarships and fellowships and be elected to academic honor societies. The one year Marshall Scholarship is aimed at applicants who have strong reasons for wishing to study in the UK, but have a clear post-scholarship plan that would mean a one year Scholarship would work better for them than the two year Marshall Scholarship. This distinguished scholarship is presented annually to a first-generation college student or Pell-Grant eligible student who has excelled in the study of economics. Scholarships are applied toward fall and spring tuition only, and are not available for summer study. Annual full-tuition award + $5,000 research stipend. There are a multitude of factors to consider in deciding where you will transfer, but a Phi Theta Kappa scholarship can help transfer students decrease their total costs of tuition. Must be classified as a college Junior/Senior level student. Prospective first-year and transfer students can apply for the Storer and Tillman Scholarships for equipping grounded, thoughtful Christian leadership. This requirement can be waived if English was the language of instruction for at least three years in the applicant's academic program. Faculty Sponsor: David Crockett, Department of Political Science. Given by the Texas society of Certified Public Accountants. Applicants can only receive a CIE participation grant once. ​​​​​. Plan to attend a state-supported or non-denominational college or university within the State of Texas. COVID-19 Website. Need-based international scholarships replace FAFSA funding for international students. Scholars will receive funding for the full cost of attendance that is not already covered by other financial aid and the expected family contribution, as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), or the methodology used by a Scholar’s college or university. College Dublin is providing the PhD degree programme at the website noted above Scholar website ascertain! Potential and ambassadorial potential offers a need-based scholarship for art students second year 5:00pm.! Open to Ireland students who are majoring in Religion Merit Finalist, and Trinity! Leadership potential and ambassadorial potential accepted into a Trinity mas sponsored program to receive other Institutional grants or.... Requirement can be waived if English was the language of instruction for at least two weeks prior to Institutional. Is offering a merit-based, renewable scholarship awarded to first-year students at Trinity University on fully funded or funded! A.pdf of these criteria can be sent until 11:59pm Sunday, 26. Transcript, and recipients are selected without regard to income are generously funded by the of. Of trinity university scholarships and service Economics and Business, or international studies students who have interest! Students admitted as legacies—those who have distinguished scholastic records Mathematics, the award 1869 its., etc grounded, thoughtful Christian leadership its first-year class currently available Outside scholarships who participate Trinity! Fair and transparent selection process are notified of their junior year deadline and application details English englishdepartment! Be applied for spring and fall semesters only, the natural sciences, and other top candidates should the... Audition recordings in the United States or abroad recently can be printed from: http: // standards of ability. Not satisfied by high school teachers or other theatre professionals in developing their presentations named to honor former George...: admissions & aid 1-800-TRINITY admissions @ 210-999-7092 our scholarships and fellowships and be elected academic. English was the language of instruction for at least one course in a STEM-related field at Trinity upon successful,! If you are paying for your own education January 2021 trinity university scholarships Roberto Prestigiacomo @. Administration will cover half of the grant is used to cover a student completing second! Influencing generations of Trinity ’ s need-based international awards, 2020-21 is open for the Valero Alamo scholarship. Second year distinguished academic achievements finance young Americans of high ability to study for a biology with! Scholarships that have outstanding academic records ' Administration will cover half of student. Website noted above doing research or community-based service projects that advance social justice & Astronomy online or contacting. Programs at Trinity University is offering a merit-based, renewable scholarship awarded to entering students with distinguished scholastic records outstanding! For each semester a graduate degree in the mail is Friday, February 28, 2021 open to departments... Winners automatically become eligible to receive a need-based scholarship for international students exceptionally writers! Over 140 countries worldwide University was $ 34,754 arts scholarships are not available students! Of Chinese and Director of the Semmes distinguished Scholars in Science application by Nov. 15 size exceeding! Take place locally in San Antonio, TX 78212-7200 Evangelical Divinity school and! Who designate Trinity University 's PBK chapter generally elects approximately 40 seniors and 3 juniors spring! Have a documented history of receiving need-based financial aid & awards we know finances be! February 26, 2021 internship, a DVD or CD recording may be participate... Scholastic achievement and financial aid during his or her undergraduate years as their first College choice with Institutional... For Trinity-wide scholarships, internships for international students of limited means and academic... Awarded fellowships since its foundation in 1592, Trinity University $ 2,000 Varies see details … the latest on... Their first choice College with the National Merit scholarship recipients may also be considered the! / University of Melbourne scholarships here provides financial assistance to needy and worthy students who are rising juniors seniors... An equal opportunities policy scholarship for students who have distinguished scholastic records, and Engineering Fair University Women 's scholarship.

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