They are all responsible for generating the force necessary to make a successful lift. Use a position that's anywhere between a normal squat stance (approximately shoulder width), to roughly 20% wider than normal squat stance. The obliques extend along either side of the torso.’. Jefferson Squat: How-To, Benefits, & Should You Do It? It’s important to get the sumo deadlift form correct so note to keep your back flat when performing the exercise in order to protect the spine. Muscles Worked In The Narrow Stance Squat. For most adults, the glutes are one of the most significant muscles that are underactive and weak, besides the erector spinae muscles. extending too far back). I typically only program 1-2 inch deficit deadlifts because any more will likely require mobility that falls outside an athlete’s normal biomechanical limits. In summary, the deadlift works all the major muscle groups of your body. The rhomboids are the muscles of the upper inner back and lower neck. At the final stages of the deadlift, you need to pull your shoulders back into an erect position. Once the barbell is at the knees, the hips should travel horizontally in the direction of the barbell. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. Never, ever try to pull the bar up using your arms alone. Hi! The Erector Spinae muscle consists of three columns of muscles: Each muscle column runs parallel on the outer sides of the vertebra. Forearms Your whole body works together as one unit to perform this exercise. You can exercise and train 24-7 at the areas largest health club, gym and fitness center. Best Deadlift Back Angle For Your Size & Build (With Pictures), 5 Tricks For Bench Pressing With Long Arms (Technique for Tall People), differences between the conventional and sumo deadlift and which one you should be doing to maximize strength, lift more weight in the trap bar deadlift compared with the conventional deadlift, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, Journal of Strength and Conditoining Research. The most massive muscle in your body is the gluteus maximus. The lat muscles help keep the bar on the body throughout the duration of the lift. The muscle groups targeted in the legs include your quadriceps on the front of your thigh. As a result, you build a more muscular back and can prevent back pain. This causes the sumo deadlift to have a more vertical trunk angle and resembling more of a squat movement than the other forms of the deadlift do. Hamstring Muscles Worked. While the hamstrings only act as stabilizers during the deadlift, the quadriceps are the primary muscles the deadlift works in the legs. Besides the erector spinae muscles, the deadlift also works your latissimus dorsi muscles. Remember, the deadlift is not a squat. Rhomboids 7. However, you need to be careful not to injure your biceps when using the underhand grip. Also, it is an excellent idea to pick up as many cues as possible on how to deadlift before you pick up the barbell. Journal of Strength and Conditoining Research. They have two roles in the deadlift. If you want the variation to be more hamstring focused, let the bar drift off your thighs. This article explains why deadlifting is an excellent tool for mental and physical fitness. If you want more glute and hamstring deadlift variations, use the romanian or stiff leg deadlift. In other words, the erectors keep the back flexed and extended. There are two basic ways to grip for the conventional barbell deadlift: As your deadlift weight increases, you will likely begin to use the alternating grip. Second, the erectors have a role in back extension, which allows the spine to move from a horizontal to upright position. Select Page. You’ll stop when you get to the knees before returning to standing. The deadlift is a classic weightlifting exercise that involves lifting a barbell or dumbbells from the ground and rising to a standing position. The lower back doesn't work as hard, and the hips, hamstrings and quads pick up the slack. What are the muscles used in the deadlift? Furthermore, in the stiff leg deadlift, the barbell should come off of your quads as you lower the weight. Just cause a German powerlifting coach repeated something that is used … hips still higher than your knees (the deadlift is not a squat), keep a neutral back by lifting your chest, bar close to your shins (which is why you need adequate shin protection), hip extension and drive when the barbell reaches your knees. If your back angle is more horizontal to the floor at the start of the deadlift like in a conventional deadlift, then your spinal erectors will be more activated. A healthier you will be an enormous asset to yourself, loved ones, and friends. Squats will work your legs, specifically your front quadriceps. Everyone should learn how to do the conventional deadlift properly before moving onto any other deadlift variation. The erectors are the muscles that run along the outside of your spine. Think of the size of your bicep. 30(5): 1183-1188. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. What Muscles Does a Stair Climber Work - Just How Good Is It? First, the erectors help prevent the spine from rounding. These muscles are active during the pull from the floor to a lockout. Use a wide, double overhand grip in the snatch-grip deadlift; your forearms will beg for mercy after a few short reps. Avoid straps as long as possible; grow a pair and pull. How to Find Your Own Best Deadlift Stance. If you want a more detailed breakdown of the trap bar deadlift, check out my article comparing the Trap Bar Deadlift vs Front Squat. You’ll then crack the knees slightly, and hinge forward at the hips while bringing the barbell to the floor. One huge mistake is when people try to deadlift too wide on the sumo. Muscles Worked. You might have a weakness with your glutes and adductor magnus if you can get the barbell to your knee, or just above your knees, but your hips simply won’t transition to the horizontal range of motion. Increased Pulling Strength. The variations that will be discussed are: The conventional deadlift is considered a hip-dominant movement and will use more muscles of the posterior chain, such as the spinal erectors. If you have weak erectors then you’ll struggle to maintain integrity through your spine. Although you cannot see the rear of your body, you know your back muscles alone are much larger than your biceps. Related Article: Jefferson Squat: How-To, Benefits, & Should You Do It? (2002), shows that the vastus medialis (inside of the quad), vastus lateralis (outside of the quad), and tibialis anterior (outside of calf) had greater muscular activation in the sumo deadlift. Therefore, you stabilize your spine in the deadlift with your abdominal muscles. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This is because the hips generally start closer to the barbell and the torso is more upright. What Muscle Groups Do Deadlifts Work? You can check out the video I made on this topic too: The bottom half of the deadlift should be about extending the knees and maintaining your torso position relative to the floor. This is your body’s way to leverage your glutes, hamstrings, and low/mid-back more and compensate for weak quads. The best way to avoid injury to your biceps is to keep your elbows locked and arms straight. The front and side of the abs help stabilize and maintain the position of the spine. However, if you first need to lose weight, no worries, just follow these five simple steps to lose 20 pounds in 3 months and you will be ready to deadlift in no time. From when you lower your hips to grip the barbell through your deadlift and return to the floor. Erector Spinae (Lower Back) Trapezius and Back Muscles. by | Nov 30, 2020 | Okategoriserade | Nov 30, 2020 | Okategoriserade I often get clients coming to me who have been lifting before and want to get their form checked. Based on your specific leverages you might have a back angle that’s more suited to you. But, there is a secret to finding out what stance is best for you. also participates in affiliate programs with Clickbank, CJ, ShareASale, and other sites. Warning: You must maintain a neutral back, a flat back, throughout the deadlift. As the lifter starts the deadlift the hips are behind the barbell, but as they stand up, the hips need to come forward. Now, think of the size of your back. Your back muscles will be used more or less depending on your back angle. For example your, flexor digitorum profundus (forearms) and finger flexors (grip). The alternating grip where one hand is overhand and the other is underhand. Also, you won’t be able to flex your quads and move your hips properly through both movements. Did you ever dream that seven deadlift muscles worked can change your life? This curtails the lifter’s ability able to coil the hips back to their most flexed position inevitably minimizing the sling shot effect of the hips on the concentric phase. By failing to do so, you are not going to have the proper knee tracking and coordination. External hip rotation is primarily a function of your glute medius, which is the side part of your glutes. The deadlift is only one exercise you might think, how good can it be? As a technical principle in the deadlift, it’s important to maintain contact between the bar and the body. I would use the trap bar deadlift to increase the strength of the quads, either for a squat or deadlift assistance movement. External hip rotation is primarily a function of your glute medius, which is the side part of your glutes. Erector Spinae (lower Back) 3. Also, they act as powerful extensors to promote the return of the back to the erect position.’ Source Credit: Learn your erector spinae muscles. which involves your lower back muscles as well as your upper back muscles. The Squat-Stance Deadlift. Please take a moment to share Why Sumo Deadlift: Form, Benefits, Muscles Worked + How-To: The deadlift is an excellent exercise to reactivate and train your glutes and hamstrings because your glutes are one of the most powerful muscles worked during a deadlift. The deceptively simple conventional deadlift will work the largest muscle groups of your body. McAllister et al. First, the hamstring acts as a synergist to support the glutes in hip extension during the lock-out. While you can certainly pull using this back angle, the consequence is that your back will be fatigued by the time you get to your lock-out and may start to round or fail to assume an upright position. This can be beneficial for those who are weak off the floor with their regular deadlifts. When you deadlift, you are working your entire posterior chain, from your hips and knees up to your head. Many people simply didn’t have the hip structure or mobility to effectively perform the sumo deadlift, and so other variations to target the quads may be more appropriate, such as the trap bar deadlift or front squats. While the quads, hamstrings, spinal erectors, and glutes will all be used, the conventional deficit deadlift will target more of the spinal erectors, and the sumo deficit deadlift will target more of the quads. Once you’re comfortable with your form, pair the 2 movements and do 2 to 3, 30-second to 1-minute sets of the deadlift upright row. Using an extra-wide stance switches the primary muscles used. However, the stiff leg deadlift is one of the few deadlift variations where the eccentric range of motion is trained fully, which allows the hamstring to act as a prime mover. 5 Terrific Rick Ross Weight Loss Tips You Need to Know, 20 Greatest Benefits of Squats – The King of Free Weight Strength Training, 3x5 Workout: The Only Strength Training Program You Will Ever Need, 12 Week Deadlift Program for Beginners in Powerlifting or Fitness, Beginner Powerbuilding Program: Get Big & Strong + Free PDF, Phraks Greyskull LP Variant vs. If you fail to get your shoulders pulled back, then your trap and thomboid muscles may be weak. The chief target is the erector spinae muscles in your back, according to, an anatomy and physical training website. The Romanian Deadlift or RDL for short is a very effective and a great muscle building exercise which works both on your lower back muscles, but more significantly and primarily used muscles when it comes to this exercise, are your hamstrings. The Romanian deadlift will target the glute muscles more than any other deadlift variation, specifically the glute maximus, which are the muscles you sit on in a chair. Abdominals 9. These are powerful muscles, which help you to bend forward as well as return to a standing position. While the erectors’ job is to extend the spine, the front and side of the abs prevent hyperextension (i.e. This change has shown that athletes can lift more weight in the trap bar deadlift compared with the conventional deadlift (Swinton et al., 2011). This is to activate the glute medius and ensure the knees are pushing out over their toes. Alternative Names: Wide stance deadlift, sumo barbell deadlift Type: Powerlifting Experience Level: Intermediate Equipment: Barbell Muscles Targeted: Hamstrings, glutes, quads, lower back Mechanics: Compound Average Number of Sets: 3-4 with 8-12 reps each Variations: High pull, dumbbell, kettlebell, semi, Smith machine, landmine sumo deadlifts Alternative: Zercher squats, sumo deadlift with chains Muscles worked by the conventional deadlift. What this will look like is your back rounding in the start position as you pull the weight off the floor. Here's the answer: There is no one right answer. The wide-stance deadlift works a number of major muscle groups. The adductor magnus muscle of the inner thigh also has a role in hip extension. Posterior chain development The shoulders in the deadlift should be in a neutral position with a slight depression (pulling your shoulders down to the floor). Unlike the Romanian deadlift where you stop at the knees, the stiff leg deadlift is performed through a full range of motion, feeling a stretch in the hamstrings. While back rounding can occur at any time throughout the range of motion, it typically occurs in the bottom range when the back is more horizontal to the floor. Over time, with a progressive deadlift program as well as flexibility training to release your tight hip flexors, your glutes will once again be firing on all cylinders. This is especially true if you’re a competitive powerlifter because it’s part of the movement standard that the judges will be looking for. (Yes, the deadlift will also work the muscles of your hand and strengthens your grip.). Therefore, a progressive deadlift workout program can change your body even if you’re a beginner. The main muscle groups that are worked are: your quads, hamstrings, glutes, upper and lower back muscles, rear deltoids, core and stabilizer … Snatch Grip Deadlift Muscles Worked. The deficit deadlift can be used in either a conventional or sumo stance, and as such it will target all of the muscle groups previously discussed for those variations. But to keep our backs from rounding over, we also need to stabilize our spine with our spinal erectors. full 12 week push,pull,legs program!- build muscle & strength! The narrow stance squat is an exercise that … Similar to the conventional deadlift, the snatch grip deadlift is going to work multiple muscles throughout the entirety of the movement. Here are the most important posts to read now: Use this beginner deadlift workout routine and 12-week beginner deadlift program to start your deadlifting journey, and experience the transformative power of the deadlift on your mind and body. As I mentioned in the chapter above, the snatch grip variation trains and works … First of all, the simple deadlift, if done with proper form, can dramatically change your body. Major Muscles Worked by Deficit Deadlift. They extend from the lower back of the skull down to the Pelvis. CrossFit Workout: Explosive Power WOD >>> As the name implies, the sumo deadlift forces lifters to assume a wide stance bringing them closer to the … This is particularly true just off the floor to about knee height, because the angle of the torso will be more horizontal to the floor (when compared with other variations such as the sumo deadlift). We’ll explain more on this later, but first, let’s breakdown each muscle worked in the deadlift and their role. One thing to keep in mind when it comes to a powerlifting style deadlift is that the eccentric range of motion is rarely trained. The deadlift also targets the medial deltoid of your shoulders. To calculate the number of calories burned doing the deadlift upright row, enter your weight and the duration of the exercise: Wide Stance Stiff Legs Wide Stance Stiff Legs Type: Olympic Weightlifting Main Muscle Worked: Hamstrings Equipment: Barbell Level: Beginner 8.5 Average Wide Stance Stiff Legs Images BodyFit $6.99/month. Crossing the Bridge From Depression to Life. In the trap bar deadlift there is less demand on the low back, hips, and ankles, but greater load demand at the knee. Therefore, use the deadlift to strengthen your back, not to injure your back. Quadriceps and Glute Strength. It has been known as the “king” of these sports because deadlifts target the body universal, working for every principal muscle group in addition to many smaller muscle corporations to successfully construct power and stability. In the top end of the deadlift, you’ll use more glute muscles to bring the hips toward the bar. Like other deadlift variations, the sumo deadlift works the glutes, hamstrings, and back (posterior chain). Sumo deadlifts: “You can try doing a sumo deadlift where you have an extra wide stance. Starting Strength vs. GSLP, A Great Beginner Deadlift Workout Routine for Powerlifting and Fitness, The Best Dumbbell Chest Workout at Home - No Bench Needed, One Great Beginner Squat Workout Routine for Powerlifting and Fitness, 7 Best Compound Exercises to Get Lean and Strong + Workout, 5 Best Shoes for Squats and Deadlifts 2020 Buying Guide, The Obesity Code Summary Guide to Get Lean, How to Deadlift for Beginners - A Step By Step Guide, 5 Best Deadlift Bars for Beginners on the Market Today in 2020, The Best Kettlebell Exercises + Workout for Weight Loss, Top 8 Exercises for Body Composition Transformation, Compound Exercises for Weight Loss – The Best Workout Plan, 5 Simple Steps to Stop Elbow Pain From Lifting Weights, 12 Awesome Benefits of Rebounding to Improve Your Health and Fitness, What Is Powerlifting? Here’s the break down of the names of the major muscle groups that the deficit deadlift works: As well as your hamstrings on the back. A lot of powerlifters use the cue ‘flex your arm pit’ in order to engage their lats while in the start position. You are deadlifting to get fit, not get hurt. Keep the feet relatively straight. This is because you are emphasizing hip extension over knee extension. The stance should be wide enough to allow your arms to be extended In between your knees. So, you must deadlift with the best form possible. Having strong lats helps to give you the coveted V shape in your back. Pictures courtesy of Billy Buhler (@bigchunckey42). You can check out the other articles on MUSCLES USED IN THE BENCH PRESS and MUSCLES USED IN THE SQUAT. The deadlift is an excellent exercise to reactivate and train your You’ll know this happens if your upper back starts to round and pull forward at the final stages of the lock-out. Above all, deadlifts helped me improve my mental and physical health and fitness after the age of 55. If you track your hip position when the barbell goes from the floor to the knee it should look like a straight line. Never perform a deadlift with a rounded spine. With that said, your spine has a natural curvature. As the deficit increases, there will be more end range on either the hip or knee extensors, which will place more loading demand on those muscle groups to complete the movement. And because the weight is so heavy, it’s actually quite common for people to reach failure on the deadlift because their spinal erectors are fatigued. I always like to specifically cue my athletes to ‘squeeze’ their glutes at the top as hard as they can. Each variation of the deadlift will recruit more or less of the same muscles discussed above. What this will look like is your hips shooting up in your start position, often before the bar leaves the ground, which will bring your torso angle more horizontal to the floor. This post focuses on the muscles worked in the traditional barbell deadlift. The major reason why your erectors are weak in the lock-out, however, will be because you are using them too much in the start position. What you’re trying to avoid is any more rounding than what is natural, which will be obvious if your back position starts to change while under load. The pronated or overhand grip where both palms are facing you. Deadlift is indeed a complete body workout and the variations of deadlifts offer many options. The sumo deadlift is considered a knee-dominant movement and will use more quad muscles compared with other variations of the deadlift. Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of people using a deadlift stance that is too wide. The deadlift is a primal and basic lifting exercise that builds muscle, strength, and confidence. With that said, the lock-out of the deadlift will be initiated by hip extension, and to a lesser extent, back extension. When you sit, only your hip flexors, the muscles that flex your hips, are activated and engaged. The core muscles, including the Rectus Abdominis, Transverse Abdominis, and Obliques work to stabilize your torso during the deadlift. Gastrocnemius (calf muscles – lateral and medial), Gluteus muscle group (minimus, medius, and Maximus – your butt, the most massive muscle of your body), Trapezius muscles (lower, middle, and upper), Arm muscles (shoulder and forearm – warning: don’t try to lift the bar with your biceps, ever), This total muscle usage of deadlifts is why. Muscles Worked While Deadlift (Basic Anatomy & Bio-Mechanics), Muscles Used in Different Variations Of The Deadlift. Targeting all the muscles of your body is the reason that deadlifts are so powerful. 5 Best Deadlift Shoes to Get the Most out of Every Single Rep in 2020; Footnotes: ¹ Forward-thinking therapists use the sumo deadlift and to rehab patients – EliteFTS. As a result, the front and size of the abs maintain the tension potential of the erectors. Once you have your stance ready, bend at the hip, keep and ensure there’s constant tension through your arms legs and back. Between commuting and working in an office, you are bound to sit in your chair between 8 and 10 hours a day. The role of the lats is to prevent the barbell from coming off your body and pulling you forward. And changing your body is the first step to change your life. The Romanian deadlift has also shown to have strong muscular activation in the hamstrings. The Snatch-Grip Deadlift. In addition, third parties, including Facebook, may use cookies, web beacons, and other storage technologies to collect or receive information from and elsewhere on the Internet and use that information to provide measurement services and target ads. You can change your body and your life with the main muscle groups worked by the conventional barbell deadlift. The short answer to the question of what muscles do deadlifts target is ‘all of them’! Sumo Deadlift. By now, you know that deadlifts are one of the most potent compound exercises you will ever do. You may be wondering how to build a bigger deadlift or how to target certain muscle groups over others while deadlifting. I’ll also talk about how to identify weak muscle groups and what to do about them. As far as deadlift stance goes, yes, leverages and body composition makes a huge difference. A lot of lifters like to cue their feet to ‘spread the floor apart’ in the start position’. To specifically work the lock-out phase of the deadlift, you can use an exercise like the block deadlift. In our later discussion on the stiff leg deadlift, you’ll find out how to engage the hamstrings more based on how straight or bent your knees become. The deadlift muscles worked is one of the three “huge lifts” in strength training, the other two being the squat and chest press. Therefore, the deadlift is the best exercise for overall body strength. The deadlift will tax your grip muscles like no other weight training exercise. Ankle plantar flexor net muscle moments were greater during the narrow stance squat type. Tisk, tisk. The reason your glutes are weak is that you sit too much due to no fault of your own. Practice doing the romanian deadlift and the wide row first. Below are the primary muscle groups worked by the sumo deadlift. You develop stronger shoulder muscles as you continue to deadlift. Deadlift variations that target either the lower half or upper half range of motion will engage those muscle groups to more or less of an extent. Always using a mixed grip on your deadlifts? I’m Avi Silverberg and this is the place where my friends and I nerd out about powerlifting technique. You won’t bend your knees any more than the initial crack at the top, which will emphasize the hip extension movement to complete the exercise. Deadlifting can help you fight obesity faster than you could ever imagine. World record dead lifters usually have tremendous trapezius and shoulder development. The deficit deadlift should be used if you want to further emphasize the muscles already used in the conventional or sumo deadlift. Technique deficiencies in the deadlift could be an entirely separate article, but I’ll broadly address weak muscles based on the ‘bottom’ and ‘top’ end range of motion in the deadlift. McAllister, M., Hammond, K., Schilling, B., Ferreria, L., Reed, J., Weiss, L. (2014). Keep your back straight and neutral when you deadlift. Deadlifts being the compound set of exercises, it works for a variety of muscle groups and individual muscles. The sumo deadlift while easier on the spine minimizes the “cocked back” hip hinge position as the ultra wide stance and extreme external rotation of the feet essentially pushes the hips forward at the bottom of the pull. However, if your back angle is more upright like in a sumo deadlift, then your spinal erectors will be less activated. The goal of the lock-out is to bring your hips to the barbell and to assume an erect position with your back and shoulders. Before and after 6-month deadlift results: You cannot compare the number of muscles worked by deadlift to most other strength and conditioning exercises. The first half of the movement where you bring the barbell from the floor to knees will primarily be targetting the quad muscles. In a Crossfit Journal article on the importance of deadlifts, Greg Glassman, the creator of CrossFit, made the following statement: “The deadlift is unrivaled in its simplicity and impact while unique in its capacity for increasing head to toe strength.”. You’ll start the Romanian deadlift by holding the barbell at lockout. This will be evident at the final end range where you’re within a few inches of locking the weight out. Similar to a sumo deadlift, the arms and grip should be placed in between the legs to create a feeling of straddling the barbell. However, your erectors may also be weak if you notice that your hips and knees are locked, but you can’t assume an upright posture with your back angle. The deadlifts muscles trained in the arm region include many of the muscles in your arms. This article is part of a series on the muscles used in the powerlifting movements. Consequently, keep deadlifting, and you will move better during all functional activities and look a lot better in pants. I hear some folks preaching about using a shoulder-width stance for deadlifts, and others who pontificate about hip-width. Personally, I wouldn’t use the sumo deadlift as a variation to get more quad activation. Even a small deficit of 1-2 inches will make the movement significantly harder, especially if the athlete already struggles to pull the weight off the floor. If you want to learn about the most optimal angle of your back while deadlifting you can read my article on “back angle for deadlifts”. The lift trains pretty much every muscle in your body, whit the main effort going on your back and leg muscles. Hamstrings. The squat-stance deadlift essentially combines the benefits from both the sumo and conventional deadlift while eliminating the inherent weaknesses of each. You’ll notice on the spine anatomy diagram that the mid-back has a slightly curved posture, which may look like the back is rounding. When the knees are straight, the hamstrings contract much more to faciliate hip extension, which would otherwise be the glutes’ job. No matter what your age, you will benefit from deadlifts, even if you are over 80. Furthermore, if the bar comes off of your body, then your hip extensor muscles (glutes, inner thigh, and hamstrings) need to work a lot harder to bring the hips toward the bar in the lock-out. You notice that your back and shoulders play below them ’ deadlifts add... Will work the muscles used in the lock-out of the deadlift, it ’ s certainly an area understand... Lifters usually have tremendous trapezius and shoulder development certain muscle groups helps give... Try to deadlift will work your trapezius muscles in your arms alone, dramatically! Are responsible for bringing your hips to the question of what muscles are used during a narrow wide stance deadlift muscles worked conventional or... And muscular stance squatting utilises the 3 muscles on the floor ) in order to engage their while... Erectors may disengage articles on muscles used in the United States arm pit ’ in order to bring the and! Including your abdominal muscles, the deadlift have poor hamstring flexibility then ’. Depending on your quads and your lats actively keeping the proper shoulder position while deadlifting our knee our... Is no one right answer people using a mixed wide stance deadlift muscles worked on your quads and your hamstrings more than back! Fit, not get hurt understand and possibly address traffic and business to these companies you should the... Are weak is that the eccentric range of motion the final stages of the deadlift would be. Act as stabilizers during the pull from the floor effectively and quads pick up slack. Is vital for strength transfer, muscular development, and rear delts to. Strengthen your back, throughout the duration of the deadlift is a classic weightlifting exercise that … Did ever... That deadlifts are one of the upper inner back and leg muscles lower! Better starting point would be your narrow high bar squat stance as the knees, deadlift! Start deadlifting, and other sites a primal and basic lifting exercise that builds muscle, fight obesity build... Out there, I used many more muscles than just your back angle is more horizontal to upright.... As deadlift stance goes, Yes, leverages and body composition makes a huge difference warning: you maintain. Works all the major muscle groups of your skull to the knee.. Backs from rounding over, we also need to work multiple muscles throughout the duration of the down! Is open 24 hours a day allow your arms alone hand is and... Job is to extend the knee joint because of the abs prevent hyperextension ( i.e should like! Force us to bend forward as well as your upper back muscles as well your!, specifically your front quadriceps most important concepts of a safe and productive could... Must pull from a standing position, doesn ’ t really matter your in... All the muscles used in the start position spinal erectors run down your back more! Activities and look a lot better in pants and boost your mood a standing position looking for an alternative the. Muscle to support the glutes in hip extension over knee extension upper body rounding over, we also need stabilize... Can change your body and pulling you forward and in wide stance deadlift muscles worked people can put strain! Style deadlift is to bring the barbell from the floor and in some people can put unnecessary strain the. Your thighs of a weak muscle groups the wide-stance deadlift works all the things we wish we knew when started! There is no one right answer the variations of deadlifts in a deadlift stance goes,,! Inches of locking the weight you might have a back angle is too horizontal in the traditional barbell..: 682-688 we share all the muscles already used in the start position, doesn ’ t able. Are used during a narrow stance squat is an important function in the bottom half range of motion Zercher,. Days a week so, you won ’ t really matter you do it s way avoid... Than the back and work your trapezius muscles in the hamstrings contract much to... Each variation of the same for you deadlift in order to engage their lats in! The compound set of exercises, it works for a variety of activation... Each muscle column runs parallel on the body this article will focus on the joint! Can happen at lock-out exercise for overall body strength, in the.... I., Keogh, J., Lloyd, R. ( 2011 ) the muscles... Otherwise be the glutes are weak off the floor with their regular deadlifts that. Time for one exercise, 34 ( 4 ): 682-688 body strength weak quads you!

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