| Sitemap Trees and Sidewalks Repair. The area of the sidewalk closest to the curb, where light poles, tree pits and other vegetation, signs, fire hydrants, and street furniture are typically located, is referred to as the “furnishing zone.” However, these tree roots often tear apart the sidewalks that lay over root systems. The city will announce Tuesday that it will no longer issue violations for sidewalk damage caused by city-owned trees, … Hello All, Wondering if anyone has insight/experience with the removal of a curbside (meaning a tree planted between the sidewalk and the curb) by the Town of Hempstead. NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Tens of thousands of New York City homeowners will no longer have to foot the bill for sidewalk repairs if the cracks are caused by a city tree. Anyone can request a tree for any public sidewalk in NYC. “NYC Parks provides a variety of tree and sidewalk services including street tree planting, sidewalk repair, and tree removal,” the spokeswoman said. When trees are found to be dead, dying, or in danger of falling, The City of New York should and will remove the tree from the sidewalk. If you've received a sidewalk violation notice for your NYC property recently, and you need professional sidewalk violation removal services, you've come to the right place. You must include: Your name; Property address; Description of whether you are selling or refinancing your property; Online Submit your request for removal online. Contact the experts at Native Sidewalk Repair NYC instead. A good majority of the defects in sidewalk and driveway aprons are a result of street tree roots lifting the sidewalk. Request the removal of a standing dead tree. We’ll go over all your concerns, inspect sidewalk damage, and provide you with a free quote for complete partial sidewalk … At its height, bluestone paving accounted for half of city sidewalks, while by the late 20th century only five percent remained. Dog or Animal Waste. 2) Most trees on NYC public sidewalks are owned and maintained by the City of New York. Trees & Sidewalks Program: Sidewalks are prioritized for repair through the Trees & Sidewalks program based on the severity of damage and availability of funding.NYC Parks’ foresters inspect sites requested for repair and assign a priority rating on scale of 0-100-100 being the most severe damage. Tree … Don’t wait until the DOT notices or someone falls and gets hurt. You can request that DPR prune a street tree if the branches are: From outside of the city you can call 212-NEW-YORK. The town may also cut the sidewalk out around the trunk or build an incline over the roots, or simply leave that portion of the sidewalk unrepaired. Ultimately, if the removal of a healthy tree is necessary, it must be approved and permitted by Parks, and tree replacement will be required based on a valuation of the trees impacted. City bungle means long wait for Island tree trimming, sidewalk repairs The city hasn't had a contractor responsible for Staten Island tree and sidewalk maintenance for months. The big, beautiful trees that line Portland’s streets help make the city what it is today. (Credit: CBS2) Mayor Bill de Blasio made the announcement in the Bronx on … DPR also offers free consultations for property owners doing work around tree roots. Get concrete repair today by calling on 718-663-3431. Our Tree Policy speaks of preserving trees, planting more trees than are felled, and understanding the challenges our Village must face when trees and infrastructure collide. Special Natural Area District (SNAD) Complaint. Note that cutting or shaving the roots of City-owned trees is strictly prohibited 2. We strive to provide sidewalk violation removal services in timely manner for NYC residents. 1. By Mail Mail your request to: Department of Transportation Commissioner 55 Water Street, 9th Floor New York, NY … To expedite the process you can hire a contractor to plant the tree, at your expense. ALBANY — Big Apple officials are offering homeowners some re-leaf. Wood Debris Removal NYC will clean up all or part of a curbside tree that is damaged as a result of weather related activity or other causes. One such challenge is street trees. By the late 19th century, cement became the paving material of choice in New York City. You can request a tree pruning from the Parks Department by calling 311 or through the NYC Parks Department’s website. It was widely available in the US after the civil war, and was a fraction of the cost of bluestone to produce and install. Request the removal of dead deer from residential private property. Dead Tree. As tree trunks expand and roots grow stronger, the concrete sidewalk slabs can crack and lift, tripping pedestrians and making a mess of neighborhoods. Report a sidewalk or gutter, including 18 inches into the street, that is not clean. New York City will stop making property owners pay when the city's own trees bust up public sidewalks, officials announced Tuesday. NEW YORK — Homeowners can breathe a sigh of tree-lief. Tree roots typically extend roughly 1 to 1 1/2 feet from a tree for every inch of the width of the tree’s trunk, measured 4 feet from the ground. 2. Drug Sale “Ultimately, this sidewalk is the public right of way, and a removal would be harmful to the tree,” Ms. Ferguson said. In the past, sidewalks were at times ramped over tree roots or root pruning would be performed. Please visit the Wood Debris Removal page to learn more about how to handle wood debris in your area. If your sidewalk problems are caused by tree roots, your property may be eligible for repair by the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) under their Tree and Sidewalks program. When it’s Time to Replace your Walkways, Call New York City’s Finest. The Department of Parks and Recreations (DPR) conducts routine pruning every year on a portion of City trees in each community Board. Parks is responsible for all of the trees in the parks and the 680,000 street trees along the City’s streets and avenues. Report dog or animal waste in a park or on a street, sidewalk, or private property. Clearview Tree & Land Corp. | 1 (888) 808-4777 | NYC BIC#3850 | Serving the 5 Boroughs of New York City, Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Westchester County, NY. Give the skilled professionals at Eden Sidewalk Contractors a call today to schedule a consultation for your service. Examples of work include, but are not limited to, installing a sidewalk, driveway or utility line, pruning, hanging holiday lights, or extending the current tree planting space. We strive to provide sidewalk violation removal services in timely manner for NYC residents. Report a tree removal or natural feature change in a Special Natural Area District (SNAD). Post ads, either in stores, laundromats or online bulletin boards, advertising free wood for anyone … Reasons to have a tree removed The main reasons to remove a tree from New York City property are: if the tree is dying or is already dead; if a large branch or a limb has fallen off the tree; if the tree is leaning or uprooted and may fall over; if the trunk has been split; or if the tree is simply in poor condition. You can request a removal online or by mail. Please visit the Wood Debris Removal page to learn more about wood debris pick-up in your area. Damage caused by tree roots. If the damage inflicted on your sidewalk is due to tree roots, the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) remains responsible to repair it at no cost to you under their Tree and Sidewalks program. Request a sidewalk tree consultation. The Department of Parks and Recreation’s tree pruning program plays a vital role in stemming injuries, claims and ultimately settlements that the City pays out. Sidewalk Repair and Tree Root Removal. What defects cause Sidewalk Violation? In addition, construction work must follow NYC Parks Tree Preservation Protocols and NYC Parks Forestry Protocol for Planned and Emergency Utility Work. A full sidewalk accommodates both pedestrian traffic and a range of street furnishings and fixtures. DPR does not accept requests for routine maintenance of street trees. Dirty Sidewalk. NYC Parks picks up wood debris from street trees, as well from private property in certain areas because of the Asian longhorned beetle. The Town is faced with several challenges with regard to sidewalk, curb and driveway apron repair. Any person, business, or contractor wishing to remove or perform work on or within 50 feet of a tree on New York City property is required to obtain a permit from Parks & Recreation. Learn about free repair for qualifying City sidewalks that are severely damaged by curbside tree roots. Request the removal of a fallen tree or branch, cracked branches in danger of falling, or a tree in poor condition. How do I get a tree pruned? Unfortunately, the same crew that removes the tree normally does not plant a new one, leaving a hole in the ground. NYC Sidewalk Repair And Violation Removal Services Nyc Sidewalk Violation Some defects that could result in a violation include a collapsed sidewalk, a trip hazard, a hardware trip hazard, tree roots, improper slope, patchwork, among others. Advertisement Continue reading the main story Learn more about the Department of Parks and Recreation's tree pruning cycle. General Repairing work that is due. Tree root-sidewalk conflicts are very common in developments.