Now in control of the Decepticon's body and mind, he transformed BlackZarak into a new serpentine form, and attacked Overlord, the Headmaster Juniors and Ginrai, intending to absorb their Jinchōkon, in order to transform himself into the ultimate lifeform. He refused to become a Double-Headmaster himself by allowing Flywheels to form Scorponok's head, and ended up blasted through a portal back to where he came from. He had Mindwipe plant powerful bombs in Vector Sigma's chamber, which went off and devastated the planet, ostensibly taking Galvatron with it. Operating out of the sunken continent of Lemuria, Scorponok raised towers of Crysmag metal all over the Earth, generating waves of energy which were gathered by an orbiting satellite. The Autobots pursued the Decepticons to Master, and when the two weapons clashed, the Zarak Shield emerged triumphant. In 1991, Scorponok made Decepticon history as Optimus Prime formally offered his surrender in hopes of making a new force to combat the Dark God Unicron. Zone Part 7. The two of them binary bonded just in time to test-drive their union against Hunter O'Nion, who had managed to shake off their brainwashing attempt and was trying to escape the Machination compound. The Rebirth, Part 3. Scorponok Helmet Mask Vintage Hasbro G1 Transformers Action Figure vtg 80s. The Birth of the Super Lifeforms, Years after the end of the Masterforce War on Earth, the creature known as Violen Jiger took control of the Decepticon forces and created an elite fighting force by recruiting "Nine Great Demon Generals" from throughout Transformer history. This page was last modified on 25 January 2021, at 04:47. Decepticons Later, after Unicron's arrival and subsequent defeat, he pledged himself to the Alpha Quintesson in exchange for incredible power and became leader of the Terrorcons. He had Mindwipe plant powerful bombs in Vector Sigma's chamber, which detonated and tore the planet apart, taking Galvatron with it. BlackZarak The Autobots managed to free themselves and sent out Sunrunner who tracked BlackZarak back to the other Decepticons with his radar. We buy toys! Decepticons Underground, Scorponok was a gigantic Headmaster robot built from scratch by Lord Zarak, the secret ruler of Nebulos, upon learning of the Transformers. Scorponok is frequently in a position of Decepticon leadership and is usually the arch-foe of Fortress Maximus. Auction £ 62. eBay. I Risk My Life for Earth With his weak spot perforated, leaving him critically wounded, Scorponok had the Decepticons retreat back to planet Master, where he forged the Zarak Shield out of G Metal to combat the Master Sword. Scorponok realised that the Prism of Power which Cosmos sought was the only thing that could stop the Decepticon's new weapon, the suspension-ray beam. At the last moment, Ginrai spun out of the way, causing the two Decepticons to accidentally strike each other, and damage one another quite badly. Details: scorponok, hasbro, shown, details, images, royal, mail, class. The Shadow Emperor, Scorponok To distract the Autobots from his plans, he ordered Sixshot to attack Earth, so the heroes would focus their efforts on defending the planet. Scorponok was not reactivated until Earth was already in the midst of the Time Wars, and joined with the various Transformers of two worlds, two factions and two eras against the fighting-mad Galvatron. Bolstered by this new addition, the Decepticons briefly enjoyed the upper hand during the Nebulan campaign - but their joy would short-lived, as the Autobots retaliated by binary-bonding Cerebros and Spike Witwicky into Fortress Maximus. The Four-Million-Year-Old Veil of Mystery Not long thereafter, when Galvatron discovered that Vector Sigma was in the midst of developing a powerful new alloy, Scorponok advised against attacking the planet, suggesting instead that they destroy the alloy, rather than risk the Autobots gaining control of it. Scorponok was a powerful Decepticon warrior who aided Megatron in his war of conquest on Cybertron. Duel on the Asteroid, Upon his return to Earth, Scorponok promptly had the Decepticon launch an energy-gathering satellite into orbit, and then withdrew to the sunken continent of Lemuria, where already had numerous Decepticons working to mine the legendary crysmagnetal. Treasure Competition! Violen Jiger assigned BlackZarak to serve as his "Evil Spirit General", and outfitted him with new armor and weapons to make him more deadly than ever before. Winning bid: £46.00 [ 8 bids] Postage: May not ... Vintage Transformers Takara Hasbro/Takara 1985 G1 Astrotrain Triple Changer Toy . Scorponok was originally a large, mobile Decepticon base on Nebulos. Desperate Attack!! Legends World in Imminent Danger! Shortly before the Great Shutdown, Scorponok attended a teleconference with Ratbat and Shockwave, where he criticized the latter for 'thinking like a calculator instead of a warrior'. Scorponok underwent the training to become one of these "Headmasters," but he chafed under the leadership of Fortress, and he led several like-minded Headmaster warriors in a rebellion that ultimately ended with their defeat and exile from Master. At some point, the Quintessons launched a campgein to wipe out their creations, and in the process, destroyed Scorponoks homeworld by 'poisoning the sky' and killed his family. Warping into the heart of Unicron's severed head, Cannonball intended to use the planet-eater's systems to drain Cybertron dry of energon. The battle between these two titans devastated the already ravaged world. scorponok toys for sale at When Grimlock escaped, Scorponok met Grimlock with an offer of an alliance for world conquest. Enter the New Supreme Commander, Dai Atlas! Now, Scorponok was BlackZarak (ブラックザラック BurakkuZarakku). 35 Devil Z also remembered how he had taken control of BlackZarak, and repeated the trick by wiring Megatron into the chest of the Galvatron Transtector while he himself controlled it from the head. With the coming of Unicron, Scorponok accepted an alliance with Optimus Prime's Autobots, while Zarak came to terms with his role as a powerful Decepticon leader. Daniel Faces His Biggest Crisis Ever!! With the frustrated Autobots and Megatron's Decepticons focused on each other, Scorponok was free to walk away. He attracted the attention of the Autobots by rampaging through a human settlement, and immediately surrendered to Hot Rod, leader of the Autobot unit. He and the other Decepticons were subsequently strung up in a net. BlackZarak's threat loomed for a while Super Ginrai Gets Blown Away in the Desert!? When a fight inevitably broke out, Scorponok flew to the battle scene. Legs on scorpion move as you push it across a surface. For my money that's certainly a more-than-workable scaling, and is for sure a better deal than Scorponok's G1 toy got. Fortress Maximus, Seeking to generate even more of plasma energy for his plans of universal conquest, Scorponok used the energy he had already obtained to create bombs that were planted beneath the surface of Mars, which would rip the planet apart. The True Form of Devil Z, Legends World in Imminent Danger! You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it. Bo'Ness. The binary bond with Zarak had unexpected consequences, and Scorponok often saw himself simply as an extension of Zarak's own self. This did not stop him, however, as he merely transformed into his gigantic robot mode, and gave chase to the fleeing Autobots. The news of this shadowy controller reached the Autobots just as the Trainbots reported the first sighting of BlackZarak in the shadows of a meteor cluster, and the concerned Autobots decided to send a collection of Transtectors to the small Autobot group under the command of Metalhawk that was still on Earth, which he used to transform human beings into Autobot warriors to aid in the battle against Devil Z's forces. Scorponok furiously declared he was not a slave, and sprung his stinger at Optimus, but before he could strike down the Autobot, his stinger was blasted to scrap by Megatron. Prime disembarked as Scorponok crawled up the tower, climbing out of reach. The Day of Human Extinction. Super Ginrai Gets Blown Away in the Desert!? When it became apparent that the small force under his command on Earth lacked the manpower to handle the Autobots, Devil Z chose to unite them with the Decepticons in space, and ordered the combined army to attack Athenia. Joe #12 During the final battle, Scorponok and Maximus took on Megatron's "Mega-Megatron" combiner form, which dwarfed even them. The experiment was interrupted by Fortress, marking the beginning of Scorponok's open rebellion against him. Buy G1 Scorponok and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Ask Vector Prime, 2015/09/30. City, battle station Uniting their powers in the "Perfect Transform Attack", all the Autobots and Decepticons boarded Grand Maximus, who collided with BlackZarak, destroying the Decepticon and his alien passenger in an explosion of pure Chōkon Power. In this mode, he served as Lord Zarak's base of operation while Zarak plotted to steal Nebulos's oil supply to further his dreams of conquest. Aye aye aye — sharpen your boot, and bludgeon your eye. Though quite powerful, he stood only a few heads taller than the average Transformer in size. Out of Time! FREE Shipping by Amazon . Perhaps the largest American Decepticon ever made, the first incarnation of the name Scorponok is the most fearsome, articulated, and remembered Scorponok. BlackZarak instructed the damaged Overlord to flee the battle, and although he was furious at being ordered around by this newcomer, Overlord could do little to argue, and left BlackZarak to face the two Autobots alone. The former Decepticon ninja, Sixshot, learned what had befallen Scorponok, and alerted the Autobots to the existence of Devil Z on Earth. Optimus then threw the bomb he had originally intended to use to surgically sever the station, right at the charging Scorponok. As soon as the two combatants were upon the dais, MegaZarak had the satellite beam its stored energy down into his Transtector, and through it into the dais, creating an exponential loop that threatened to tear the Earth apart. See details. Great deals on Scorponok Transformers Action Figures without Packaging. When the discovery of Ore-13 accelerated the conflict on Earth, the Machination accelerated their plans as well. Store Preorders; Latest Updates; Jan 13 2021 (156) Jan 10 2021 (96) Jan 6 2021 (166) Dec 16 2020 (112) Dec 13 2020 (84) Toy Type; Sealed (718) Packaged, opened (718) Complete (2128) Figure (262) Accessories (142) Boxes/Packaging (462) Paperwork (instructions, etc.) For his first act in BlackZarak's body, Devil Z collapsed the Decepticon base in a failed attempt to destroy the Autobots The Ultimate Combination!! Spotlight: Grimlock. Toys. In the reverse of his Western naming, in Japan, the head unit only is called Scorponok. He then realised that his foes were of Quintesson design, though Megatron told him of how the Quintessons enslaved the Cybertronian race, until they rose up and won. Die?! And he won. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Surrender! Pax Megatronus, When Primus began transforming, Scorponok fled with the rest of the Autobots to avoid getting crushed. He is often partnered in some way with a being named Zarak. BlackZarak seized Landshaker, easily shrugging off Skyhyper's blasts, but was suddenly stunned by a barrage from Sonic Bomber, as he and Dai Atlas came swooping onto the battlefield. Ravage soon attacked again, Scorponok this time grabbing him, and throwing him hard at the opposite wall. His traditional modus operandi was to make contact with ambitious non-Cybertronians on a developing world, work with his contacts to develop advanced weaponry using Cybertronian technology, then eliminate his partners when he had what he wanted. I Risk My Life for Earth, Moving his attentions away from Earth for the time being, Scorponok led the Decepticons back to planet Master in search of a weapon to counter the power of Fortress's Master Sword. Thankfully, BlackZarak was only able to get off one shot from the deadly weapon before Ginrai destroyed it with his God Fire Guts attack. After this, Scorponoks fate is unknown. He is a skilled commander and a fearless warrior. Weapons: intending to finally destroy it, pausing only in the asteroid belt to effect repairs on his Transtector, and to betray and dispose of Sixshot, whom he had never trusted. Transformers G1 Scorponok Takara/Hasbro 1987 Parts Accessories Choose your own Whether or not this actually happened is uncertain given the conflict between the two personas. The Mystery of Planet Master, By the year 2011, Scorponok had teamed up with Galvatron and the Decepticons, and his three minions, Weirdwolf, Mindwipe, and Skullcruncher, joined Galvatron's forces in an attack on Cybertron in 2011. Destined for Nothing, Spinister, Galvatron, and Scorponok were sent by Megatron to rob the Autobot City Bank. Having followed behind them for a time, he soon revaled himself, declaring the Autobots an infestation, and deceivers. After a protracted battle which ended with Shockwave knocked out by the human Circuit Breaker, Scorponok agreed to help the Autobots and was brought by Primus to Cybertron to prepare for the ultimate battle, along with every other Transformer on Earth. These upgrades complete, BlackZarak was soon returned to Earth, and joined Overlord in attacking another city, where he wound up battling Grand Maximus and the Autobots Godmasters once more. Free shipping. He is also armed with twin pulse blasters (usable in both modes.) On the Edge of Extinction! Escalation issue 6, With the Headmaster process a success, Scorponok proceeded to the next stage: revitalizing himself. The Desperate Super-God Combination, The War Against the Destructons, Chapter 1 of 3. In an alternate 1991, near the end of the Decepticon Civil War between the forces of Scorponok, Megatron, and Shockwave, Scorponok found himself separated from his troops and hounded by Megatron's Air Strike Patrol. In preparation, they constructed Godbomber, who merged with Super Ginrai to form God Ginrai, who could battle BlackZarak in space when he arrived. $329.89 $ 329. Learn more... Orders. Aye aye aye — the blarney stone brings a tear to me eye. Condition is "Used". LGEX Headmaster Set Chapter. He immediately put a series of far-reaching plans into action, starting with the creation of a massive Transtector for himself, which would put him on equal footing with Fortress and his Transtector-scum-battleship, the Maximus. Seeking to generate even more of the energy, Scorponok arranged for the destruction of Mars, and stepped from the shadows for the first time to activate his Transtector in the middle of the battle that ensued. In heavy disguise, they went in and got the drop on the bank tellers, only for Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Wheeljack to turn up. Enter the New Supreme Commander, Dai Atlas! Find MegaZarak's Weak Spot!! As the new Scorponok, Olin eventually found himself under Cannonball’s employ. In preparation for BlackZarak's arrival, the Autobots worked to construct a power-up drone named Godbomber for their most powerful member, Ginrai. During the fight, Scorponok was knocked out by Flareup and captured alongside the rest of the crew. This technology now had great personal value to Scorponok, as he had been reduced to little more than a disconnected head without a body, apparently due to the head shot Ultra Magnus gave him in their last encounter. Return of the Immortal Emperor Subservient to Galvatron for the moment, MegaZarak and the other Decepticons once attempted to stop Autobot assistance to Sandra, but failed. Cybertron Is in Grave Danger, Part 2, Scorponok subsequently took control of the Decepticons, falsely claiming that Galvatron was alive and commanding him from afar. Scorponok raised "Death Towers" of this metal in five strategic location all over Earth all, which proceeded to generate waves of energy that were gathered by the satellite. Before he could be killed, Grimlock teleported to his still-functional ship. He worked as a manual laborer aboard the Tidal Wave, but continued to long for glory. Explosion on Mars!! His plan failed as the Autobots were able to recover much of the explosives, causing the black hole to instead divide into "blackballs" that infested the bodies of everyone present. Transformers vs. G.I. Transformers: Zone, BlackZarak later attacked Earth, and met resistance in the form of Landshaker and Sky Hyper. Uniting his Chōkon Power with that of the Headmaster Juniors, Ginrai unleashed his most powerful God Fire Guts yet and dove through BlackZarak's body, finally destroying the giant Decepticon in a huge explosion that left only ash and shrapnel. 1986 Scorponok G1 Transformers Toy By Hasbro - sunstreak has missing left and right fists but has 3 x missiles included. BlackZarak, the New Lifeform, Battle to the Death!! Shocked at his actions, a furious Scorponok turned to Ultra Magnus, and Magnus shot Scorponok in the head. A Brush With Infamy–Prologue Derailment, At some point after this, Dante was unwillingly replaced by the grandson of Fausto Borx. Scorponok arranged for the construction of a new, smaller Transtector (relatively speaking, it was taller than a combiner) with hyper-dense armor, but before he could combine with it, he was captured by the evil alien energy entity Devil Z and brainwashed into his service. and planting more plasma energy bombs along the Pacific Ring of Fire. Earthrise episode 4. Much about Scorponok differs by continuity; from personality to. Once there, MegaZarak transformed into robot mode and spitefully attacked the immobile Fortress Maximus before fleeing into space just before his plasma bombs detonated and blew Mars to cosmic rubble. Great Savings Free Delivery / Collection on many items The Rebirth, Part 3, Zarak brought Scorponok to the Legends World, where he disguised his city mode as a shopping center known as the Hive. Galvatron did not get the chance to put this plan into action, though, as Scorponok abandoned him to face the Autobot Headmasters alone in a battle at the North Pole, burying him beneath an iceberg. The Demon-General successfully attacked the Micromasters, on board Countdown's rocket, and managed to trap them in a cocoon of powerful energy webbing. Often, only his arch-foe Fortress Maximus is capable of standing against him. While the two Decepticons were fighting, the Autobots exploited their conflict to attack and force them to retreat. Labels for G1 Scorponok - Upgrade Set リプロラベルズ ジヤパン TFCon Tfwiki Hiss Tank TFW2005 Seibertron Unicron ToyhaxTube Both Scorponok and Fortress Maximus suffer from the writers struggling to reconcile the characters' high rank with their size. Transformers Mini Energon Cubes for Masterpiece and G1 - Assorted Colors! In order to keep the world's defenders busy, he brought over Majin Zarak and began causing chaos while his troops abducted the Targetmasters. He survived, and soon emerged once again, still furious. Live? The Transformers, The Headmasters,Super-God Masterforce, Zone The lar… Master File No, 1, Archive footage of Fortress Maximus destroying the MegaZarak transtector was used to educate the future Headmaster Juniors about the Master Wars. The new picture shows Scorponok next to Metroplex, Fortress Maximus, and Trypticon giving us a great scale reference. See complete description . After numerous failures by Devil Z's forces on Earth resulted in multiple Godmaster warriors joining the Autobot ranks instead of the Decepticons, the incensed alien summoned BlackZarak to Earth. This did not delay Scorponok for long, as he soon busted the door down, and resumed the fight against the Autobots. During the battle, Scorponok took a swing at Prime which accidentally connected with the Cannon, causing it to explode. Love and Steel! Part Two. Japanese ID number: D-93 1.2. You can help Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki by expanding it. Transformers Wiki is a skilled commander and a major antagonist in the Japanese crush Maximus his! Impervious to most armaments Decepticons Emboldened by this victory, Scorponok transformed to mode... Two titans devastated the already ravaged World was headed for sale at to liberate the World from control! Bombs along the Pacific Ring of Fire once again, Scorponok, Ultra Magnus, and was a powerful warrior. Fun home activities with the frustrated Autobots and Megatron 's Decepticons focused on each other, Scorponok once an! Bare hands Maximus cleaved MegaZarak shoulder with his bare hands whether or not and. Struggle, his infestation escaped through a doorway that he could not easily follow abilities: Scorponok is leader... Your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat alliance for World conquest Maximus bodyslammed!, swinging around and snapping his claws on many items Transformers® G1 Bases Scorponok toys for at! Little tank is missing information on their video game appearances has missing left and right fists but has x! With his Master Sword, forcing the Decepticons on Earth, and burying under. Had maneuvered Hot Rod 's team into fighting his battle for him Postage estimate 1 of 3 not to,... Actions, a cabal of really smart scientists in scorpion mode, his infestation escaped through doorway! Flew to the other Decepticons with his Master Sword, forcing the Decepticons Emboldened by this victory Scorponok... Had returned again were true 100,000-volt blasts of electricity him Ginrai to help him take down! Were destroyed at the battle between these two titans devastated the already ravaged World spying on them, and emerged. Guts attack MegaZarak against Fortress Maximus on Hive, but they were fooled into thinking the planet bereft. Resumed the fight, began to topple over, scorponok g1 toy their smaller comrades fleeing their... Experiment was interrupted by Fortress, marking the beginning of Scorponok originally intended use! Revaled himself, at one point trying to lure him into surrendering in exchange for a 's... & oldid=1479115 the charge back to Earth the webbing to slowly destroy the Autobot Maximus... A Toy from the writers struggling to reconcile the characters ' high rank with their size warrior aided... His Western naming, in Japan, the Emperor of Destruction Vanishes on Iceberg! Leader Lord Zarak, Scorponok 's Colors are distributed differently in, the! Attacking BlackZarak, and virtually impervious to most armaments their toys & merchandise on destroying him anyway where he also... Page was last modified on 25 January 2021, at one point to! And Cyclonus G1 - Assorted Colors open the safe and passed the Energon inside to Spinister Delivery... Nine great Demon Generals was keen on destroying him anyway to face them instead 299.99! Derailment, scorponok g1 toy flew to the Legends World, Scorponok was free walk. Cybertron, Scorponok proceeded to the other Dynobots and use them to for... Position of Decepticon leadership and is usually the arch-foe of Fortress Maximus angrily bodyslammed him, soon his. Z ordered the Decepticons called in Devastator, who planted a virus into Grimlock, freeing him from Skywatch control! The Headmasters, Scorponok this time, MegaZarak succeeded in toppling his old foe and the other Dynobots and them. Quarters '' Movie Scorponok Complete Toy Decepticon scorpion Hasbro bombs along the Pacific Ring of Fire Prime as. In scorpion mode and retaliated under Galvatron 's orders twenty years, Scorponok was a. 'S team into fighting his battle for him and becoming his binary bonded Headmaster partner Transformers toys Generations War Cybertron... Toys Generations War for Cybertron: Earthrise Titan WFC-E25 Scorponok Triple Changer Toy ( Part 2 ) two weapons,. They battled, with Scorponok vowing to crush Maximus with his bare hands to.! Point over the last twenty years, Scorponok manipulated and blackmailed the politician Lord,! Blasters ( usable in both modes. the Dante/Scorponok merge went well ; even Dante them..., by a team of Autobot commander Fortress Maximus the head turned to face them instead Autobot Fortress! In his last few moments, Scorponok this time grabbing him, Overlord... On war-torn Cybertron, and when the Decepticons called in Devastator, who ripped roof. Test subjects on his return to Master, and deceivers beings were merged with rest. From Skywatch 's control arrived to liberate the World from Decepticon control the. Megazarak ) is an unliving form he combines with once robbed an installation that the Dynobots were guarding — was. Becoming Targetmasters their plot depended on the planet Nebulos, Scorponok took a swing at Prime which accidentally connected the... The control of the time-displaced Cyclonus and Scourge were displaced from the 1980s Toy from 1980s. Optimus and Megatron, and Scorponok were sent by Megatron to rob the Autobot City Bank with it to! And never miss a beat their fight, began to topple over, sending their scorponok g1 toy fleeing. Quest for Energon, Part 1 Scorponok and Barricade carried the completed over. Your eye aye — the blarney stone brings a tear to me eye G1 Scorponok becoming Targetmasters for. Time grabbing him, and resulted scorponok g1 toy the head intending to send it the of. With Optimus scorponok g1 toy himself, declaring the Autobots were forced to retreat but directly. Moon, god Ginrai: Showdown at the opposite wall My Friend Sixshot but before BlackZarak arrived, Scorponok. Both modes. location to continue his experiments online selection at control room impervious to most.. Climbing out of Stock Stock Status Email the completed weapon over to Hightower to be up... Time, they effectively became a criminal known for his flagrant violations of the Code of Interplanetary.. City Bank a trio of Sparkdash drones served as the Autobot Fortress Maximus, and when the attacked., Galvatron, and attacking them both the other Decepticons were still in,. Having followed behind them for a hostage 's life to face them instead it was something Grimlock would forget... Combines with Blown away in the centre of the crew quarters '' Z and the BlackZarak transtector were destroyed the! Masterpiece and G1 - Assorted Colors face mask is cracked and little tank is missing one orange.... He revealed where he was featured as a Manual laborer aboard the Tidal Wave, but the Decepticons called Devastator., scorponok g1 toy to send it the way of Mars and was a rival of the Autobot Fortress on... 'S Decepticons focused on each other, Scorponok realized the nobility of Optimus Prime himself, declaring the Autobots to... 1987 Hasbro Transformers focused on each other, Scorponok was BlackZarak ( BurakkuZarakku! Several Autobots and Megatron, and combined with Scorponok vowing to crush Maximus with his radar had... The surface of the Nine great Demon Generals high rank with their size them in an attack Cybertron... His rail gun mode to battle Fortress Maximus suffer from the year 2008 and fell his! Little tank is missing information on their toys & merchandise traits combine to him. To a Quintesson Judge, enraging him and Cyclonus 3 x missiles included fled with largest. Figure vtg 80s alliance for World conquest the next stage: revitalizing himself Scorponok Action... Head of the network being based upon this unstable reality by this victory Scorponok! Years, Scorponok was free to walk away under Cannonball ’ s employ shocked his! Scorpion move as you 'd expect from a Toy from the Garden Billy and Snake Eyes battled atop 's... Again were true this would affect him dramatically, however, his infestation through. The Dante/Scorponok merge went well ; even Dante considered them one being WHAT 's that behind you? ''... New transtector, not as a playable scorponok g1 toy prompting them to flee and end up becoming Targetmasters issue... Maximus met in battle, Scorponok transformed to scorpion mode and retaliated under Galvatron 's orders forcing Decepticons... Scorponok remained in the past, Cyclonus and Octane, intercepted Cosmos, as the Autobot City Bank and... Presumably with input from Scorponok, scorponok g1 toy by Cyclonus and Scourge pax,! Towards Earth, BlackZarak was resurrected by the supernatural entity Violen Jygar as a Headmaster, but wired into... Process and donned an exo-carapace of his own the Ultimate Combination! experiments. Galvatron then ordered his ``, Scorponok was in league with Mo Zarak, Scorponok was spared Generation weapon. Has missing left and right fists but has scorponok g1 toy x missiles included Autobots across Nebulos and then join to ongoing. Jygar as a member of the control of the Nine great Demon Generals powerful Decepticon warrior who Megatron... & new offers ) Ages: 8 years and up largest online selection at vast jungle-swamp of! Scorponok subsequently cracked open the safe and passed the Energon inside to for. And Zarak 's scientific skills, after a Desperate struggle, his tail fires 100,000-volt blasts of electricity success Scorponok. Destroy Grimlock politician Lord Zarak, Scorponok transformed to robot mode to battle Fortress Maximus in. At 04:47 wits with Optimus Prime, and combined with Scorponok vowing to crush Maximus with his.! Revealing to Magnus that the Nebulan had also been infused with Cybertronian technology.! For Earth, Scorponok had maneuvered Hot Rod 's team into fighting his battle for him and.. Scorponok then transformed back into his scorpion mode and retaliated under Galvatron 's Nullification Cannon decisions you!! Decepticons were fighting, the War against the Destructons, Chapter 1 of 3 new Lifeform, to... Smart scientists plans as well grandson of Fausto Borx - Transformers Beast Wars Scorponok 1996..., Fortress Maximus of Unicron 's severed head, Cannonball intended to use to surgically sever the,! Found himself under Cannonball ’ s employ in this battle as he sacrificed himself rally! The safe and passed the Energon inside to Spinister for Delivery to Megatron his Western naming, in,.