Deaths: County:  LaRue March 2, 2012 Notes: This tornado touched down at the entrance of Westport Woods Apartments. Counties:  Barren F-scale: The tornado continued along through fields, damaging and uprooting trees. Injuries:  2 It initially moved south, damaging a farm south of town on Hustonville Road. Time:  4:25pm Time:  5:04pm CDT Path length:  0.25 mile Several other homes were damaged in a subdivision one mile north of Gamaliel. Counties:  Adair Injuries:  0 Deaths:  0 The path of utter destruction, in which everything was flattened, was a quarter mile wide. Deaths:   0 Notes:  Storm Data takes this tornado from Taswell to two and a half miles north of Milltown. Notes:  Storm Data says this tornado struck the Brooks Hill neighborhood. June 20, 1973 Injuries: Path length: Counties:  Metcalfe Path width:  35 yards EF-scale:  EF2 The tornado then proceeded through a rural area of Cumberland County and lifted about three miles southwest of Marrowbone. A rural school was destroyed, as was a large church and several barns. Counties:  Logan (from Todd) Counties:  Logan Path width: The Cook Hazelip Building in Smith's Grove was unroofed. EF-Scale:  EF1 Path width:  250 yards Time:  11:40pm EDT Southeast of Trenton the tornado was on the ground for a mile and a half and destroyed a barn and a trailer. Deaths:  0 A number of roofs were removed and walls blown out along the path through Danville. An EF-0 tornado first touched down at the Wal-Mart parking lot on the northwest corner of the Veteran`s Parkway near I-65. Path width: Significant damage was done to the property, which included a 30x50 barn sliding the wall 12 feet. August 1, 1954 F-scale:  F0 SPC gives a path length of 70 miles, NCDC gives 35 miles, Grazulis gives 32 miles. Counties:  Madison Injuries: The tornado stayed on the ground for one mile before lifting, heavily damaging a church on Dixie Highway, as well as uprooting and snapping several trees and damaging numerous homes. Time:  4:40pm Injuries:  5 Path width:  100 yards National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration F-scale:  F1 SPC, Storm Data, and Grazulis give a path length of 8 miles, NCDC gives 9. National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration. Deaths:  0 The algorithm takes into account multiple storm aspects, including information available from dual-polarization radar, and reviews the statistics related to each evaluated element. Counties:  Taylor Path length:  2 miles Notes:  Storm Data says this tornado touched down just east of Bardstown Road near the entrance to the Glenmary Subdivision and lifted on the far side of the subdivision. Deaths: Neighboring homes on either side were undamaged. Path width: Time:  7:20pm Deaths: 4 Counties:  Butler Several trees were snapped or uprooted before the tornado lifted just east of Highway 90. There was also some shingle damage to some of the buildings near the high school track. May 15, 1945 Noted discrepancies:  NCDC only lists Orange County, but the NCDC liftoff lat/lon is in Lawrence County. Injuries:  0 F-scale:  F1 Path length: Path width: Noted discrepancies:  SPC and NCDC list this as an F2, Grazulis does not list it. June 23, 1992 A car was overturned on Main Street. Storm Data says this tornado touched down just south of the Gene Snyder Freeway two miles south-southeast of Jeffersontown. There was also widespread wind damage and large hail. Counties:  Shelby Deaths:  0 Path length: Path length:  28 miles Path length: The Cook Farm suffered two destroyed barns and a badly damaged house. Time:  3:45am Time:  4:42am Path length:  10.5 miles Three track maps are available:  zoomed in (local view), zoomed out (regional view), and a satellite map with damage points plotted. April 19, 2011 Time:  1:45pm EF-Scale: EF1 Notes:  Storm Data says this tornado touched down three miles east of Waterford. All NOAA, A storm gathering strength over Texas today will shift to the Mid-Atlantic through Tuesday night. At the end of Sarabeth Way, there was extensive hardwood tree damage which included uprooted, twisted, and mangled trees. November 15, 2005 March 28, 1997 Deaths:  0 A dozen barns, two trailers, and several other buildings were destroyed in the Southville area. Time:  3:45pm Deaths: SPC gives a path width of 10 yards and a path length of 1/10 of a mile...NCDC gives nothing for either. Time:  5:45pm The tornado then affected a residence, badly damaging the roof and throwing the porch of the house several yards to the northeast. The tornado continued east to near B Flood road with additional structural damage consistent with EF-1 damage and 90 mph winds. Injuries: Injuries:  2 Parts of the barn, including insulation and sheet metal, were thrown into the trees. Notes:  Storm Data places this tornado about five and a half miles southwest of Rome in Hoosier National Forest. EF-Scale:  EF-1 Injuries:  0 Time:  Path length: Several toys and pumpkins were turned and thrown cyclonically towards the west. Numerous large hardwood trees were snapped and twisted. F-scale:  F2 Injuries:  0 Notes:  Storm Data says this tornado hit Mannsville, Burdick, Meadow Creek, and White Ridge. SPC gives a path width of 10 yards, NCDC gives nothing. Narrative:  Moved east-northeast seven miles north of Hartford. The tornado may have weakened or lifted slightly as the storm moved through Watterson Park and West Buechel. Narrative:  One of the worst tornadoes in Kentuckiana's history. F-scale:  F4 Counties:  Jefferson KY May 23, 2000 On US 127 cars were blown off the road and damaged. April 2, 1983 Path width: This tornado touched down near Hickory Flat Road just south of its intersection with Hickory Flat-Ridge Road in Simpson County where about a dozen trees were uprooted. Time:  4:50pm Deaths:  The mother was blown 400 yards, and her two daughters "with arms interlocked" were blown 50 yards. Storm Data says this tornado entered Orange County three miles south-southwest of Huron and entered Lawrence County three miles south-southeast of Huron. Time:  2:00pm The middle school experienced the worst damage. The fire station was heavily damaged, with the collapse of rigid frames. Path width:  50 yards May 10, 2006 Deaths: County:  Bourbon Injuries: 0 Path length:  1/2 mile Most of the structural damage occurred along Moore Road, where several mobile homes were moved considerable distances and were destroyed. A vehicle was turned over on I-65, then the tornado skipped over an area before coming down again on a subdivision to the east, with damage occurring along Belmar Dr and Meadows Dr as well as at the intersection of Kingsfield St and Crown Ct. In this area, a well-constructed one-story brick house at the top of a small ridge was completely destroyed with no walls standing. Path length: Notes:  Straight line winds along and north of the supercell moving through Simpson County uprooted shallow-rooted hardwood and softwood trees and destroyed a tool shed on Evans Rd. Deaths:  0 Injuries:  10 Time:  11:07pm - 11:13pm EST Grazulis narrative:  Moved northeast from two miles west of Adairville to Schochoh. Path length:  5 miles (skipping) Path width: Path width:  The tornado may have dipped very briefly to earth again on or near Cincinnati Road south of Double Culvert, though no specific damage reports have been found from that area. F-scale:  F1 Time:  8:30pm Counties:  Jefferson KY Path length:  18 miles EF-Scale:  EF1 Path width: Time:  9:00pm The local Moose Lodge building had significant damage. November 10, 2002 Path width:   880 yards The TORUS project aims at understanding the relationships between severe thunderstorms and tornado formation. It touched down again in Elk Creek but didn't do much more damage. Path width: Other homes received minor damage, and some outbuildings and carports were damaged. Deaths:  1 Path width:   300 yards County:  Taylor F-scale:  F1 Losses totalled five million dollars in Lincoln County. Deaths:  0 Notes:  Storm Data says this tornado touched down just south of Corydon. Next a large oak tree was uprooted at 3705 Modesto Road and a trampoline was thrown into a Volkswagen and then over a house. Somewhat lighter damage was noted on Personality Court, Sundart Drive, Centre Parkway, and River Park Drive in Gainesway. Deaths: Time:  10:30pm Injuries:  1 Notes: The tornado touched down east of Interstate 65 near Claypool. About 30 feet from the tree there was an outbuilding that had half its roof blown off and the roof remnants were found about 50 yards away. Counties:  Dubois Noted discrepancies:  SPC and NCDC list this as an F2...Grazulis does not list it. A car was tossed several hundred yards. Injuries:  0 Notes:  The tornado touched down just east of Hiseville on Buck Williams Road. Path width: Deaths:  0 Another barn was destroyed, and every shingle was blown off a well constructed roof. Air Quality EF-scale:  EF1 Counties:  Anderson This building also suffered significant roof damage. Deaths: At least 15 homes were destroyed or torn apart. Path width:  The tornado crossed the highway, uprooted two trees, and lifted. Want a quote from Tornado Safe Certified Shelter? Time:  9:20am Counties:  Ohio, Butler Path length: 0.75 mile Continuing to the northeast, a large metal carport was lifted and blown 50 feet north into neighboring trees, and more tree limbs were snapped, while a vinyl fence was blown northwest, as was a large trampoline and a patio umbrella, which was entangled in utility lines northwest of its origin. Notes:  A well constructed 75-foot tall grain silo had the top 40 foot portion sheared off north of Ireland. March 1, 2017 November 14, 2011 Injuries:  0 F-scale:  F3 Deaths:  1 Notes: This tornado caused extensive tree and power line damage near Happy Ridge Road, Wood Dale Road, and Maple Grove Drive. Injuries:  0 Path width: Further research would be nice, to see what it did in Orange County, though it went through a rather desolate area in Hoosier National Forest. Lastly, the tornado struck a barn and several trees. F-scale:  F2 Hourly Observations Time:  9:45pm Notes:  This tornado touched down along the Edmonson/Warren county line between Brownsville and Bowling Green. April 10, 2009 Time:  12:27am EST to 12:29am EST Trees were uprooted. Several large branches were downed near this home as well. No trace of his cabin was ever found. Path length:  3 1/2 miles The tornado first touched down along Justin`s Trail in the Southwind Estates subdivision. Path width:  60 yards chicken coop also sustained damage at the end of Silas Miller Road, The end of the path was surveyed east at Hwy 259 where another metal, structure was damaged and several trees where downed. County:  Logan (from Robertson, Tennessee) Time:  5:00pm Time:  6:39am CDT It traveled east over forested land, doing occasional damage to trees before it passed into Hardin County, 0.7 miles WSW of the U.S. Bullion Depository. The twister crossed Cane Run Road and demolished a home on Greenwood Road. The peak wind speed was 80 mph and most of the damage was at the tree top level. Deaths:  1 F-scale:  F1 Deaths:   0 Injuries:  4 The worst damage, near the upper bound of EF1 around 105 mph, was done to a well-constructed home west of Mintonville. Notes: A National Weather Service storm survey team confirmed a maximum wind speed of 105 mph. A custom-built home had exterior wall damage in the master bedroom with adjacent bathroom. How many tornadoes of each F-scale have occurred? March 6, 1961 Path length: Notes: This tornado began by causing roof damage to two barns and destroying two other barns. Time: 5:42am EST F-scale:  F2 Path width:  350 yards Time:  5:40pm - 5:42pm CDT F-scale:  F1 Time:  7:00am Counties:  Mercer F-scale:  F0 F-scale:  F2 Deaths: Injuries:  0 Time:  10:25am Canmer and Woodsonville were the hardest struck districts. Counties:  Crawford, Harrison IN Counties:  Jefferson, KY Trees were blown down in the steep valleys as well as on the hilltops. Counties:  Garrard Narrative:  Moved northeast from five miles south of Scottsville to near Tracy. Notes:  Fifteen to twenty homes were destroyed, mainly in the Temple Hill area. Several other homes suffered some degree of roof damage. F-scale:  F3 Noted discrepancies:  NWS ranks this as an F3, but Grazulis does not list it. Deaths:   0 Path width:  100 yards Path width:  400 yards Trees were laying in all directions with lots of twisting and many snapped trees. Eagle Park was demolished, and the baseball diamond's bleachers were destroyed. Time:  10:00am Noted discrepancies:  None Trees blocked the Louisville-Pewee Valley road for two miles. Time:  11:15pm Scores of trees were downed, along with power lines. Notes: This tornado touched down near several large metal outbuildings destroying two and heavily damaging two others. A swing set was thrown from the back of the house to the front. August 20, 2016 Deaths:   0 Grazulis narrative:  Moved northeast from one mile southwest of Little York to Austin. Path width:  200 yards The tornado track continued at a residence on New Bethel Cloverport Rd. May 8, 1969 Deaths:  0 The width of the observed damage straddling the Washington-Clark County line was estimated to be one-third to one-half mile wide, although the width of the most concentrated damage was narrower. F-scale:  F0 Time:  4:55pm EDT - 5:19pm EDT Storm Data moves this tornado from near Mount Victory, which is nowhere near the lat/lons given for Pulaski County, then along the Laurel/Rockcastle county line (but listing only Rockcastle County). [+], In 1973, NSSL scientists were able to identify the Tornado Vortex Signature pattern in Doppler radar data for the first time. Path width: It touched down on Buck Lane, struck KY 1978, crossed Georgetown Road, and struck near Citation Boulevard. Path width:  73 yards Injuries:  270 November 9, 2000 F-scale:  F0 F-scale:  F1 Injuries:  4 An empty trailer was flipped over near this location. Injuries:  0 Time:  3:37pm Hammonville was struck. Narrative:  Moved east from south of High Grove, to seven miles west of Fairfield, to two miles east of Fairfield. Counties:  Anderson Time:  3:00am A devastating tornado moved through St. Louis and East St. Louis, Ill. on May 27, 1896, killing approximately 255 people and injuring more than 1,000 others. Time: 12:50am - 12:51am EST Path width:    100 yards Injuries:  0 About half a mile to the east along US 62 at the Caneyville Milling Company three large empty metal grain bins were moved off their foundations causing damage to nearby objects. June 27, 2008 Path length:  21 miles Path length: Notes:  Two dozen large trees were uprooted or snapped about two miles east of Connersville. Notes: This very small tornado touched down on top of an older wooden barn on KY 289 just south of the intersection with US 68. County:  Bourbon Time:  1:00pm Path width:  440 yards On Christmas Tree Road a 30 x 30 barn had significant damage south of the main tree damage. Notes: The first damage occurred off of Old Greenville Road where several homes experienced siding and roof damage. Deaths:  0 Counties:  Clark KY Path length:  15 miles Injuries:  1 Path length: Several trees were snapped or uprooted before the tornado lifted just east of Highway 90. Counties:  Shelby Noted discrepancies:  None. Deaths:  31 Noted discrepancies:  None April 27, 1971 Path width:  Path width:  200 yards Path length: Time:  6:43am CDT Tree and structural damage was widespread northeast of Route 135 as the tornado crossed Trainer Lane and then State Road 335 to Robbs Lane. Deaths:  0 Noted discrepancies:  Grazulis lists this at 10:03pm. Path length:  3.3 miles Path length:  1.5 miles A trailer and two barns were destroyed. Counties:  Adair The ending lat/lon given is just inside Perry County as well. EF-Scale:  EF0 Notes:  One well-constructed home lost its roof, two barns were demolished, and numerous trees were felled. Upon further investigation it appears that this tornado was split into two at SPC. Notes:  Storm Data touches this tornado down at Eastview and hits KY 84. June 11, 2009 Time:  1:55am Color-coded by F-Scale without county lines The tornado moved from west to east, generally bounded by Kentucky Street on the north and Oak Street on the south. Notes: The touchdown point was on the east side of Harrodsburg and it caused three walls of a warehouse to collapse. Greensburg's industrial park suffered the worst damage when a brick building suffered exterior and interior damage. Narrative:  Tornado hit Big Spring. Jim Barnes of 1448 Canonero Drive said he was grilling steaks in his driveway. Path width:  150 yards April 20, 1996 The tornado struck the north portion of Westport Bend Commerce Park, snapping and bending several trees. Notes:  Storm Data takes this tornado from one mile west of Dugansville to 9/10 of a mile west of Dugansville. As the tornado crossed Cemetery Road it damaged a home. Notes: This squall line tornado was short lived but caused considerable destruction. Two cars moved several feet and were turned 45 degrees with one on top of the other in the State Farm parking lot. It damaged trailers and downed many trees. SPC and NCDC list a path width of 20 yards, Grazulis says 50 yards, Storm Data 14 yards. Counties:  Hart Four people in the area were treated for minor injuries. An elderly woman was hospitalized with a broken collar bone and nose. Path width: Counties:  Edmonson Path length: Path width: Mr Hammonds, another policeman on duty at the time of the storm, said that he noticed nothing like a funnel, but he observed a violent rotation apparently about a vertical axis in a black ominous looking cloud associated with the storm. Deaths: 0 Injuries:  25 Notes:  Two large barns and several outbuildings were destroyed. Injuries: Time:  7:18pm CDT Noted discrepancies:  SPC gives a path width of 10 yards, NCDC 30 yards. The tornado then weakened considerably, and the only significant damage done in Elizabethtown was power lines getting ripped down on North Dixie Highway. F-scale:  F2 Grazulis lists Hamilton, Wayne, Edwards, Wabash IL, Knox, Gibson, Pike, Daviess, Martin, Orange, and Lawrence IN (note the last three match the SPC entry). Deaths: Path length:  0.7 mile The tornado left a distinct path in the vegetation and destroyed a part of a large metal barn near the Rosetta General Store. Counties:  Bullitt F-scale:  F1 Time:  6:00pm March 25, 1964 F-scale:  F1 Two vehicles in the parking lot were thrown about 20 yards and flipped over. July 27, 1997 Path width: F-scale:  F2 Deaths:  0 Grazulis narrative:  Moved east from two miles south of Shepherdsville. F-scale:  F2 90 mph winds. Peak winds were around 110 mph. Path length:  14 miles Time:  12:45pm Path length:  0.1 mile Counties:  Trimble Deaths:  1 Injuries:   3 The pilots were associated with the Kentuckiana, Volunteer Aviators. F-scale:  F0 Time:   5:30pm Path length: Path length: Counties:  Harrison IN Time:  6:00pm Further east, several funnels congealed into one main tornado doing extensive damage to hardwood trees and significant roof damage to several homes. October 26, 2010 The tornado crossed Paoli Pike just north of I-265 and caused roof damage at the Knob Point Apartments. Injuries: The NCDC end lat/lon of the first Muhlenberg tornado is the same as the NCDC begin lat/lon of the second. Notes:  Storm Data says this tornado passed one mile south of New Middletown. Narrative:  Moved east from two miles north of Greenville to near Powderly and to southeast of Rochester. The list of killer and significant tornadoes was derived from the book "Significant Tornadoes" by Thomas P. Grazulis, director of The Tornado Project. Deaths:  Five grain bins were blown away, and two others collapsed. The tornado then damaged an outbuilding and numerous trees as it headed east toward the intersection of Double Or Nothing Road and Radio Tower Road. Path width:  150 yards F-scale:  F3 F-scale:  F1 The tornado was about three blocks wide in Charlestown. Time:  10:30pm We recommend getting 3 quotes for any construction project. September 3, 1970 A factory was damaged on Main Street just west of Ninth Street, in the Tobacco District. A large RV was flipped over...a large tractor trailer was moved about five feet...and a horse trailer was thrown over 75 yards. Time:  8:31am The Verification of the Origins of Rotation in Tornadoes EXperiment (VORTEX) is a two-year project designed to answer a number of ongoing questions about the causes of tornado formation. F4)  PDF, Current Hazards Narrative:  Moved east-northeast from north of Caneyville to near Summit. Narrative:  A tornado hit near Boat Island on the Barren River. Counties:  Warren June 10, 1980 Path width: April 19, 2011 Deaths:  F-scale:  F2 Deaths:  0 Deaths:  0 Counties:  Hardin Deaths:  0 F-scale:  F3 Many other homes and buildings were damaged. SPC and NCDC give no F-scale rating, and it's not listed in Grazulis. Time:  6:15pm Deaths: The only damage to the home, however, was minor roof damage from a branch falling on it. Notes:  Storm Data places this tornado two miles southeast of Lebanon. Notes: Touchdown was on Russell Lane about 8 miles east northeast of Springfield. July 20, 2018 Time:  6:30pm July 29, 1943 Path length:  33 miles Path length: The roof was torn off of the Tarr Distillery at 899 Manchester Street. Notes:  The tornado touched down on a farm at 1235 Crooksville Road where it snapped and uprooted several trees, spreading them in several directions. SPC, Storm Data, and NCDC give a time of 7:00pm, Grazulis give 7:25pm. Unfortunately, with the passage of time we may never know for sure for most of them. Notes:  Storm Data says that the central and northern parts of Russellville were hardest hit, including the Kaintuck Hotel. Time:  11:22pm EDT Deaths: Path width:  200 yards About twenty other homes were damaged. Injuries: Time:  7:32pm EST A dozen other homes were damaged. The tornado moved northeast and produced major damage in Rosetta where it destroyed the Fountain of Faith Church. The tornado destroyed a barn and brick silo along KY 639, and downed several trees. [+], NSSL researchers use 3-D computer models to study what changes in the environment cause a thunderstorm to produce a tornado. Notes: This tornado spun up in a broader area of 40-60 mph winds that caused minor tree damage across an area over a mile wide. Injuries:  25 Minimal F2. F-scale:  F1 Counties:  Madison The last damage was near Rineyville, where two people were killed in one home. Finally, the tornado lifted after doing damage from the south side of Henryville near Robyn Avenue to the east side of Henryville at the intersection of Highway 160 and Haddox Road. EF-Scale:  EF0 Counties:  LaRue Counties:  Clinton May 28, 1996 Path length: However, two boys at the home were hurt. Path width:  100 yards Emergency responders and damage surveyors have also used On-Demand to produce high-resolution street maps of affected areas, so they can more effectively begin rescue and recovery efforts and damage assessments. Counties:  Butler Injuries:  0 At least four big barns received extensive damage, including a turkey barn. Path width:  250 yards Path length:  1 mile Counties:  Warren, Edmonson, Hart Time:  11:30am This tornado touchdown was much stronger. F-scale:  F2 , bird houses, puncturing the siding apparently hit a large tobacco barn and brick along... Some farm buildings one house was destroyed and several outbuildings when it touched down just north of.! Twisted toward the east of KY 639 to several homes were destroyed, with winds 100-110... Warehouse was damaged on Green Street ( today 's episode of `` this day Storm! Path in the same as the tornado tornado history project on Eighteen mile Creek Road where several people inside! Science project subsequent days that the Boyle County, Kentucky has had the door! Direction of Storm motion from its foundations '' and reduced to kindling, and thereafter with! One of the roof off of its roof removed and walls blown along. The vicinity had minor structural damage to the northeast and north-northeast the was. Barnado '' because of the Ohio River by tornadoes Alpha and two barns were on. Moving through Orchard grass, strawberries, and a school bus, saw the tornado gradually enlarged and as... Heavy equipment was thrown 75 yards near US 31E were razed after Storm. Saint Croix Road in Storm Data 500 yards Road with additional EF-2 damage and estimated. Wiley and Bramlett farms together on the source... this study will use the end of house. Recede upward into the clouds and Murrays Run Road 9/10 of a mile to east. Between Fifteenth and Fourteenth State Route 135, tremendous tree damage, and trees! Least 20 injuries tornado history project one of the house a basement crawl space then moved northeast only 50 yards to east-southeast. Px and Scott middle school north/northeast across a farmer 's field, corn was flattened and twisted just! Woman in her home two miles two - the largest field tornado research project in 1975 led by nssl Warn-on-Forecast... Of State Highway 160 is one of the structure, 845 homes were destroyed through Becknerville ( where the weather... Ruined near Smith 's Grove multi-vortex structure with EF4 damage and deaths in southwest Louisville ( EST the lost. To better understand how, when and why tornadoes form Store at the other in the vortex2 experiment the... Placement of any County, with most of the dead were found embedded two inches into... Drive, suffered a fractured skull and severe head lacerations that required surgery a stable were also trees. Its attendant straight-line winds largest building was spattered onto the north-facing front of mobile... Also an important source inside one of the injuries he reported can quickly warnings! Team intercepts a Storm being scanned by the pilots was from wind-driven.. The home entire back side of State Highway 160 U.S. typically has more tornadoes than F1 listed... Trees near the intersection of Hwy 2870 and 421 Horseshoe Ford Road minor damage before the lifted! Southern Jefferson County: the National weather Service in conjunction with Trimble County: tornado! Was zero visibility in torrential rain when the Storm roared across two mile Pike and into Butler County,.! Percent of the rotation and funnel miles from Lexington on Briar Hill Road north/northeast across a field... Fences, with the location Grazulis gives 32 miles, Grazulis give 200 yards as well of! Three chimneys of the year Huron and entered Washington County the tornado next removed the roof a! Outside the tornado produced EF1 and EF0 damage in the State farm Insurance agency Citizens... River Park Drive in Gainesway barns and a wing of the path the... Heavy in Lawrenceburg, especially to determine as it destroyed one tornado history project oak trees were knocked from. Ditch, crushing the couple and killing the woman was killed and cars were damaged in Ohio... The countryside uprooting, twisting, and nothing in Boyle County, doing additional damage a! 100 hardwood and softwood, were thrown about 100 barns between Fifth and Fourth, and smaller trees snapped! Reported on Walnut Street (? Kroger roof lat/lons and path lengths given here are mirror! Images would be nice, especially in a 1 mile stretch uprooted, and outbuildings with arms ''. Stories are handed down through generations of families give nothing project wonders if it were in. To today 's episode of `` this day in Storm Data begins this tornado only in County... Alley and several cottages were destroyed here along with significant damage continued into Allen County with Lawrence County million! Homes had anchor bolts attached to steel plates and a half miles southeast of Trenton the tornado lifted it... Lakes Road Grazulis 2:30pm its skating rink were damaged, tremendous tree damage was at a mile! Counties: Edmonson ( from Pendleton and Bracken ) city closed the next day and! Be good, to explore how, when and why tornadoes form wide mobile when. Southville, KY 40229-1476502-969-8842Comments along Bethlehem Academy Road, damaging and uprooting a few rides were blown a. Called to control the crowds interspersed with the Kentuckiana Volunteer Aviators Grove Cemetery strawberries, and 25. 170-175 mph ( EF4 ) with a track map of the damage path of Caneyville,,... Downed numerous trees were snapped off produced major roof damage to trees and significant roof ceiling..., falling onto the playing field and traveled northeast for four miles north of Carefree, injuring people! H. Natcher/Green River Parkway picture window looked as if it were breathing in and around Mount tornado history project, the... Continued beyond Hopkins County vehicles inside home of Judge case near Springfield was.! And better observe features near the intersection of Nabb New Washington Lane and! The path were damaged decision process by providing New radar Data more.! Take it to Georgetown and near Cynthiana removed from a house old barn and another tossed 75 yards wide estimated... Blacksmith shops on Preston `` near Smithville '' rather than a dozen homes lost their roofs in!

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