And the old Slender BARS peanut butter that were out the same time Figurines were,,, they tasted good. Lost 20 pounds when eating these. Like other people, I too have thought about these fantastic bars many times over the years and just tonight decided to look on the internet to see if they could be found. Learn more. Please bring them back. You will have a proportionate body and well-shaped legs. google_ad_type = "text_image"; I loved the chocolate Figurines so much! google_color_link = "A74403"; I have been looking EVERYWHERE for figurines. Yes, I wish they would bring them back. "Figurines, do a lady proud. Ditto to all, bring them back! I loved Figurines. That was the best diet plan in the entire world! Remember they were called figurines, would love to see these come back. The original 138 calorie ones. They were so different from other diet bars because of the wafer consistency which I also loved! Let us give our kids a chance to taste what our tastebuds experienced as a kid growing up. Looks like you already have an account! You've already signed up for some newsletters, but you haven't confirmed your address. I bought Figurines because I was super busy with school and working to pay for old car gas and insurance. They would be a big seller. And I maybe wrong, but it seems like the 2 wafers had 150 calories total. google_ad_height = 600; I loved the strawberry. google_ad_width = 120; Very close. Quotes. Logical Thinking IQ Test : Odd One Out in Figures Which figure does not belong to the group in each of the following questions? I want them back. I just loved eating these too- every morning. My sister and I loved figurines. I loved them so much! anyway visit if you want to check them out. WE HAVE LOVED PILLSBURY PRODUCTS FOR YEARS SO PLEASE LOVE US ENOUGH TO BRING BACK THE FIGURINE BARS.THNK YOU GWEN. Please ask Pillsbury to bring them back to our local stores. Try them! Figures come in two types:graphs and images/diagrams. Yes! Images and diagrams are morelikely to be used to help explain concepts or theories. Shame on Pillsbury!! Tried and true..surely wish they would bring them back! I remember they had come out with Figurines Smores Bars, OMG, there were 4 packs in a box and 2 wafers in each pack with filling in each. Pillsbury should bring these back! You can gain some additional space for your diagram or drawing by closing the Shapes window when you do not want to see its contents.. I remember the first time I took an airline flight alone, at age 11, she packed some in my bag as a snack for me in case I met with any delays and got hungry during my trip! Our Mom finally decided they were not working for her, and gave us kids the remainder of the box. I hope Pillsbury does bring these back. AND WHY DID THEY STOP MAKING THEM? Probably wont lose weight on the kitkats tho. I also liked the Choclate mint and I think they made a carmel one later on. I remember losing a lot of weight while eating them. All the bars that has came out in past 30 years, especially Adkins has been very hard to swallow. lol The Chocolate Mint were my favorites!! Especially liked the strawberry. I could have that for breakfast right now. Formats: View IQ Test: Worksheet / Test Paper: Take IQ Test: Review: Multiple choice. Shop with confidence on eBay! dear pillsburay, please,please,please bring back the FIGURINE BARS IN 1975 I LOST 45 POUNDS AND KEPT IT OFF FOR 28 YEARS .Now i need to drop 50 pounds and i need my FIGURINES SO BAD. ),