This disturbance occurs when there is a significant redissolution of the binder in the basecoat by the components used to achieve the low VOC of the clearcoat. There are no membership fees associated with the Rewards Program. Benefiel et al U.S. Pat. It is also reasonable to expect that the intermediate barrier coat of the present invention would effectively inhibit these clearcoats from causing said color shift. Testors® Craft Color Shift Paint is rated 5.0 out of 5 by 1. $9.18 shipping. Additives also finding utility are curing catalysts which include but are not limited to organic-metallic compounds such as dibutyltindioxide, dibutyltindilaurate, zinc octoate, amine compounds such as triethylamine, 2-diethylaminoethanol and triethylenediamine. Pearls are neither paint themselves nor actual pearls; they are semi-transparent, iridescent powders added to paint. That smooth glossy surface you saw right after the clearcoat was sprayed will acquire a slight dullness to it. Contact Us. In the vehicle refinishing industry, thousands of color formulas are needed in order to match all available automotive and truck colors.   Black Basecoat For Color Shift: Color: 340912: Type: Enamel: Finish: Gloss (Solid) Packaging: Spray can (3 oz.) Barrier coat film thickness for panel A=12 microns. Although the low VOC clearcoats described herein are active hydrogen/isocyanate reacted systems, it is reasonable to expect that clearcoats utilizing other chemistries might contain components that would cause basecoat color shift. Pinterest. VOC clearcoat coating was spray applied in one coat using an automatic spray machine. The film forming process of the clear intermediate barrier coat may be by lacquer dry, chemical crosslinking, or a combination thereof. +49 385 4859 2275 9 E-Mail: Web: over 180° F.). Stay up to date with our latest news and products. The older ColorShift Pearls ® were made by exact combinations of our Ghost Pearl ® paint and Candy Pearl ® paint . Enter Email Address Sign Up (*Required) I would like to receive updates, special offers, and other information from House of Kolor® and its affiliated companies. green. or  A measure of color difference. Other colors may be used to give varying color shift effects. Rust-Oleum® Peel Coat® Color Shift is a specialized top coat for use over black Peel Coat. It is critical that the choice of evaporation rate and solvency power of the organic solvent carrier composition does not cause the clear intermediate barrier coat, in of itself, to shift the basecoat color. A barrier coat was made by blending the following ingredients together. Any substrate material can be coated with the coating composition according to the present invention. Then to panel A a barrier coat was spray applied which consisted of a thin film of Neocryl A-622. Testors Color Shift aerosols allow you to create projects that take on multiple colors at once depending on the lighting or angle. Blueberry Shift - Pearl Color Basecoat, 1 Quart. $10.71 shipping. It is easy to create a true color change when applied over a black basecoat. Size. As the molecular size is reduced, the reactive diluents begin to assume characteristics of volatile organic solvents, not only in viscosity, but also in ability to dissolve other resins. Applied properly, our chameleons create a colour shift visual effect depending on the viewing angle: if you walk around the paint, you can see up to 4 different colours. It will appear to change color based on the lighting or angle, which gives your DIY crafts a unique look. Supplied by Byk-Chemie, Wallingford, Conn. A polyacrylate additive used to reduce cratering tendency. The description of the low VOC clearcoats of the present invention is not intended to limit the scope of the invention. Testors Color Shift aerosols allow you to create projects that take on multiple colors at once depending on the lighting or angle. Examples of resins used in suitable lacquer dry coatings include nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate butyrate, acrylics, polyurethanes, and the like. The present invention relates to the use of an intermediate layer of coating to inhibit color change in basecoat coatings resulting from penetration into and subsequent redissolution of said basecoat coatings by components in low VOC clearcoats. Color turns cars into emotional products. The color and effect of the basecoat is chiefly a function of the pigments used. Star Hobby Gloss Black Basecoat 3 oz. An aldehyde blocked amine reactive diluent supplied by Bayer Corporation, Pittsburgh, Pa. A secondary amine functional aspartic ester reactive diluent supplied by Bayer Corporation, Pittsburgh, Pa. An aliphatic isocyanate supplied by Olin Corporation, Cheshire, Conn. An aliphatic isocyanate supplied by Bayer Corporation, Pittsburgh, Pa. A water-borne acrylic resin supplied by Zeneca Incorporated, Wilmington, Mass. For dramatic effects, apply over other colored backgrounds. The present invention relates to a novel multi-layer coating composition. Tweet Applies to all surfaces such as ceramic, metal, glass, and plastic. Color-Shift Pearl is a color shifting paint with an extreme metallic look. Thank you for your continued support and Stay Safe! These aqueous coatings usually contain a small amount of organic solvent as an aid to coalescing. The Color Shift flakes contain advanced light interference pigments that change color depending on the light source. Key Features Create a color change with as few as 2 coats! Basecoat/clearcoat finishes for vehicles have been used for several years and are now very popular.

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