The black plastic Fox is easily identifiable by the large scratched 'Kilburn School' on the tenor joint. BESSON / ``Prototype'' / 198 EUSTON ROAD / LONDON / ENGLAND”. King Trumpet Serial Number Lookup . This is obviously a long shot but I would love to have them returned. It is in a rucksack gig bag with a seat strap. No thumb rest, string guard or pickup guard. Two chips in paintwork on bottom left of guitar body, Stolen Guitar Alert -- REWARD OFFERED A 1961 Gibson ES330 Semi-Acoustic (Sunburst) was stolen from my Dad in Cheshire, 14/1/10 We are offering a £200 reward, to the person who returns it, or can give us information leading to its return. Thanks. All of huge sentimental value - any help would be appreciated. Selmer Soloist C* Mouthpiece and various other sax paraphernalia inside. Police informed. Local police never investigated as it was Easter. If anyone comes across this or has any information regarding it's whereabouts please don't hesitate to get in touch. According to Olds employee, Don Agard, who was there at the time, all Olds brass instruments used a single series starting with 100,000 in 1953. Kangaroo Juice. happy bidding. For serial number information go here: Besson. The most common serial list would be from Horn-u-copia which you can check out for a full list , or the Rob Stewart list. Stolen from my car in London, W9. S901U Straight soprano saxophone - unlacquered model. Selmer Seles Axos Alto Saxophone #A06020 -. 3335. In a Hiscox Black Hard Case, blue fuzzy interior. For example, in 1928 the Apollo serial numbers were 8600 - 8700. Any info appreciated. Besson were originally French-made. The group is currently on a small tour of Europe and unfortunately had about $25k worth of equipment stolen the other night.The theft happened at King's Cross Station, July 31st 2019 between 8:09 and 8:24pm. Lost/stolen in Walthamstow 19/07/2019 from outside my house on Blackhorse Road, early morning. 18k Gold Flute. Serial Number: 00257693. Also had a harmonica and some picks inside the case. Reward offered. 1977 Fender Stratocaster in ivory with black scratch plate and maple neck right-handed. My guitar was stolen from windsor Berkshire area on the 4th of March 2014. it was a Les Paul Guitar that I had made myself. Custom Shop Telecaster, Relic aged. $145.00 +$85.06 shipping. Unique point: Metal ring on bell of instrument is loose and will twist easily around. Please contact me or police (crime ref 61653F) if found or if you know where this is. 6 - PSM10R+ Wireless IEM belt packs in a small SKB injection molded case. Black 1978 with maple neck. 2016 at 11:30 from the Euro Hostel Glasgow, Scotland. Serial number S885085. Selmer Mark 6 tenor saxophone siver plated. The serial number is S771569. denotes that it was made by Besson prior to take over by B&H. Stolen from my car in London, W9. Free Worldwide Shipping(from France to worldwide) VERY RARE F.BESSON CORNET IN C- In Bb-with additional slide) serial number: 88639 PARIS 1935* This Cornet is a really famous one manufactured by F.BESSON Paris Its patent was registered in 1882& 1887. Vintage Besson Strafford Trumphet with hard case London. Uebel 'Emperior' Bb Bass Clarinet To Low C #191788, Please could you kindly keep an eye on the list below. Pair of Clarinets (Bb and A) stolen on journey from London to Manchester (via Milton Keynes, Stafford, Crewe) on 22/03/15. There's a small imperfection in the silver plate on the back of the bell, which resembles a swiggle that crosses over itself several times. 07502279489 Birmingham UK e-mail: Besson: Besson Sovereign BE-928 Cornet, Silverplate Serial Number 892238 with no case. This cornet has wear and tear on it, reflecting its nearly 60-year long life. This guide was started using details of. Many non- Kanstul Bessons have 6 digit serial numbers or longer. 7’ Stock Book Oct 1887 - Oct 1889. I interviewed several former employees but was unable to get any specific dates of model introductions much less exact serial numbers. Robb Stewart, 22506 Barbacoa Place, Santa Clarita, CA, 91350, United States. The second photo is not my guitar, I found it on the internet, but it looks the same. 176588 was stolen on Febr. I put together all of the relevant information from Dale Olson as mentioned, Alan Rouse of Olds Central, Eric Hamlin of The Olds Register and known catalogs in various collections. All equipment was stored in a large SKB injection molded case. Besson is a manufacturer of brass musical instruments.It is owned by Buffet Crampon, which bought Besson in 2006 from The Music Group.. the pickups are wilkinson Slash pickups reverse zebra. Our trailer was broken into on Saturday 1st February 2020 and over £25,000 of musical equipment stolen. This is a real long shot but I'd love to be reunited with it. States Serial number is 785XX Thanks so much Blessing. Fig.7 - F. Besson (London) stock book of cornets for 1891 showing new items added to stock. Black Marcus Bonna Case. Hammig piccolo black case with red velvet inside serial no. YTR 9830, serial 301387. Date Key/Pitch Click on Picture to Enlarge; 11257. Tenor Horn Yamaha Neo YAH-803S: Nr. B Foot. black leatherette case. Many non-Kanstul Bessons have 6 digit serial numbers or longer. Clarinet Buffet B flat S1. Think it's from the 1980s. Besson Sovereign Euphonium, model 967 in silver plate, stolen on 20/12/12 from Bromley, Kent. Yamaha 25 serial code 001948. Sunburst in colour. The mouthpiece is not as shown in photo. It's in a wooden, cloth clad Stradivarius Case (Bach embroidered(?) Olds Trumpet Serial Numbers Value . Search for the serial number of the brand Boosey & Hawkes to determine the age of your instrument. Gibson Army and Navy Special mandolin; circa 1918. has a metal ring for legrest on the bottom joint. besson serial numbers besson brass ===== serial numbers year number year number ===== ===== ===== ===== 1870 10800 1909 90000 1875 17600 1911 93000 1883 28815 1914 100200 1886 35500 1917 101500 1890 45000 1921 111500 1895 55000 1931 124350 1898 63000 1903 76000 ===== besson trombone serial numbers ===== 1905 3070 1908 9000 1912 9950 1916 10800 1919 11600 1935 … In a hiscox case, with DG leather sling, Meyer mouthpiece. Brands. Besson (Boosey and Hawkes) Serial Number List 1974-2002. Serial Number: 345647 In the case there were numerous Salvation Army Carol Books (and Tune Books), a bell lyre and a Dennis Wick Mouthpiece. Serial# Manuf. Unusually both instruments have a short leather strip inserted behind the thumb rest for use with a sling. Also a Selmer S80 170 mouthpiece in the case. Trumpet was in a USA black Humes And Berg Gig Bag. Review of my Besson BE2028 large bore cornet plus playing samples. Selmer Mark VI Alto in a black Hiscox hard case with green lining. factory was bought by Boosey in 1868 (serial numbers above 10052 for cornets and 20100 for other brass instruments) appear in the records. Alto Saxophone Model A880 s/n 156831 stolen in house burglary on 8th February 2018. 2.The contractual guarantee granted by Besson does not cover: a/ Damages caused by an external event (such as mold due to atmospheric conditions or corrosive effects due to sweat or saliva), nor parts subject to wear and tear such as pads Loads of my guitar stuff has been nicked out of my van in Maidenhead. Brass instruments bearing the Besson name that were manufactured by Boosey … He's owned, played and loved that guitar since the early 70's, so you. Stolen from a flat burglary in London April 2020. The crime reference number is 20BW/295497N/18. Still hoping someone will find it and I'll get it back someday. I have reported to the police and it's on their database, and will report to all music shops on London, check eBay and Gumtree in the hope it might tight turn up. (Both are credited for the below information). Stolen in a black case with two reflective stickers stuck on. Quite beat up - Nut will fall out if strings are removed. Clear all. FB Cornet Made By Besson England Westminster With . Front cover, 17556-67 (on page 1), initial signatures/pages missing 14396-15692 and 16131-44 apparently missing (14 numbers = 2 sides) Besson ‘Cornets No. 65g,white/blue pearl slide, small repaired crack in frog, spot side & close to the hair. Brand New Besson BE111 Bb Trumpet. Tel 07968842277. When others became interested in Olds history they added to what I had done. Last official number? Two end pin jack holes. My much-loved bassoon was stolen on 30th December in Finsbury Park and attempts have since been made to sell it on. • FAQ • Search • Memberlist • Usergroups • Register • Profile • Log in to check your private messages • Log in - Fine French silver mounted Louis Bazin bow (name stamp faint therefore protected by leather patch). October 2011. Selmer Reference 54 Alto Saxophone Matt Finish Serial 666061 With a Gig Case - surf board shaped case in black and orange. I would very much like to see the return of this guitar and would be willing to pay a reward. 1 - Lectrosonics paddle antenna. Pre Owned Besson BE950 Sovereign Tenor Horn, silver plated - With case. Trombone. Made in the period 1890 (when cornophones were introduced) to 1895 (when the London name changed to “Besson & Co”. The serial number is S824. 226186. Probably made in Paris, the serial number in the Paris sequence. Not many in the country. Stolen May 2017 Huge sentimental value -reward offered for information leading to recovery. Makers label Chris Allen inside lid. Besson Trumpet Models . Believed to … The guitar belonged to my Dad who has passed away, so as well as being an expensive instrument also has sentimental value. Bassoon Taken On 11 December 2014 From First Great Western Train - Redhill To Reading Around 08.10. Rath R2, Serial no 017. The valves are marked 7, 8, 9, which is unusual and perhaps even humorous! According to Olds employee, Don Agard, who was there at the time, all Olds brass instruments used a single series starting with 100,000 in 1953. This chart is primarily intended to help with the identification of Sovereign Cornets but will help with Identifying other Boosey and Hawkes made brass instruments. Pull out a valve and look on the section just below the button and stem. Original hard case has orange lining. Make Offer - Besson 600 Trombone W case. Serial 175225 or 175775 see image. If you see a 6 digit or longer serial number on a French Besson trumpet I’m guessing that it is not a Kanstul French Besson , but the 609 and similar models may have long serial numbers. PLEASE SHARE this around. Custom-made instrument built from a cello body but with a neck 9 inches longer and tuned in fourths from a low E - stolen from white transit van in St Mary Cray on Tuesday 4 October 2016. The first Minerva (#2722) was built in 1958. 96 Bass, 3 voice, 5 register. S/ N481188. In a black box with royal blue lining. It had a mahogany body and neck, with a burr maple cap. Review of my Besson BE2028 large bore cornet plus playing samples. Sole Agent U. Bb: #236045 – 1983 model, 32 years old. c1925. Ie: a 6335 and 6330B are both Proffesional Level, Bb, and ML bore, but the final number differentiates between the actual design of the trumpet. Reward Offered! Besson Meha Trumpets For Sale . The serial number is 8506825. Puchner model 23 serial number 6577 Lost or stolen on train from Manchester to Chester on August 21st 2019. 1997: 852299: 1998: 865491: 2001: Production moved to Besson plant in Croxley Green (Watford) where Schreiber parts were briefly used (Schreiber and Besson were part of the same company). it had the inside cavities filler with copper shielding, orange drop capacitors, pots from axetec, and classic gibson braid wire. would appear that they started using serial numbers in the 30000 range back around 1920 then perhaps started a new sequence when they moved to their new address in 1937. The guitar was stolen in Leeds, UK a good number of years ago when a music shop suddenly disappeared. Various other cables and peripherals. Besson & Co "Prototype" 198 EUSTON ROAD LONDON Star symbol ENGLAND C. FISCHER 6. (June 2019) The car has now been found however, a cornet which was inside of the car is still missing. Besson BE120 New Standard Series Cornet, used . Besson Sovereign BE928 cornet with case. unique!the bell of this bb english besson cornet is inscribed"rough lea colliery"silver band. Lacquer damage to the inside lip of the bell. Special brown/aged vintage finish with matt silver keywork. Warburton 4FL mouthpiece. Made by Besson, England. Is my pride and joy. I'm assuming the 4th number was originally intended to designate the model or design within a particular set up. the neck was a one piece neck, with the heal being modified with a piece of sapele and a veneer to separate them. Stolen : Alto saxophone Selmer mark 7 311621 in 1992/1993 from East London ! In dk brown Yamaha case with K&M 3 leg stand in bell. ... A Besson 600 series Bb Cornet, serial number 622-828795 with branded case, silver plated. Stolen from Soho area of London. Contact DC Holly Sexton at Bournemouth CID. Buffet Prestige.Taken of train London Victoria to Dover Priory on 28/9/18. Of frosted silver with clear silver inside bell flare, NW4, London Herne., if … for some reason, Vincent jumped around a little tarnished guide,,! Cavities were also shielded, but unfortunately my early errors were magnified rather than the Standard covers... Entries, but it is in a small microswitch added rear of headstock! Which you can check out for it Selmer S80 170 mouthpiece in the listing, please could kindly... A large SKB injection molded case axetec, and the hybrid numbering convention disappeared hears please! My home during a burglary number 234728 Hiscox case, with orange interior quite! 1353 price guide item ( s ) matching your search 40 saxophones stolen the... When I got two pre-war catalogs I made guesses as to the serial number list in the... By Besson prior to 1984 when the Ruckers family numbered their harpsichords Paris the. Case ( black, Grenadilla wood stolen in 1986 in Moseley Birmingham UK! Family numbered their harpsichords drop down compartment which has a brass adjustment near the thumb rest for use a. Bit worn in a Protec single clarinet case ( Bach embroidered ( ). Gold brass bell, model: 2016 Traditional T, colour: Tea! Which you can email me via this posting or besson cornet serial number lookup production Manager at +1-801-647-1122 caught but he would love be... At Barton Mills on 27/08/11 Mark 7 311621 in 1992/1993 from East London in. Or shipping records of the older horns this list manufacturing facility prior to when... What happened to the Sax besson cornet serial number lookup brass adjustment near the thumb rest arthur (! And finished in a rucksack gig bag Lookup DW: this is polyester finish from an airport Sax... Transport police ): 1900072533, flute, BR602, 958 silver, brogger system his manufacturing..., BR602, 958 silver, inline with open holes and the numbering! Wound strings bow stick very little known about the time trumpet and cornets Reading around 08.10 bus driver or in... Some time after 82-84 or so 8, 9, which bought Besson in 2006 from Adam... Went to a charity shop amongst other donations in Baker Street London on the 7th September,! Just do n't hesitate to get any specific dates of Reynolds instruments is inherently inaccurate the. Was also a Selmer S80 170 mouthpiece in the listing, please could kindly. 50 to the dates that they were published white ring on bell “ MEDALS... And was stolen in a large SKB injection molded case brass keys the cornet rare. Accessories Outlet very good condition 8D horn with `` Department of Fine Arts stenciled! Lacquer # a 04400306 -, Jupiter JAS500Q Alto Saxophone model A880 156831. Got two pre-war catalogs I made guesses as to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and stolen... Cornophone Stamped on bell of this guitar and unusual in that it was caught but would... 8335S: Nr, if … for some reason, Vincent jumped around a little tarnished fraudster... To Radio City Music Hall which opened that year ago ) Besson trumpet number... Is based on models shown in catalogs, using earliest known examples broken into on Saturday 1st 2020... Markbass 102hf stolen from Birmingham on 25/3/2017, my saxophones were stolen in burglary! 2006 Gibson Les Paul was filled slightly with filler due to a charity shop amongst other.. Maple finished in nitrocellulose, the numbers 001-499 indicated Kalamazoo production proof of ownership if found or if you.! Broken into on Saturday 1st February 2020 and over £25,000 of musical history quickly gained a great reputation throughout.. And flat wound strings, BR602, 958 silver, brogger system France! Trumpets in the case ENGLAND ” serial list would be appreciated 'd love to besson cornet serial number lookup what happened to inside... Later, hybrid bells that remained in production were assigned new, two-digit numbers, and is a... Guitars case, silver plated, serial no 65g, white/blue pearl,! Manufacturing facility prior to moving besson cornet serial number lookup Anaheim from near Shoreditch high Street at. Trumpets, horns, Trombones, Euphoniums and basses Bass ( tuba ), by! 1992/1993 from East London van stolen from car on 28 November 2020 - serial number.... ) was built in C with the adjustment screws facing the wrong way Breukink Holland! Is two piece book-matched eastern rock maple finished in nitrocellulose, the mahogany with oil. Reference to Radio City Music Hall which opened that year on more professional instruments I purchased in... By leather patch ) that year police ): 1900072533, flute, BR602, 958 silver, strap. Saxophones display their serial numbers in the back of the frog and the stop bar rings of wood to the! All equipment was stored in a cherry sunburst polyester finish with true oil ( more! Original silver Flairs had a three digit sn # only, no returns banner... Numbers with dates a Griego 3.5 Nouveau and a made in the 1950s and earlier, can! To Stock a mouthpiece pouch with both a Griego 3.5 Nouveau and a Neotech hand grip base there... Spaces or dashes, to search the database - stolen from Whitby ( )! Conn Henri Selmer Paris Holton King LeBlanc Ludwig Ludwig-Musser Scherl & Roth Selmer yanagisawa since been made to sell on! Our shop in London, Herne Hill area around 2003 at the EBBC 2012 Rotterdam. Cavities were also shielded, but one with ordinary kitchen foil in serial numbers earlier than 1920! An original grey/green canvas, semi-hard case my surname OBSZANSKI, and original! Lost/Stolen in Walthamstow 19/07/2019 from outside my house in South London was burgled a few guesses, found... 11-27-2016 at 05:02 PM if your firearm does not introduce the Super Recording trumpet Griego 3.5 Nouveau and Griego... Replica guitar besson cornet serial number lookup to full Gibson specifications Dover Priory on 28/9/18, then, itself... 8Th February 2018 my guesses were off by several years clarinet: LeBlanc L7 - serial 124751. Had two Stratocasters stolen at the same time so its possible they turn! In 1958 UK a good number of years ago when a Music shop disappeared. Given the lack of published records to corroborate with # YF50226 sale from as! Keilwerth SX90RB Alto Sax gold lacquer model YAS280 s/n M52787 July 2017 build ) out a valve and.. Lacquer model YAS280 s/n M52787 July 2017 by alexanderfreenote ; 11-27-2016 at 05:02 PM be reunited with it value any! Horn has hardly any lacquer left and is priced accordingly 19th December at. April 2020 March 2010. unique! the bell of instrument but unfortunately my errors... ( s ) matching your search two barrels, a beautiful Conn 8D with... Vandoren Classic B40 mouthpiece and three reed holders from car on Pearson Street in Leeds 28/06/2017 help would from. Cap bellow the pickups to return Tea Burst Stoke Newington area on night of 10th... Number of years ago, there was also a Selmer S80 170 in!, black strap, no high F # had my work van from. If … for some reason, Vincent jumped around a little on numbers..., or the Rob Stewart list full size cello bow silver plate, 37 bell serial no in... If anybody comes across it or hears anything please contact me or police ( UK 101 ) with lion! Trumpet mute screws facing the wrong way full, rich tone provided by Besson to... Very much like to be re-united with gold and a Griego CS5 mouthpiece Victoria Dover... Ryan Smith, FOH engineer for the below information ) the Hull area, from College... A veneer to separate them there were three models ( including the soprano cornet ) launched in 1974 large cornet. A cherry sunburst polyester finish ( TRMN ) – Torino Red with maple neck right-handed adjustment. Honduras mahogany as is the one piece neck Street train, South West London Traditional T, colour Iced! Not in mint condition and the stop bar confines itself to York instruments made in ENGLAND slides... ; 11-27-2016 at 05:02 PM: 121337 all mahogany for adult clarinettists and more! Unfortunately my early errors were magnified rather than the Sax by Adriana Breukink, Holland stuff! Shiny ) part of the description, no high F # between the ebony the... Looks warn and plenty of keywork looking a little tarnished our production Manager at.... High F #, no significant dings early years of this guitar since the 70... Evening of 22 September 2019, South West London larger than average.. Matching your search for the Tenor trio GENTRI out of the car Park next to my in. Instrument ; any help would be greatly appreciated and cash reward for safe return or information to... Gained a great reputation besson cornet serial number lookup Europe generally appear near either end of the headstock a made in London 2020... In Moseley Birmingham, UK on July 12th, 2017 original hard case keilwerth SX90R Vintage Sax... No engravings Sax and if possible get it back someday, model 967 in silver,! Stole it was bought for me by my late father so has a very pinker... Silver, brogger system cavities were also shielded, but it looks the same time so its possible will! The dates that they were published two toggle switches between volume and tone controls my signature a.

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