Rate. It’s on Highland? This is how I remember it. Steve? And so it just had this quality of all the things kind of like, this is, ya know, what makes it great is all the pieces come together, and everything just kind of is this barely controlled chaos. So when we started the next season, we felt like we should create a new character, and we were talking about How are we going to do this? The people at Comedy Central did not. Guttenberg! It’s perfect for Ron. Caplan: Yeah, I also was too expensive to be a part of that backyard pilot. Scott: Yeah, it really did, for a number of years. And Ron in the original one had a little mustache. Guttenberg: And when you guys were, “I can act you out of this room.” The words were, what was the line? I got invited to go hang, go watch a rehearsal of SNL. Wählen Sie aus erstklassigen Inhalten zum Thema Fashion Reunion Party in höchster Qualität. I would get there like 40 minutes early every morning because I was so excited to see everyone and work on the show. Caplan: But you did. Already a subscriber? And then at the end of the day they decided it didn’t fit well with It’s Always Sunny, and they passed on it. Lynch: Five-minutes kind of thing. I watch a show and I called Dan and John and I said, “I think I’ve watched the best show of all time. Thomas: The thing about casts, about you being in Veronica Mars, what was embarrassing to me at the time was we had gone out, we wanted someone for this role. 8. It’s been so long since I’ve seen it, but the final episode Ken directed and it was so deeply fun. We were at that, what is it, the Salvation Army thing? Mullally: No, we were on clamshell flip phones. In a surprise for the Vulture Fest audience, Guttenberg came out from behind a curtain to join the Party Down team on stage. Scott: I do remember when I heard that Megan was a fan of the show, I immediately emailed everybody that: Megan Mullally — this is a famous person that had seen the show! [But] the head of Showtime said, ‘I don’t know how to market this show.’” He added Starz “was really was our last stop.”. "The Adventures of Pete and Pete" will celebrate its 20th anniversary on Jan. 25 at the comedy festival. I feel like we all just hit the chemistry stride almost immediately, and it became obvious that we were all going to get along based on how we all kind of pitched and created moments for each other. No movies plans just yet. Mullally: Wait, we should show how. We didn’t get any notes from the network, and nobody knew it was happening, and we would be showing up at all these weird locations every day. 9. I’m going to throw it out there. Part A is for the creators and part B will be for the actors. Those locked down the longest party the hardest: how Australia is reuniting. Marino: [points to clock] Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. He smoked pot and now he’s footless.” That made me laugh so hard. We just figured it out. Sign In; Create Account; Clear history; Help; Party Down; Season 1; Party Down. She’s fucking amazing. A British ex-girlfriend of mine emailed me and said, “Hey, you’ve got to watch this show,” and I felt like I had been steered wrong on shows by her before. The BeginningsThe CastJane Lynch’s Favorite Episode: “Pepper McMasters Singles Seminar”Ken Marino’s Favorite Episode: “Sin Say Shun Awards After Party”Adam Scott’s Favorite Episode: “Taylor Stiltskin Sweet Sixteen”Rob Thomas and John Enbom’s Favorite Episode: “Celebrate Ricky Sargulesh”“Steve Guttenberg’s Birthday”Megan Mullally’s Favorite Episode: “Joel Munt’s Big Deal Party”The Series FinaleA Party Down Movie? Five-minute episodes. … The pilot “sat in our collective drawers for two years.”. They loved it. Steven Weber, I guess, was the neighbor of the director and he was just like, “Yeah, I’ll pop over and see if he’s busy.” And so he just found out that he was free to come do it, and none of us had ever met him or anything, and so he just kind of showed up. Puffs of dust.” Oh, John Enbom, ladies and gentlemen. Lynch: It was really fun. I mean, the reason I haven’t seen the show in years is because I know it will make me sad to watch it. Then I never heard anything. Party Down starred Caplan, Adam Scott, Ken Marino, Ryan Hansen, Martin Starr and later Megan Mullally as eccentric caterers. Will Ferrell Compiling Mini-‘Party Down’ Reunion For Indie Comedy. I mean, I was — when they asked me to do the homemade pilot — I had been hearing about it from Rob and Dan and John and Paul for years, so I kind of vaguely knew the whole thing, and I think [Steve] Carell was attached at one point, and I was maybe going to be Roman? There Was A "Party Down" Reunion Today And You Missed It. The next is Ken’s pick. I made the spaghetti and meatballs. Thomas: You know, being in network and studio pitch and casting sessions, there are very few actors that have more of a reputation of saying no to things than Lizzy. Scott: Yeah. Etheridge: But it’s great — you can watch that episode now and watch two-thirds of it, Megan finds the most amazing way to never show that cast during the [episode]. We all really felt that way. Yes. Etheridge: Yeah, like initially Starz’s response, this was an earlier time, was “Those are too gay.” They didn’t really varnish the note. Starr, who currently stars in Silicon Valley, now ending its run on HBO, appears up for a cast reunion of Party Down, if it happens. There was a story — you were in a car accident and you couldn’t show anymore.” That’s so sad, you guys. Thomas: Yeah, we, the most fun we have, I mean, I don’t mean the show in total but those of us who help write it. Like that, we were like, Holy shit. That’s cool. Deme Monster is raising funds for Party Animal Enamel Pin on Kickstarter! Etheridge: Another great John name right there. Etheridge: And I think this was the height of darkness. How did you approach that scene where it’s basically like “Adam, be good at acting.”Scott: Fake acting. That’s genius. Scott: It was great … By the time we’d finished the first season, nothing had aired, so like you said, it was in a bubble. Caplan: But also, going back to his reunion thinking that they’re all going to be so impressed because he’s like the captain of the catering team …. So, earlier this month, ten years and eight months after the show premiered, at Vulture Festival presented by AT&T, the whole team (save Paul Rudd) — Adam Scott, Lizzy Caplan, Megan Mullally, Jane Lynch, Martin Starr, Ryan Hansen, and Ken Marino, and its creators Jon Enbom, Dan Ethridge, and Rob Thomas — got together to remember the very special time they had making the show, looking back at their favorite episodes and moments. Caplan: I feel like those moments are really effective, but you see them in coming of age [movies] — like during the moment that’s like in high school, you would maybe see that in a movie, but not now. I think that that was also fun to watch your character go through that. You can’t see that much!” But when we did this I’m like, “But Fred, you gave us two hefty bags full of vomit on the ground.” We’re not a show that traffics in underselling it. So this was particularly fun for whatever reason. You were in New York. “I don’t think a movie is in the cards,” Etheridge commented. Rate. Marino: This was a fun one too for your character because there was a little hope. You have your actors acting, the writers writing. So first up is season one, episode three, “Pepper McMasters Singles Seminar,” and this was Jane’s choice. Let me just see it for one second. I want to say the one that Wayne directed, the theater group? Starr, who currently stars in Silicon Valley, now ending its run on HBO, appears up for a cast reunion of Party Down, if it happens. The real-life pals and frequent co-stars (Party Down, Veronica Mars, Play It Again, Dick, etc. It was around the end of the year. There are no plans for a feature length movie yet because there is no god. I picked this picture just in case you didn’t already tell the story.Marino: You wanted to see Stormy Daniels. Party Down should go down in history as one of the best and briefest shows in television history. This is perfect. We knew we could lose her at any time, and we ended up losing her after eight episodes the first time around, and Jennifer Coolidge came in and was wonderful for us. Marino: But wasn’t it about a year after you actually shot it? The Roku Channel | Roku. Something, “I can act better than you feel; I have more feelings than you.” You were upping each other. It was the most fun. That’s what it was. That was a tip-off for sure. Like the rival catering, and they were like “Doon.”. Couldn’t pass that up once I finally read it when I got there on set. Lynch: I love their relationship, too. Enbom: Yeah. Marino: I appreciate you really sticking with it. Caplan: It was … There were many pauses. And that first scene of Ricky Gervais hiring a forklift driver, my jaw was on the floor. Caplan: Of course the phone call really pushed it over the finish line. Thomas: One of the moments we retell about this episode all the time is that originally, the script said that Ken, that Ron Donald, wanted to open his own Souplantation, and we …. Enbom: I just love remembering how injured you were the next day from all your vomiting. The cast of Party Down have reunited for the first time in years! “At the end of the day they [FX] decided it didn’t fit well with [It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia],” he revealed. But like was already said, it didn’t prepare me for what it actually …. It was an agent of mine who said, “Let’s send it to Starz. Lynch: Yeah, and he’d be punching your shoulder. Log in or link your magazine subscription, Amanda Gorman Geeking Out Over James Corden Won Late Night This Week, Get Into This Lip Sync Even If You Don’t Watch. Caplan: Yes. This is just terrible. This one, while we were shooting it, we all looked at each other and were like, Oh, this is great. But the sitcom has steadily gained devotees over the years and on Sunday a ballroom full of fans greeted the Party Down talent as rock stars. Though the show and its characters, so near … Mullally: Oh no. The thing that they mostly wanted to ensure was a certain number of naked breasts. The Party Down South reunion revealed a few secrets, but we've got even more — see how the cast voted their "class" superlatives. “I want to do it again,” she insisted. What I said earlier? What made you into it?Thomas: Do I have part A for this? Marino: Me now? This was a fun place just to be, and that speaks volumes to the work and how much fun it was to work here, that you wanted to come and stick around after, when, you know, especially Jane, had a lot of other shit to do. He was so earnest and sincere about it. But this, like, sad comedy — a sad comedy called out to us. Mullally: You’re saying you’re playing with each other a lot. Lynch: Oh my God, and I love John Enbom, the greatest writer in the world, honest to God, you guys. Why the part?Lynch: Well, I just loved how stupid she was and how earnest, and I knew I wanted to work with these guys. Etherirdge: I don’t think a movie’s in the cards, but I think maybe in the next year or two we’ll kind of explore another way to get the gang back together. But given its tragic cancellation after the 2010 season, well, we'll take what we can get. Hansen: I would do, like, a cool web series or something. The girls wore the little, like, the girls in the navy. Rate. not yet, not yet. Over the weekend, five stars of the short-lived but beloved comedy reunited for what we can only assume was a good old time. It was, your writing partner is successful. Starr: My character also said “a Martin Starr type,” and my agent read it and said “Hey, I think I found something.” They’re real detectives, where I used to be represented. This whole episode is really about Siegfried and his moral compass, which is the Greenwich Mean Time of moral compasses. The "Party Down South" gang reunites in St. Petersburg, Florida, for a 10-episode season filled with adventure, partying and, of course, drama. Well, getting high with Adam in the bathroom was so much fun. That was very fortunate for us. S1:E 9 James Rolf High School Twentieth Reunion. A group of struggling actors and dysfunctional dreamers wait for their big break while they are stuck serving hors d'oeurves for a Hollywood catering company 'Party Down.' Scott: Yeah, it was on a Friday and we started shooting Monday. Good. Anybody?Caplan: It wasn’t really Adam’s fault this show ended. That one’s a big deal, which was, Megan, your pick.Mullally: Yeah, the thing I remember most about it was that I was deathly ill with the flu. So it really was our last stop. Guteenberg: I’m sorry, Ken. Scott: Yeah. And so I was like, “Oh my God, hey. I love that scene. The 40 Best Horror Movies on Amazon Prime, Seth Rogen Logged On to Do Pottery and Hold Ted Cruz Accountable, Kodak Black Releases Track with Lyrics About Trump Commuting His Sentence. Like, we didn’t think that would be possible, but we shared an agent so I thought we could just give it a shot. And I believe Adam, you helped recruit her?.Scott: Yeah. Starr: And Constance Carmell had done a movie called Dingleberry. But we kind of were so familiar with everybody, we could actually just crank it out just because we sat with it for so long and talked about it for so long. Hansen: I think I actually paid to be a part of it. Enbom: Just so you know, that’s the medium one that they brought, of the props. Watch Party Down: Season 1 James Rolf High School Twentieth Reunion on DIRECTV Ron caters his own reunion, and starts slipping back into his old habits; Henry considers moving back home, causing Casey to consider their 'casual' relationship. Sorry Ken. If there is a reunion in the future, it apparently won’t take shape on the big screen. What did you see in …Scott: [to Marino] Keep going. Thomas: But we started writing it around the time we were turning 40, or close to 40 or whenever, and that was the time all of my friends back home were trying to decide: Do you give up the dream, or do you keep going? Almost everybody — except Ryan who is very, very elusive — was at that. Mullally: Yeah, I was so excited when I heard. We were in Rome. Etheridge: Costume designer, right? Be world-weary. So I thought Oh no, not another pedophile. Because what did we have? You can read a transcript of the reunion below or listen to the panel, which was released as a bonus episode of Good One, Vulture’s podcast about jokes. Like you wrote some stuff and then John was there every day, working off his computer, writing the next episode. Thomas: Yeah, we went around town. I think it’s — your writing partner is successful. Starr: It was homemade. Weren’t we all just like, Holy shit. There had been talk after the show ended of bringing back the series as a movie, but that idea ultimately fizzled. The principal cast of Starz’s late, lamented Party Down — a dry comedy about caterers in Los Angeles that lasted just 20 episodes — reunited this past Saturday at SF Sketchfest. So we had one director in prep and one, one guy directing you, Fred Savage and Bryan Gordon. I don’t know …. Is CMT's hit show Party Down South coming back? Not because they weren’t, like, attractive breasts, but because she was picking something off of them for a very long time. "Party Down South" producers are scrambling to fill a giant hole ... TMZ has learned Lil Bit -- one of the show's biggest stars -- has quit, and it has nothing to do with money. The 17-year-old rainbow-lover officially came out as gay, confirming fans’ suspicions. Ken Marino and Ryan Hansen's little bromance is about to encounter a big rough patch. But they were behind that and they knew that’s what we wanted to do. With that, with the Henry character, we wanted somebody who felt like they came out to Hollywood with bright eyes and excited to conquer the world, and what we’re really interested in is having the character at the center of the show be done with it. Scott: He did a Matthew McConaughey impression for the role. Does that work? Does anybody want it or is it too gross? We had to kind of make up how to shoot it, but you know, we were able to actually write it and produce or direct it or whatever with a fair amount of confidence just because we, you know, we’d been with it for years. “It was 30 minutes without a laugh,” he recalled. Criminally overlooked in the UK so far, 'Party Down' is one of the funniest shows to come out of America in recent years. Scott: Bunch of band fans here. Steve in Diner, his performance in Diner is so beautiful and there’s such an ease to it, and for me, it’s one of the reasons why I wanted to be an actor. The end. I’m very proud of that. Does that count? Mullally: I think Adam and I had the same manager, and that’s how you knew that. I mean, I didn’t get high with, but we acted like we were getting high. A costume designer just said they, I think, they specifically …, Etheridge: Can I say that, Jane? It was coming together. How did you then end up being in it and why, and why Martin?Starr: Yeah, why’d you fire the other guy? I remember there was a scene where Jane, you’re riding off saying goodbye to all of us, and I had a line like … I don’t remember what the line was, but I had a hard time saying it because I was starting to cry because I felt like the show was gonna end. What have you been up to?” And she looks at me and she’s like [shrugs].” And I’m like, “Oh yeah, right. Download the episode from Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast, or wherever you get your podcasts. Starr: I don’t want to embarrass you here, but you walked up to Chris Mintz-Plasse and I, Steve, and you said, “So how’s the show going? But we had Steve Guttenberg. Rob Thomas: And Jane too. Caplan: Escalade. It was the most fun. And in her open trunk while getting arrested. Anyway. So I had everyone tell me their favorite episodes and scenes from the series, but I wanted to take a moment and talk about the beginning to give some context. In addition to Stormy, there were a number of R-rated memories shared at the panel discussion, including discussions of nudity on the show and Mullally’s recollection of shooting a scene where the Party Down characters cater an orgy. Keep going.”, How did this happen? Thank you guys for letting me pay. Lynch: Well that’s how much we got paid too, honey. What’s the big deal? “I had never seen a number that low.”. We thought it was funny and good. Fans of Party Down, the Starz cult hit that last aired almost 10 years ago, got news they have long been hoping to hear: a show reunion … You were that committed. © 2021 Vox Media, LLC. And so we were putting drops in our eyes to make our eyes red, and then my favorite moment is when Ken comes in as Ron Donald and he talks about the dangers of pot smoking, and he shows us the picture and says, “Look what it did to my friend.” And we’re looking at it and Adam says, “I don’t know what I’m lookin at here.” He said, “He lost his foot. Everyone was really going for it in this particular episode. How did you guys get Steve on the show?Enbom: Oh boy … He had seen a billboard and had emailed Rob like five minutes ago, and Rob just wrote back like “Hey, we have an idea.”. Remember Stormy Daniels? Thomas: That other guy has worked many, many times for us. ]Hansen: We already said hi to Steve, so that’s why he didn’t hug us. Caplan: Escapade? I mean nothing. Thomas: Are you kidding? So the path from that to Starz is a particularly long and windy one. Mullally: I bought it on Hollywood Boulevard 39.99. Thomas: John. Scott: And Unbelievable is the show, right, is the other? That was like the high point when I saw that. I remember it so well because it was September of 2009, and I went into the first day, and it was so fun. 1.5 inch soft enamel "Party Animal" pin. They were like brothers and you were constantly beating each other up, and I mean real hard, open-hand slaps. When I saw you on set, it was a huge moment for me. The cast of Party Down reunited earlier this year at … They first pitched HBO, Thomas said. Scott: Is that within the ballpark of what you get on Will & Grace? People say, “Did you improvise on that show?” I’d say, “Why would I improvise? Lynch: And we did shoot it in a bubble. “Sin Say Shun Awards After Party.” Marino: [looking at the screen, with still of Stormy Daniels] I think I picked this, not this scene. It’s so shiny and weird. The answer: Yes! I just love it. Caplan: I saw a woman on one of the nude episodes and she was like a background artist doing nudity, which I think is like the pinnacle of bravery, like for real, and I saw her and she looked like she had sad boobs. And so, specifically the final shot, in which Henry is going to audition. It hurt the next day. Because I remember you shot it, went around with it, nothing happened. From there, producers pitched FX. A decade ago, Party Down premiered quietly on a Starz network that was just getting into original programming. Guttenberg: I was just thinking about that scene with Ken when you’re in the aquarium where the ice is and you’re kind of like “No, no, no, that’s really expensive.” You know? Starz wasn’t always thrilled that, most of the time, none of the characters ever won. “This was a fun place to be.”. So as I mentioned, I had you all pick your favorite episodes, and we’re going to go through and see what you guys remember. I don’t think Jane. Scott: [points to the crowd] We’ve got a “Soup ’R Crackers” T-shirt in the front row. “Look at the dum dums I … Marino: Which was like “Check it off the bucket list.”. The series could return for a possible reunion, but don’t expect it to happen for at least a year or two. Glee was in a holding pattern. The Party Down team's actors are recognized at a party and treated as stars. And so we kept them. Season … Lynch: “Listen, I recognize you from getting out of the stream and wrapping yourself in silks.” And I said, you saw Dingleberry? It may have been the first person that we knew had ever watched the show. For 7,500 (vaccinated) health care workers. And we’d watch the last week’s episode and then watch the new episode, and never in my career had I thought, I want to write a comedy. On January 7, 2016, CMT announced that the fifth season, featuring the original Party Down South … The Party Down South reunion revealed a few secrets, but we've got even more — see how the cast voted their "class" superlatives. It was fun. No movies plans just yet. [Mullally stands up and walks toward the crowd.]. Where do you guys all stand on doing something again?Scott: I don’t know about a movie, but …. Where did the idea of Ron having a big dick come from?Enbom: I don’t remember. Party Down might finally get their wish. We thought we’d gone too far when we had done it. I went to Hollywood Boulevard. Why, Jane?Lynch: What? Marino: A coked-up Megan Mullally is a good Megan Mullally to watch. Thomas: And so yeah, it did feel like a long shot. Oh, it was amazing. Thomas: I believe that an email or text-message chat went out when we all realized that Stormy Daniels had guest starred in Party Down. And I would, I would go out. You\'ll receive the next newsletter in your inbox. Review: ‘Everyone is Doing Great’ is a ‘One Tree Hill’ Reunion Doing Its Best ‘Party Down’ Imitation to a Limited Degree of Success Review: ‘Wrong Turn’ Should Have Kept to the Main Trail Review: 'PG: Psycho Goreman' Imagines: What If 'E.T.' Caplan: Booksmart, and lots of other stuff. Nick Newman May 3, 2011. You could make interesting stuff, and little did I know when I signed on, I thought it would just be like Yeah, I’ve known Martin forever, this sounds kind of fun. That moment when I first saw the cut of it made me laugh like nothing else. Miley Cyrus to Headline ‘TikTok Tailgate’ Before Super Bowl LV. Why the switch to pink ties? Mullally: Yeah. You’re on set and you’re like, “You never pick your breast.”, Mullally: Yeah, I remember being in a scene with the orgy and I was on a bed with somebody. Showtime watched it and they guffawed the whole time, like there’s no way they weren’t buying it. And then I think a week or two later, Paul was like “Oh, I can’t do it.” And then we sort of parted ways with HBO also because I think we wanted something kind of downbeat and small. Marino: Paul Scheer was in it. So these guys were part of the team as well, and you basically have one guy writing it, two people directing it, and there’s something about that, just kind of paring it down to a couple of voices, you know? Starr: No one jumps on him for that, but I say “play.” Fuck off. All the Live Events, Movie Releases, and Productions Affected by the Coronavirus, Here Are All the Movies Delayed Because of the Coronavirus. It’s really sad that everybody was convinced that I was trying to find a way out. There was just some really funny stuff in there, and people come up to me all the time and say, “Your Party Down was so funny, so funny.” And I’ve seen the whole show and every episode is really funny to me, so I still go, “Really? But Batsh*t Insane? Why was Adam right for it? [Still from “Steve Guttenberg’s Birthday” appears on monitor.] That did not turn them on, and then we took it to FX and we had a great development process with them. Caplan: Because then you took that other show. Like that, that was their one requirement. Do we feel like it’s a realistic possibility? It was so fun. I don’t get it. Yes. I said “As God as my witness, I will work with that boy.” And here we are today. So one of my favorite scenes in the entire series is Martin and Beth Dover, Martin about to get laid but he is too proud when, what is it, hard sci-fi, and what is it? Ron decides to cater his own reunion, and begins to slip back into his old drunken habits. So I can’t help but always be fond of this one. [Steve Guttenberg walks out. Everyone cheer. Who was it that …. So post-Carell, one-stop shopping right there. Scott: John, Rob, Dan: What do you guys think? Then, in the years following, thanks to streaming and word of mouth, the show found a cult. The series could return for a possible reunion, but don’t expect it to happen for at least a year or two. I mean, HBO I think bought it thinking that we were going to be very inside Hollywood, which is something that they like to do, and we turned in this outline to the first episode, which was a Sherman Oaks neighborhood homeowners association potluck. Thomas: And she has all the trophies of, like, the dildo trophies that are being handed out at the awards. at Vulture Festival this weekend. Thomas: “Kyle, you thatch-headed wastrel.”. You don’t have to come in today. Lynch: You know what else I loved about doing this is that we had two directors. It was made by the fucking Gutt’. Like, I had. Ron caters his own reunion, and … We were all fans, and no one up here had to read for their part. Scott: I think it’s my favorite character name of, again, a crowded field of great character names. But in between, the show’s cast and creators were able to put together 20 hilarious, heartbreaking, real yet ridiculous gems of TV episodes about making the best of broken dreams. We’re going to do this for each of you, so watch how this goes.Marino: So far it’s going great. Yeah.Hansen: Also on Veronica Mars. ’Cause that was fucking cheap. Guttenberg: Yeah, no, we talked about that. James Rolf High School Twentieth Reunion (1x09) “This is a little too real for me,” she recalled. And we all started smoking together. Mullally: I’d like to get to know you well enough to invite you to my birthday party. And blood. Other TV stars in attendance during the festival include Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein as part of a celebration of "Portlandia," Paget Brewster, Rider Strong, Maya Rudolph, Gillian Jacobs and "Pinky and the … In fact, don’t use our name in an episode.” And so John, on the eve of shooting this scene, had to turn Souplantation … had to make those jokes all work and came up with Soup ’R Crackers, which …. Scott: And I think, if I remember correctly, this is the second episode we shot because the Republican Convention one is the second episode aired, but the third one we shot. “I’m thinking the next year or two we’ll explore a way to get the gang back together again,” co-creator and producer Dan Etheridge revealed toward the end of a Party Down panel discussion Sunday at Vulture Festival LA. Added on 12 Mar 2009 Comments Please register or login to post a comment Register Login. I mean I think that’s the, I mean, I think everybody’s collective favorite is maybe the Guttenberg episode, but this shit, it was like Oh that’s … You’re a genius. Thomas: And so I was already a Martin and Lizzy fan when these roles came open. 'Party Down' Reunion On 'Children's Hospital' (VIDEO) Are we having fun yet? There was so much vomit, and I laughed so hard when I watched. Adam Scott, one of the first actors cast on the show, concurred, commenting, “I don’t know about a movie.”. Before it actually got picked up? Henry considers moving home, causing Casey to consider their 'casual' relationship. It was truly a blessed time. Marino: I don’t remember, I just know it was low. Scott: Yeah. The phone call did it. Which was delightful. No keep, keep going. On “Last Day In,” Kodak Black addresses Trump’s presidential pardon. Appearing on a special Party Down panel at Vulture Festival over the weekend, series creators John Enbom, Rob Thomas, and Dan Etheridge all confirmed the interest in a potential reunion … It was huge news that she was a fan of the show. Party Down should go down in history as one of the best and briefest shows in television history. Marino: She’s crying.

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