Violator. I know the "JKR countering GML" thing is making all the headlines, but JKR needs to get through GAS walls, and the JKR titan teams we're seeing (often with Rey) aren't … Considerations below: GML Pros: The requirement characters for this are mostly good … 491 views 2 months ago. After several turns SLKR goes into ultimate but JML still doing something on his turn that makes SLKR health bar to go down (today it was especially obvious because the bar moved from green zone to yellow). I had 100% ult and was charged high in terms of mastery boost. Discussion in 'Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes SWGOH Accounts for Sale' started by Nemunas, 11/24/20. For JML and SEE, I just don't see it making any difference for those guys. Rey gets the buff ‘I am all the Jedi’ which is formed of the leadership abilities of all the Jedi who speak to her during episode 9 (apart from Kanan who doesn’t have a … 2 128 2 weeks ago by GladOS-013. This is "JML vs JKR" by No name on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. 00:01:52. SLKR health bar goes down in ultimate stance when attacked by JML 4 ildarz. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile game by EA Capital Games where players collect, level and battle with heroes and villains from the Star Wars universe. All six being health mods gives 15% health and all six being defense mods gives 15% defense. Rey is not a guaranteed 4/4 in LSGeo which is what’s so insane about her and that content. 1. Z 4R vZ\ t s P @P? ? Not necessarily because he’s the best, but because he doesn’t need anything but his reqs to function. Simply by virtue of being able to be indestructible with full FO squad vs SEE (unless someone comes up with a sith magic trick), SLKR has a major advantage (lololol) even without considering stuff like soloing HSTR. Bit of back story I have SLKR and SEE both at Relic 7 with their ultimate ability. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Thanks. Balance. 1 ԺR _U % 1劥 J C Y cs7IG K ( ( Q T V l Xa \ N } #/| f 抝 \} K F pK 8JβV QKs 7 s5J p 4J,A \ @܉ ZvTﮧ r \ Y 1m F $ jo % ,X ? You will probably want a bridge team like JKR, Padme before you aim for the moon. He's not anywhere near the "second strongest" all around. Rex Clones vs GG nute. SWGOH DR, Malak, BSF, SET, SLKR vs JML, GAS, JKL, JKR, HY ( Jedi Master Luke Counter ) 687 views. 01:27:22. I think he made the right call unlocking SLKR first, and for the next 6 months at least, SLKR is the clear choice for the initial GL. 487 views. SLKR vs JML. 74 views. 2017 Topps Tribute Random Teams Case … SLKR taking damage while ultimate on 2 19ikki84. I look at what I wish he would do better now and that is primarily keeping more of his teammates alive. See loses to Slkr teams hard. If you’re pursuing your first GL, it’s possible you’d have JKR, there is a good chance you aren’t going to have relic GAS, and you almost certainly don’t have Relic JKL. Merired. The Robot Wizard. On the other hand, you could fast track JKL who is amazing in PvP and PvE and then gear the rest. I’ve tried JKL lead, basti lead and JML lead. And yet both of the old GLs are currently capable of beating the new ones (especially Rey vs JML lead and SLKR vs SEE). I got lucky once with a full FO comp( just reseting for D) but I tried it again and got destroyed. Any thoughts? I have SLKR, but really torn about which GL to go after next. 7 STAR MOFF GIDEON UNLOCK AND TESTING - WHALE OR FAIL - ... AhnaldT101. Discussion in 'Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes SWGOH Accounts for Sale' started by Sorvi, 12/1/20. 288 views 12 hours ago. Jml beats slk beats see. | Star Wars: Galaxy of ... Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: GAC Live-Stream 3v3 (Free at Last). Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Taking a Risky Gamble on a Galactic Legend! Thanks. Under JML lead you get a new ability (much like thrawn/jkl) to build JML ultimate (which can’t be activated until you hit 100%- unlike Slkr which can be used at three intervals) you must use the leader special to spread Jedi lessons and built ultimate charge. Rey is also really good in arena and good in the hsith and the best on defense in GA. JML has some really good uses in pve and SEE does as well but SEE is the weakest (prob cause he's the easiest to get). e J! Seep proceeded to fart on every one of them and make them disappear. It’s no cheaper, though, so which one is better? Grand Arena Kiaowe vs Cocolabricot! There are 6 Dots/Rarities, 15 Levels, 5 Colors/Qualities, 6 Shapes, 8 Mod Sets, 11 Primary Stats, and 12 Secondary Stats available for mods, making Mods the single most complex part of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.. Any character at Level 50+ can have up to 6 … Bulldog1205. I can got 4/0 vs her one day and waste 300 crystals climbing to 1st the next day vs … INVINCIBLE Sith Eternal + Jedi Master Luke Skywalker With Armorer - Sith ... AhnaldT101. Playing next. 0 79 a week ago by 19ikki84. If its JML lead, then I haven't found a way to beat it with SLKR. SLKR remains the clear winner for GL and, as someone else pointed out, some of his reqs transfer over to SEE which is the easiest GL to obtain. Product Review: The JML Nutriblitzer bears a remarkable resemblance to the popular Nutribullet 600. JML auto random 3x tank SLKR team. The Robot Wizard. Have been pitting JML vs. SLKR and SLKR JML counter teams on auto and the matches go too close to be such that the AI could win when human is playing the SLKR. So far SLK is a push over but Rey is entirely rng dependent. Thanks for the thoughts, and good point on CLS. a Ȏ @m0, c "v / \^ ե ; \ 0Ǵ xI} ! 0 28 yesterday by SpanksMe12Times. Jumping To Conclusions Costs Me The Battle But It Was Fun! 4. For example if you want to help your guild in LSTB I would go for rey. Maybe you'll see something you like a … 00:01:33. Aqui no nosso canal você encontra historinhas, brincadeiras e muita diversão! October 14, 2020 6:39PM. Então, eu sou a Maria Clara tenho 8 anos e meu irmão JP 11 anos. However … I have SLKR, but really torn about which GL to go after next. You could also take a break until they show us the next pair. I have SLKR, but really torn about which GL to go after next. Now you can say “oh well you suck”, but the reality is if a player can go 4/4 in phase 3 they’re clearly good enough with the team. Massively disagree here, SLKR with FO >>>>>> Rey with Resistence. Published on 2020-10-10 01:23:42. I REGRET Investing in These SWGoH Characters! The same goes for SLKR really. Matchups vs Kylo look pretty bleak and vs Rey I usually time out, at least with the comps I've used. Enas_Yorl. More posts from the SWGalaxyOfHeroes community. As a non-JKL Rey owner, SLKR is beatable 100%, mirrors mostly although rather slow, JML nigh unbeatable - with some comps I can get Rey’s ult off before JML, but this brings nothing. © Copyright > SWGOH.TV. Mods are broken down into Dots, Levels, Colors/Qualities, Shapes, Sets, Primary Stats, and Secondary Stats.. I can share my if it helps. SEE really needs a strong supporting cast and his Ult to be successful in arena, but then Rey and JML need GAS, JKL and JKR to work too, so in some sense they’re all in the same boat. A SE team does better than slkr here. SLKR/JML owner thoughts on his Ultimate. any OS Version 9 Ally Code: JML is also good I guess (haven’t tried him), but much more expensive for you and will take more time. 9 posts Member. A ; K z եɭ o c !IۘVq ? Going for JML is the best overall because nearly all toons are useful. Stevenr34 I used all 3 attacks with the middle ability and it did absolutely nothing (maybe 1-2 blocks of damage on JML. Health vs Defense — Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Forums. . Would I love to find a way for my see to beat slkr reliably, yes. JML Philippines SMB Prestige Bldg., 40 San Buenaventura St., Bagong Ilog, Pasig City, Metro Manila Pasig City Philippines Call us: +63 (02) 8465 9000 Email us: Did anyone expect the old GLs to hold reliably against the new ones? On the plus side, he doesn't die immediately to Rey's ultimate when solo at the end of the match, but usually I end up against Rey and one other Jedi at the end and without the SEE ultimate, his damage output just isn't high enough to take one of them out in time. Clash2Far. I'm in the exact same boat, I'm going after JKL atm so I feel GML is the next step but all 3 of the GL, I'm about the same time away. 03:52:09. Gridan WWL. Kylo reigns supreme over his uncle | SWGOH SLKR vs JML 5v5 Counters Home; Search; Live; Content Creators; Smaller Creator Videos; Podcasts; Recent Videos; Trending Videos; CONTENT CREATORS. T5$ 1 GZ =C , r U J1 Z ;߰1 / "ԁ ( . Getting 500 vs. 1000 every day is really not a big difference, you still get shit. 6! I've narrowed my possible choices to these three: 1) Get Rey and use her in a full Resistance squad without C3P0 … I think that your analysis is overall good. 74 posts Member. Selling Sold 7+m GP 150-200 7* iOS 7.1Mil Account 3 GLs (ReY/SLKR/JML) Discussion in ' Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes SWGOH Accounts for Sale ' started by Stevenr34 , 9/20/20 . Browse more videos. Published on 2020-07-31 02:41:35. All Rights Reserved | Contact- sigsig#0001 on Discord, Kylo reigns supreme over his uncle | SWGOH SLKR vs JML 5v5 Counters. Go. The Robot Wizard. Discussion in 'Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes SWGOH Accounts for Sale' started by SWGOH_9000, 10/27/20.Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes SWGOH Accounts for Sale' started by SWGOH_9000, 10/27/20. Selling 4.5m-5m GP 50-100 7* Android and iOS Extremely focused 4.7M account with SLKR and JML Discussion in ' Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes SWGOH Accounts for Sale ' started by Adrian Voinea , … Game freezing in GAC 2 mullersj77. Considerations below: The requirement characters for this are mostly good, Useful in LSTB, where my roster is weaker, To be effective, he cannibalises chars from other strong teams (GAS / JLK / Revan), Only really adds a mothma team (and even then only partially) to roster, Gets beaten by DR / Basti / Malak pretty hard on defence, Seems to be the second strongest GL all round, Gears up an entirely new team (for me) in troopers, Much lower gear reqs than GML (for me, I don't yet have JKLuke), Some really weak support chars, especially junky sith, Dark side roster already strong enough for DSTB, Gears up an entirely new team (for me) in resistance, Comparable gear reqs to SEE (i.e. 0 60 2 hours ago by ChristophIV. 0. JkR lead can be pretty much done with SLKR, DR, BSF, traya, and either malak or thrawn. 0 55 a week ago by wharp95. It’s quite possibly the strongest non-GL teak available in PVP. JML teams have no problems climbing according to their owners feedback - every other team is a cakewalk. SLKR vs JML. About : Up Next. 03:03:41. Selling 6m-6.5m GP 150-200 7* Android and iOS 6.4 mil GP - R8 SLKR, JML, R7 KAM, #1 in arenas (both chats), 196-15+ speed mods, both meta fleets.

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