Uncontrollably Fond Lightly, Ardently , Hambooro Aeteuthage , Indiscreetly Fondly , Hamburo Aeteushage , Arbitrarily Fond . When I read noh eul turns up at joon young's house, I went back to watching the drama ? After getting fired for taking bribes, Eul seeks ways to earn money to support her one and only brother and to pay off her debts. He is intelligent and attractive. Uncontrollably Fond (Original Television Soundtrack), Pt. Lol, I sound like a crazy dog lady but can't help it, they're such scene stealers. The groom starts to recites his wedding vows and promises never to let his wife’s hand go from this moment on. my attention was wandering during that bit haha). She calls her loan shark, “Grim Reaper,” to let him know of this payment. That whole thing kind of made no sense. All the things that makes me curious I have no answer for. How can he be so healthy and fit and be dying of an incurable disease that gives him less than a year to live? Even in summer weather, I don't know why I felt refresh by watching it. yep she comes off as jaded by life and but puts on a fun personality in order to better get by. she seems alot more real than the usual heroine in this kind of set up. I like how her "brightness" is actually her bull dozing way through the shittier aspects of life. I'm still sad the puppy in Doctors is gone but looking forward to Barassi next week in Let's Fight, Ghost. He's terminal and so is this drama. Reviews: 2 users. Eul sighs that she has nowhere else to go. No Eul is the PD of documentaries. I always like to watch a few episodes before I judge a drama because there's plenty of drama that gets interesting when we know the back story. Would love to see her better at emoting. Wassup. It did what so many premiers fail to do, make me care about that charecters right away. His bride’s scream supplies the groom with renewed energy—he fights better and faster now, dodging attacks and delivering blows. Big star Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) is shooting the climax of a series that airs that evening. Uncontrollably Fond หยุดหัวใจไว้ลุ้นรัก พากย์ไทย Ep.3 . I mean, I think we only saw 1/3 of the overall promos for the show. Drama Korea berjudul ini menceritakan Uncontrollably Fond menceritakan Ketika Shin Joon-Young (Kim Woo-Bin) & No Eul (Bae Suzy) anak anak, mereka dipisahkan dan menjadi patah hati. Yes, I could agree with you more that whether or not an individual likes this drama is a matter of mood and preference. But, once I sat and actually watched the show, I felt...unmoved. Heh. Sin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) and No Eul (Suzy) were inseparable and very much in love in their younger days. I found the acting okay, though. honestly i can only think of 2 actresses whose acting i disliked so much i am unhappy anytime i hear them casted. :), well since you asked me JB how can I say no? Whoa. Eul is offended when he pushes a thick envelope of money at her, yelling that he dares to think he can cover the truth with money. Whoops, caught. Be the first one to write a review. Korean Drama Offical. This first episode surprised me, so I would totally continue watching it~. MM Miscellaneous. Their skin look flawless. while there are some of the usual kdrama tropes, i liked this for the most part. Whenever Joon Young is struggling with his impending mortality, out comes Pororo for a consultation... My interest in this show really directly correlates with how much the dog will appear... +1! People who lowered their standards are mostly the ones that enjoyed it seems. Nonton Uncontrollably Fond Subtitle Indonesia, Streaming Download Uncontrollably Fond Subtitle Indonesia, Nonton Streaming Drama Korea series film korea drakor korean movies - DramaID ... Ep 16 Sub. That ending definitely piqued my interest quite a bit. It reminded me of Fuyu No Sakura. So yeah im good on that count so far. Eul shows up at Joon-young’s front door, and the sight of her face in the monitor makes him gape in surprise, or maybe even shock. Attack on her acting is just habit i think. I'm the type of person to fast forward through parts that I think are lagging but I wasn't the least bit compelled to do that. Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 1. 53:52. Uncontrollably Fond 1. But I seem to never be able to finish a drama unless it is REALLY good, like I stop almost at the end of the drama series...maybe with 2-4 episodes left. honestly a drama can be a mess and still be fun times. I get that Suzy pretending not to recognise him though, despite knowing who he is irl. They fidget uncomfortably, but cling to their righteous outrage as she pleads for one more chance. She informs him coldly that she won’t sell soup to him, which makes Joon-young insist louder and louder that he wants some. Uncontrollably Fond Shin Joon Young yang merupakan seorang pria yang bekerja sebagai seorang penyanyi yang terkenal memiliki paras tampan dan pintar. yeah i see why they chose terminal illness as a catalyst. He’s obviously uncomfortable with her presence, but she chatters along and says that although she expects that he’ll be feeling annoyed and confused, her business is urgent. It gave the episode a dose of tension and energy that I wasn’t expected, but really appreciated. Loving it so far! @JB I usually agree but not this time. As he sits in his car afterward, Joon-young’s agency president pleads with him to just die—the drama has filmed everything else, and if he would just agree to die, everything would wrap up smoothly. Until you open the door, I’ll be waiting here quietly. But I like this one. I know she's pretty but whenever they zoom in on her face I feel like I am watching a teenager instead of a 28 year old. Eul rings his doorbell repeatedly, but Joon-young’s already walking away. Her boss, the company CEO, barks at her that she’s been fired, but Eul breezes right past that, telling them of a great scoop she’s working on. Sedangkan No Eul merupakan wanita yang bekerja sebagai PD dokumenter, sifatnya ialah lebih menghargai uang ketimbang segalanya. :-P. he definitely instantly became more likeable thanks to the dog. Đang phát tiếp theo. She’s shameless and willfully cheerful, so much so that it makes her tone-deaf, yet that hints at more stuff going on beneath the surface and I’m curious to know what that is. Woo Bin is an actor I like and I hope he continues to improve and does great. 14:11. KBS should give the cinematographer a bonus, even the dog looks so pretty. How can you know when I’ll die? The first episode was just all over the place and I couldn't really relate to Suzy's character. So based on first episode and promos so far, here are the things that I notice: i'm really wary and not a fan of the Terminal Illness trope. :) I might have to re-evaluate what I want to watch in the next few months. Joon Young has mysterious terminal illness. As his character gets shot, he breaks character and tells the Director he’s decided he won’t play a character that dies. Joon-young drives on as the snow flurries grow stronger, and turns on the radio to a news announcement of an accident: A truck slipped on the road and hit a twentysomething woman, on the very road he’s traveling now. If this dram is even half as addictive and wild as that drama was then I will be a happy camper. The amount of info dump in this episode was mercifully limited given how much plot it was conveying. Second, acting wise i think they both serviceable. Wow, there's like 3 or 4 people with the user name Kiara on this site. Drama Korea Uncontrollably Fond akan hadir di saluran televisi Indosiar. Joon-young gives her three seconds to get out of the car, which she blithely ignores, and then he peels out at high speed. Watch full episodes Uncontrollably Fond, download Uncontrollably Fond english subbed, Uncontrollably Fond eng sub, download Uncontrollably Fond eng sub, stream Uncontrollably Fond at Drakorsubindo. What kind of screaming was that (car scene)??? The subs were so fast! Then the boss takes out a gun and shoots him—right in the heart. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; I'm not a big melo fan and have a short attention span during the slump in the middle of dramas. }); Pembaruan baru. its a good one. Korean Drama Offical. Joon-young recalls passing by an ambulance a short time ago and can’t shake his unease as the woman’s injuries are described as severe. Drama Korea Uncontrollably Fond Subtitle Indonesia Sinopsis Uncontrollably Fond : Drama Korea Uncontrollably Fond Sub Indo menceritkan Shin Joon Young yang merupakan seorang pria yang bekerja sebagai seorang penyanyi yang terkenal memiliki paras tampan dan pintar. He heads inside with his face covered up by a huge hood and sunglasses and orders a hundred bowls of the restaurant’s specialty, spicy beef soup. I am here for him. It doesn’t look good…. I still love Woobie, but the plot... not so much. Đang phát tiếp theo. It makes it feel even more so like just a fictional device to make the characters tragic. Her sunbae interrupts, charging her with taking hush money while working on a number of past stories that she then dropped. Uncontrollably Fond ซับไทย Ep.4. Why bring PSH name here. She is well known for her own good, nothing to do with Suzy. I just watched half of the episode because I got too sleepy already. Uncontrollably Fond (2016) Details; Episode Guide; Cast; Reviews; Recommendations; Photos; Edit this Page. I like that he's not sappy about it (though someone who's been told they have a terminal illness certainly has every reason to be) and that he's not giving up easily, though he has been "acting out.". Sounded kinda shallow. And thanks for clarifying who everyone is - I got a little lost in the connections between some of the characters. and lol yep they hit all the buttons they could in one ep. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Uncontrollably Fond ซับไทย Ep.2. Nonton Uncontrollably Fond (Episode 1) Subtitle Indonesia. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); Wassup. Got bored half way through and came back to read the recap. So it’s no wonder that the next time we see Eul, she’s drunk and babbling, not very repentant over taking bribes; rather, she feels unjustly punished when everyone else got off scot-free. EMBED (for wordpress.com hosted blogs and archive.org item tags) Want more? She swears to work honestly this time, without taking any bribes. No, please don't let coherence be drowned out by incoherence! All the while, Joon-young just stares fiercely at the monitor. Channel Electric © 2021 All rights reserved Channel Electric Presents © 2021 All rights reserved Channel Electric Presents Uncontrollably Fond หยุดหัวใจไว้ลุ้นรัก พากย์ไทย Ep.1. 17:02. I also found the first episode boring. And I am so glad they fessed up to their acknowledging each other at the end rather than bringing in (1) amnesia, (2) change of name, (3) extremely altered look to the point of being unrecognizable. plusas much as i like woo bin he's not like top tier acting level either. With Kim Woo-Bin, Bae Suzy, Ju-hwan Lim, Lim Ju-Eun. huh, well then this plot-line is even worse... Suzy is a goddess whether wet or dry or corny or whatever she do. 1 - Single Suzy 함부로 애틋하게 Uncontrollably Fond (Original Television Soundtrack), Pt. I wasn't even sure I was going to watch this show. Whatever pulls you in... Hopefully more will keep your interest (although that is one lovable dog). (im sure there is some Deep Tragic reason from his past that makes her so insistent on him being a prosecutor but like even so..?) (Oh God, please don't let him die) In an empty church, a young couple grips hands tightly, wearing solemn faces. but for this he's a great fit. Ketenaran itu pun membutakan dirinya, dia menjadi pribadi yang angkuh. I never intentionally read the summary of any kdrama before I watch it (I hate spoiler that much, lol), so I didn't expect anything. Ah, interesting. Báo cáo. Grateful for the recap! since its fully pre produced it should at least be, if nothing else, consistent. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access Ji-tae declines to drink with Eul tonight, and even the waitress unni clucks disapprovingly, asking what her dead parents would think to see her like this. Yes, they knew each other from the start. I thought it was obvious that they know each other during the door scene tho.. Kim Woo Bin looked surprised when he saw her in front of the door. Uncontrollably Fond ซับไทย Ep.20 หน้าแรก » Uncontrollably Fond » ซีรี่ย์เกาหลี Uncontrollably Fond ซับไทย Ep.1-20 (จบ) Uncontrollably Fond ซับไทย Ep.3. She mutters about everybody in the world being bad, just as she’s joined by a stern-faced man, CHOI JI-TAE (Im Joo-hwan), who shakes his head at her. Uncontrollably Fond (함부로 애틋하게) Hambooro Aeteuthage adalah drama terbaru yang dibintangi oleh Suzy dan … Connect with Facebook Uncontrollably Fond Korean Drama Ep 15 Eng Sub. ), That night, Joon-young gets a call from his attorney about his request to track a certain woman down. Lack of BGM.. Rating 8.0. » AD . (just a year to live? I actually wasn't really excited for this new drama, maybe just interested? » AD . (She still owes roughly 27,000 dollars. Even the anger and helplessness from our in-disguise-chaebol. but his range lbr, isnt stellar. I can feel it. I am really intrigued to see what happens next, even with my misgivings, because, like you pointed out, it managed to be fairly engaging enough throughout. Although I liked Woo Bin's dog, Pororo, and his Architectural Digest of a house. I missed it too. Definitely played a huge role in getting me to come back for more so he better be around until the end. Amnesia is so much used nowadays. 2016. Idk why tho, I just suddenly lose interest.lol. Pororo is the breakout star for me. Looking forward to your recaps JB :) I saw your recap was up and jumped on to watch the sub. Reply 1997. Mr Honesty Episode 22 Eng Sub|Korean Drama Eng Sub. Ratings: 8.6/10 from 80 users. His eyes fill with angry tears, not wanting to give in even to this fictional death. 2 Days and 1 Night Eps 58 Sub Indo . COMPLETE. Also ngl...but my investment in KWB's character increased by like 500% once he started talking to his dog... Can the dog be like Park Do Kyung's therapist in OHYA? Beautiful casts and cinematography. But I am invested enough to know what's up next..and seems ep 2 we get woo bin doing what he does best .. be the charming jerk hero.. :), I find Suzy prettier, she has the wholesome look and looks way younger. I hope they keep him longer in the show. Everything happens for a reason and im so ready to dig into their past stories.. woozy is one good looking screen couple. Duyệt thêm video. What is/are your favourite/s Uncontrollably Fond OST . Whatda?! glad to see comments like this. Overall, challenge of being the 1st episode, pace may seem slow.. Predictable so far.. but what can I do? Nonton streaming atau download Uncontrollably Fond full episode dengan subtitle Indonesia dan Inggris di VIU. 1. Uncontrollably Fond Episode 19 Sub Indo. :-D. They better let him appear again and again in every episode! this drama has such a nice calming/gloomy vibe to it i love it. Is the editing to blame? Plus points to that. Manager Gook-young is at that table, trying to soothe ruffled feathers with the drunk PD, who’s fuming over Joon-young reneging on his contract. “Uncontrollably Fond” is a 2016 South Korean drama series directed by Park Hyun Suk. The internet is abuzz with stories about No Eul and her relationship with Joon Young. More than anything, I’m glad and relieved to see writer Lee Kyung-hee back with moody, melancholy romance; I am such a fan of some of her work, but not all of it, and I didn’t know which style we’d get. I believe she has improved her acting. Ep 6 Sub. Uncontrollably Fond Episode 8 Sub Indo Eps 8 - Uncontrollably Fond Ep 08 - November 8, 2020. Fond. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; I'll go with this username then :), just out of curiosity which one of you is the sageuk loving kiara?? Korean Drama Offical. Then he turns to face her, cupping her face tenderly in his hands. A blow to the head doesn’t even slow him down, and he fights on. 37 Full PDFs related to this paper. I always read the first episodes before I think of starting drama.... :). I am also hoping that the plot becomes lighter and provides some depth. Capitulos completos de Uncontrollably Fond gratis, dorama Uncontrollably Fond capítulos sub español para ver online y descargar solo en Doramasmp4.com Este drama fue completamente preproducido antes de la emisión, lo cual es una desviación del formato de producción en vivo que caracteriza a la mayoría de los dramas coreanos. And behind the cameras, the crew gapes: They’re on a drama set, the groom is actor SHIN JOON-YOUNG (Kim Woo-bin), and this is the big climactic finale. I like the leads though am not a huge fan of either of them. Finally, I am hoping for more charm from KWB. Just dropping by to say that Suzy's got great skin. (that takes skill). AAC SODi HD Movies Preview I get peeved when dramas throw out the terminal illness card, but don't even elaborate on what it is. She’s not fussed, though, saying cheerfully that she has plenty of footage already, from the other nights his company dumped their waste. Ep.1 ซีรี่ย์เกาหลีUncontrollably Fond หยุดหัวใจไว้ลุ้นรัก ซับไทย The ratings are high because of the star power of Suzy and Kim Woo Bin (and of course the writer). I wonder if she did have amnesia at some point earlier and that's why he asked if she knew who he was. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 window.fbAsyncInit = function() { And PSH actually look more convincingly as 31 years old when she slim down. The show had a lot of information to dump but it seems paced slower so the scenes felt off. The fact that he's still sort of healthy and seems sort of fine in this episode (with the exception of the scene with his doctor where he looks like he's in pain) upsets me because i dont want his illness to be ensue angst between the leads. Add me in your bored wagon. Be a melodrama masterpiece please. Maybe then, I'll get into the drama. I know, right? Uncontrollably Fond Episode 1 Do You Not Recognise Me? Haters were already online bashing how Suzy's acting sucks when she hasn't even appeared on screen yet lol. Uncontrollably Fond ซับไทย Ep.6. I wonder if we are going to jump back and forth between past and present, as it seems we have a lot of ground to cover in our OTP's past relationship. more Pororo. Uncontrollably Fond Episode 1 Do You Not Recognise Me? If he's sick I wanna know what it is, I want to see how it affects his life and how it'll contribute to his characterization. KWB saying her name gave me goosebumps ? I think they really desperate to much and don't know their IP's being tracked. So far the show is giving me the sense of a sentimental, bittersweet romance with a strong current of emotion balanced by a dash of lightness, and that speaks to me. And they expected it to be DOTS? or (Ah, Restaurant Ajusshi is manager Gook-young’s father. Uncontrollably Fond Episode 2. Reviews: 2 users. This drama was over-hyped to death! Eul ends up locked up in a corporate conference room, and bangs on the door loudly until a middle-aged executive joins her inside. I had no expectation, and perhaps I was in just the right mood when I watched this episode but I didn't find it boring at all. If they have some history, and know each other but have decided to be strangers, even then, there is certain amount acting involved to show that sentiment. Wowww, I did not expect, but this primer was so beautifully crafted! Uncontrollably Fond: Episode 7 by LollyPip. Capitulos completos de Uncontrollably Fond gratis, dorama Uncontrollably Fond capítulos sub español para ver online y descargar solo en Doramasmp4.com Este drama fue completamente preproducido antes de la emisión, lo cual es una desviación del formato de producción en vivo que caracteriza a la mayoría de los dramas coreanos. ลิขิตรักสามพันปี Love of Thousand Years พากย์ไทย (30 ตอนจบ) 26/09/2020. Theo dõi. I really don like drama with leads having terminal illness.... :( :( Hope this does not have a sad ending.... Works for me... 3:18 PREVIEW Don't Push Me (Instrumental) 2. Thanks for the recap, JB! So to each their own. Got bored. what a pity if they really do kill him off, and in such a miserable way. Asked how much detail he would like to know about her, Joon-young replies that he wants to know where she lives, what she does, whether she went to university, whether she’s married. I thought I know the storyline based on their promotional teasers but they shocked me in some parts with this episode. 39:52. Uncontrollably Fond ซับไทย Ep.1. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access The snow makes me feel nice and cool, and fits the atmosphere of the drama nicely. She’s making such a ruckus that a nearby diner calls out for her to die later, because he’s going to die over his dinner first. I was planning to only tune in for Im Joo Eun but I really like Suzy's character as being described here. (function(d, s, id) { ), Then Ajusshi gets indignant, asking why it matters if he did give food to Joon-young, who has picky taste and only ever eats ramyun and kimbap. ซีรี่ย์เกาหลี Uncontrollably Fond ซับไทย Ep.1-20 (จบ) 22 กรกฎาคม 2563 เมื่อ 6 เดือน ที่ผ่านมา Duyệt thêm video. Too much is up in the air at this point to know whether the show will live up to its hype. comment. I suppose the wait had the same effect on the characters as well, because Joon-young kept feigning ignorance until it came out in an angry outburst, and her answer was a lot stronger than her behavior leading up to that point would have suggested. In the morning, he packs up his outdoor gear, gets in one of his many fancy cars, and pulls out of his driveway… and the second his gate swings open, Eul dashes inside and blocks his car. I think Korean viewers were so harsh on it because KBS seemed to REALLY hype up the show to them and raised their expectations. But Joon-young was a lot more than some spoiled, rich move star, and I found myself going absolutely all-in with him and his painful loneliness. She looks down at his picture with sad eyes and holds hand to heart, and uh, is this going where I think it’s going? Have not watched the drama so I'm reserving my thoughts for now. Hahahaha... Joon Young and Pororo is LOVE. Mom, however, is unmoved. Woo bin acting is meh. Details. (What! I'm thinking the key to keep me watching is lots of Pororo, with possibly his own theme song from the OST that plays during his angsty dog scenes. The ensuing fight puts the groom at a grave disadvantage, and he’s soon bloody and battered despite doing his best to fight them off. tbvh, my very limited knowledge about someone's acting helped me a lot to reduce the potential suffering moments while watching any drama lol. 2:26. Tags: featured, first episodes, Im Joo-eun, Im Joo-hwan, Kim Woo-bin, Suzy, Uncontrollably Fond, Your email address will not be published. sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Joon-young asks with a touch of defiance, “What if I say I won’t die? Just then, Eul spots a truck pulling up in the rain and gets down low to the ground, her camera recording as several men do something with large metal barrels. Joon Young, a top celebrity, suddenly refuses to work on a documentary. Uncontrollably Fond jetzt streamen Wir zeigen dir, welche Filme & Serien bei welchem Streaming-Anbieter laufen. Episode found on: 1. Oh hi there? “Uncontrollably Fond” is a 2016 South Korean drama series directed by Park Hyun Suk. That would be a good sign that that heartthrob will be an integral part of the production! I love seeing the snow. In an empty church, a young couple grips hands tightly, wearing solemn faces. she's not that bad holy smacks? Everyone’s emotions are becoming more confusing and entangled, causing some to become blunt and others to run away. I am puzzled by that. Despite this i still do feel sympathetic with joon young especially those scenes where he seems kind of lonely. By the time he snatches the gun away from the gangster, everyone looks puzzled. if it is.. i hope that the journey of the characters will enlighten me despite its gloomy premise. Or maybe even the enitre cast. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page Uncontrollably Fond EP 3 Eng Sub - Joon Young takes Eul to the hospital and leaves her there with Gook Young. She stares, too, then breaks into a smile. Really confused over this haha. Theo dõi. Agree. Although i disliked the whole kill KWB with of all things Pakinsons (it isn't something that you die to in a year). I was a little bored but I'm in that camp. Duyệt thêm video. Sin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) and No Eul (Suzy) were inseparable and very much in love in their younger days. Weren't they supposed to have dated in high school, her features wouldn't changed much. I'm still into it tho, warts and all. ดูซีรี่ย์ Uncontrollably Fond (2016) หยุดหัวใจไว้ลุ้นรัก ตอนที่ 1-20 พากย์ไทย - ดูซีรี่ย์จีน ซีรี่ย์เกาหลี ซีรี่ย์ซับไทย ซีรี่ย์พากย์ไทย ดูฟรี24ชั่วโมง Dear drama god, you know how to make every single lady DREAM HIGH?!!!!! if (d.getElementById(id)) return; Bạn Thân Cùng Phòng Sống -Lỗi- Và Cái Kết - Đừng Bao Giờ Coi Thường Người Khác - Wassup. or His sexy voice is the best part of his. ... Eps 9 - Uncontrollably Fond Ep 09 - November 8, 2020. Drawdown Group Codes Funding Source Codes Entitywide Project Codes Summary VEZ** VF0** VF1** VF2** VF3** VF4** VF5** VF6** VF7** VF8** VF9** VFA** VFB** VFC** VFD** Eul tries to do chores and sweet-talk her landlady into not raising her rent, but the ajumma refuses to budge. *holds out hand expectantly*. Kim Woo Bin. ซีรี่ย์เกาหลี Uncontrollably Fond หยุดหัวใจไว้ลุ้นรัก พากย์ไทย Ep.1-20 (จบ) 16 มกราคม 2564 เมื่อ 6 วัน ที่ผ่านมา I thought everyone was serviceable and the leads equip themselves well. I will watch the next episode, just in case, then maybe I will continue to watch the whole drama. Uncontrollably Fond (Korean: 함부로 애틋하게; RR: Hamburo Aeteusage) is a South Korean television series starring Kim Woo-bin and Bae Suzy. Shin Joon-Young is now a top actor and singer. As his character gets shot, he breaks character and tells the Director he’s decided he won’t play a character that dies. Sad part is obviously he will die and they won't be together cause he is sick. // Load the SDK asynchronously js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js"; After getting fired… read more. Nonton Uncontrollably Fond eps 1 drama korea terbaru sub indo download Uncontrollably Fond Episode 1 subtitle indonesia DramaQu. I was anticipating for this drama coz it looks so good in the teaser..but the 1st episode was bored me to death...i hope the 2nd ep will rise.. DOTS? Joon Young, a top celebrity, suddenly refuses to work on a documentary. 14:11. The finale airs tonight and they’re in danger of missing the broadcast; rumors of the discord have hit the internet and Joon-young is taking a netizen beating for his arrogance. Drama Korea Uncontrollably Fond akan hadir di saluran televisi Indosiar. I LOVE that dog and as soon as Joon-young started talking to him, I began to love him too. Screenwriter. Manager Gook-young recognizes her and is surprised that she actually came; he explains to Joon-young how she claimed she would persuade Joon-young to do the documentary. Eul bursts into a meeting at her production company job, armed with specialty drinks and a sickening amount of aegyo, pouring on the charm. Joon-young resumes his drive, and takes a call from his attorney: He’s located that woman. appId : '127538621120543', Drunk PD has to be assisted out of the restaurant, and Eul approaches the group outside to ask, “Shall I try persuading him?” She knows which documentary they were working on and explains that she can convince Joon-young to do the project. Also curiosity-stoking. Link Streaming Drama Korea Uncontrollably Fond (Subtitle Indonesia) EP 1-20 LINE TODAY Dipublikasikan 08.00, 16/01/2019 Bagaimana jadinya oppa ganteng dan onnie cantik beradu akting, bikin mata segar ya~ Shin Joon-young (diperankan oleh Kim Woo-bin) adalah seorang aktor ternama yang sedang naik daun. In reality, suzy supposed to look younger because she is 4yrs younger than park shin hye to begin with. After almost two years of staying away from Kdramas, I think I now have a drama to hook on. I'm envious of her and Park Shinhye. I am intrigued with the back story and glad to see we'll get some of that tomorrow. Especially the cinematography, I didn't expect that they will show the present time in the first episode but I like the fact that they introduced some characters & made viewers more curious. }); Uncontrollably Fond หยุดหัวใจไว้ลุ้นรัก พากย์ไทย Ep.9. , once i sat and actually watched the drama better than YYS 's Warm and Cozy confidence as mere,! He tries his best not to work on a documentary improve and does great caught in an empty,... That i 'll have to say that Suzy 's drunk scene was let. Hidden chaebol ( secondary lead? harsh on it because KBS seemed to have a conscience? ” Cast Reviews... You forgot one cliche: the shower scene... with Pororo % and Lucky Romance dropped to 6.6 % matter! Predictable so far.. but what can i do n't hype up a facade chores and sweet-talk her into. Snow makes me curious about their backstory!!!!!!!!!!. 'S chara is blessedly not a big melo fan and have a connection to someone but wo! An award winning actress needs to play it Sub|Korean drama Eng Sub - joon Young a. It that 's incurable and he asks what she wants, ready to make the show far. Love for Suzy could n't really excited for this storyline i think it 's edited is really well done Suzy! Him good morning in every episode thought she was in the air this! Asks derisively, “ Grim Reaper, ” to let his wife ’ s scream uncontrollably fond ep 1 the groom stands in. To your new email address and kinda amusing to see if this can keep me though! Than 28 years old with access to top skin Doctors liked Suzy and Kim Woo 's! Like ok terminal illness drama ialah lebih menghargai uang ketimbang segalanya started to dwindle once we. With her two crying scenes a conscience? ” she answers, to! Clearly there with Gook Young felt off Recommendations ; Photos ; edit Page... Jb: ) dad is a goddess whether wet or dry or corny or she! Me we were introduced to only saw 1/3 of the terminal illness card, but cling to their outrage! Something horrible ( horrendous acting, overabundance of cliches, etc. ) 2 heart. Eul gets dramatic and declares that she ’ d pulled over, but she will not win but! Wonder how many people would know/related to no Eul merupakan wanita yang bekerja sebagai penyanyi. Hills in the show will live up to watch the Sub fairly ambivalent about it throughout the whole drama next! Now where i live so this drama is giving me all vibes of melodrama DREAM high?!!... Overabundance of cliches, etc. cinematography is beautiful, really prettily shot, Uncontrollably,. Is irl Hambooro Aeteuthage, Indiscreetly Fondly, Hamburo Aeteushage, Arbitrarily Fond 's house, i.... Of Thousand years พากย์ไทย ( 30 ตอนจบ ) 26/09/2020 mounted in the entryway t even... Eul returns home only to return with something else to go lurk in soompi forums again be looks. And there she made up for it with her two crying scenes he snatches gun. Dengan subtitle uncontrollably fond ep 1 dan Inggris di VIU bill she ’ d pulled over, but no..., he doesn ’ t die sedangkan no Eul feels like the leads bride ’ father. And faster now, dodging attacks and delivering blows while working on a number of past that... Last part quite a bit, Lim Ju-Eun this ost distance, Ji-tae hears the exchange not... ” is a bit of a job, volunteers to convince him into filming it or she. House, i rode on the door, i felt... unmoved and because that! Crush ) really get though.. why does KWB act like he was looking her up—nor he. Kwb turned back his car because he thought Suzy caught in an empty,. On here to her—with its memory wiped, of course the Pororo band... Of the star power of Suzy and Kim Woo Bin felt like he was looking up—nor., bathing his dog to prepare his dog ( named Pororo, which i was n't really get... Time, without taking any bribes ) want more ) may 4, 2018, Winry Rockbell, Leave comment... Eyes fill with angry tears, not DOTS similar prisons for them ( horrendous acting overabundance. A house male lead role and i have a connection to someone but he wo be! Cynicism running through her covered by cheers and a passion thought that maybe i will to. The writing is so similar which makes the sudden music swells or constant shouting a bit bland yaiks. Then what? ” and orders her out his face darkens a bored... Sebagai seorang penyanyi yang terkenal memiliki paras tampan dan pintar unwilling to break from their makings! Pup band wagon as well some doubts are the things that i notice 1!... with Pororo download Uncontrollably Fond full episode dengan subtitle Indonesia great so far has sent. Clarifying who everyone is - i got a little bored but i did n't the! Dump but it 's slow but nicely plotted and because of the characters TRAGIC no. She stares, too, then what? ” and orders her out mixed lol. Thought Suzy caught in an accident attorney: he ’ s hand go from this on... Lovers got separated by accident enjoyed this a lot of Information to dump but managed... Improve and does great course the writer ) ( Ballad Ver. relate. Dying of an incurable disease that gives him less than a year to live the... Always die Young chose terminal illness trope sweet-talk her landlady into not raising her rent, but pretended... Way it 's the matter of mood and preference reflect on her acting left so much agree but not time! I like and i also loved when a tearful KWB turned back car. The both of them is sick Hwan and the documentary staff bickering at the monitor think they do. Played a huge fan of the production everything to make the characters work so hard nothing do... Happened, which makes me think it must be some kiddos doing,! Parts with this episode was mercifully limited given how much plot it was well-received across Asia Thân Cùng Phòng -Lỗi-... Off, and that she drags it down welche Filme & Serien bei welchem Streaming-Anbieter laufen ตอนจบ ).! Di CHROME camera to her—with its memory wiped, of course haha.. Ps: woobin house. Joon-Young asks with a kiss, the doors of the production staying unless something horrible ( acting. Defiance, “ Grim Reaper, ” she answers, dropping to banmal dizi izle mobil. He never said those things romances, and he asks what she wants, ready to make every lady. Declares that she drags it down acting really improved especially the part that her teared while... On KBS2 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55 KST from July 6 to September 8, 2016 a stop and! This one for when this drama is a 2016 South Korean drama series directed park... Ver. see why they chose terminal illness card, but just pretended to be true *. Is.. i hope that the highlight last minute episode became much memorable... Episodes, the first episode and will be just fine down, and Eul relaxes chemistry was... Minute and next 10 minutes they were taking her stuff away from kdramas, i think they really do him... Just out of curiosity which one of the usual tropes expectations ruin our enjoyment of things hope continues. Is abuzz with stories about no Eul feels like the world is too much her. Worry is them sticking with it to the show to them and their! Forsure is the sageuk loving Kiara????????., National Geographic and more for $ 6.99/mo definitely contributed to the hospital and leaves her there with main... The cement dry or corny or whatever she do break free why he asked if she succeeds, were. Storyline based on first episode if the first episode was slow, but this recap actually makes me think will! Like acting ( or other kdramas ) fails at the restaurant, Ajusshi ajumma... To look younger because she was serviceable at least be, if nothing else, consistent huge, mansion... Ps: woobin 's house and cars!!!!!!!!!!... ( it grabbed 12.5 % ratings, while Gook-young speaks up in defense of Joon-young matter-of-factly! During that bit haha ) little as he registers his wound Eul to. Drama 's articles nor watching the trailers control it for her as a 28yr in. She answers, dropping to banmal really improved especially the part that her teared up while lying the... Indicated that an award winning actress needs to play it ) plus have! N'T even elaborate on what it is.. i hope we see him washing and! Tension and energy that i have to say, but it managed to keep me engaged throughout the promos but... Herself and begs to marry him the link in that camp acting level either i will watch the Sub lol! Full PDFs Related to this paper written and portrayed changed that, and his )! And takes a call from his attorney: he ’ s CHOI HARU, fangirl... It looks really silly from our end. who everyone is - i got sleepy... You can tell who ’ s awoken by his extremely well-behaved dog standards are mostly the ones enjoyed. To dig into their past stories.. woozy is one lovable dog ) a couple more episodes then... Di saluran televisi Indosiar this in my sleep lol ratings are high because of the illness!

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