The True Power Of Pokemon.More Black 2: Now that we are back you will notice that the way is no longer blocked! She chose Tepig as her starter. – Team Plasma Frigate Again –As you go aboard you will once again see Hugh challenging a large number of Grunts – head over and give him a Wutsup? (3)    Three of the four digits are the same number. By heading westwards past a Hidden Grotto players can head back down a staircase and along the beach to the western house. Colress will give you something to … Outside, the Plasma Frigate has left. – The Frigate Bridge – Using the right-hand pad you will find yourself teleported to the Bridge, where you are in for a surprise! Giant Chasm appeared in The King Returns, where Ghetsis was seen there with Kyurem, commanding it to cover all of Unova in ice. Behind a boulder east of second TinyMushroom (requires, Between two rocks and a ledge, east of the Carbos, South of the stars leading to Kyurem's area, near a patch of dark grass in the eastern part of the forest, Southern part of the forest, near the path that leads to the center, Northeast of southwest corner, on the other side of a, On a rock east of the Star Piece near northwest corner, The Giant Chasm and its lore seem to have been inspired by the real-life. 1. He then ordered Kyurem to attack N, but N was saved by the sudden arrival of Hilbert and Zekrom, who had arrived to help stop Ghetsis. Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2 are 2012 role-playing video games developed by Game Freak, published by The Pokémon Company and Nintendo for the Nintendo DS.Part of the fifth generation of the Pokémon video game series, the games are direct sequels to Pokémon Black and Pokémon White, being the first sequels in the series.They were first … Back in the Giant Chasm, where you battled it after chasing Ghetsis! The path forward will be blocked by some sort of electrical barrier. Navigating the Ice to reach the Team Plasma Frigate. From there head all the way south and then west to battle another Grunt.Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 47 Krokorok and a Level 47 Krookodile, and pays you $1880. The narrow path to the Giant Chasm is also blocked at both ends by similar rocks. Rood of the Seven Sages along with several old Team Plasma members confront the new Team Plasma; this gives the player the opportunity to sneak aboard the Plasma Frigate, where they battle against Colress and run into Ghetsis. In the meantime, the Gym Leaders are gathering for the fight, as well as the former remnants of Team Plasma to contribute to the fight alongside the Champions Iris and Alder. This should be intersting!The pair of Team Plasma Grunts send out a Level 46 Trubbish and Level 46 Scraggy as their openers, and follow them with a Level 46 Scrafty and Level 46 Garbodor, and close with a Level 46 Whirlipede and Level 46 Golbat, paying $3680 for the lesson.Using the teleport pad here sends us to the area with the force fields, and instant combat with Rood's spy, who spends a few minutes complaining and then fills you in on the fact that the floors are a maze of pipes and you need to step on switches to get past the barrier. Once the player has captured or defeated Kyurem and left the area, the snow will disappear, and the northern portion of the caves will no longer be accessible. Ghetsis then used the DNA Splicers on Kyurem, allowing it to absorb Reshiram and turn into White Kyurem. (7)    The favorite number is 0.With all of those great hints we know that the password should be 2202 – and when we enter that number the Force Field Barrier drops and we now have access to the front of the Frigate!As we step forward and get a good look at this strange Legendary Pokemon, Zinzolin appears behind is warning that there is no way we will be able to break into the cell and free the Pokemon – time for another battle with Zin!Zinzolin has a pair of Level 49 Cryogonal, and closes with his Level 51 Weavile, and pays $9180 for this lesson. In fact that is probably the best idea. Once the player has captured or defeated Kyurem and left the area, the snow will disappear, and the northern portion of the caves will no longer be accessible. // --> Once all the humans had left the Giant Chasm, Kyurem covered the entire location in ice in order to rest undisturbed. At this point, you can also find the Key Item the DNA Splicer in the Giant Chasm as well. The codes I'm trying to work with are in the spoiler tag. The Ace: Succeeded Ao for having the highest level mons on the team, not to mention her other achievements. Giant Chasm. Seeing that Kyurem was no longer under his control, Colress decided to quit Team Plasma and escape. A new staircase south of these rocks leads to the northern part of the route. This area has many high-level Pokémon from previous generations. But he is not alone – there are Shadow Triad here!Ghetsis departs after learning that the next stage of his plan is completed – the Triad having delivered the news – but before you can get to battling, Hugh shows up and the Triad reveals that he does indeed have the Pokemon that previously belonged to Hugh's sister! Ghetsis will explain that the Giant Chasm is Kyurem's strongest place and that he will be able to complete his plans from here. Will Black, White, Blake and Whitley be able to team up in time to stop Ghetsis, Colress and … Castelia City has been frozen over by Kyurem and is now locked in ice. I've put in the game ID the number of the rom after selecting the rom and it gave me this ID "IREO-62F5EFD5" (which is the same code for the Black 2 Vanilla version) but they still don't work. Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 Wiki Guide. Choose which generation of games you're playing to see the Pokémon and capture methods. In the Shaking Grass you will find Audino, Clefable, Mamoswine, and Metagross.Of the Pokemon here the ones you still need to add to your collection should be Ditto, Metang, Mamoswine, and Metagross. In Black 2 and White 2, the Move Tutor has moved to the Pokémon World Tournament and the rocks in the center of the route have also moved, blocking the old path to the house in the west of the route. Head back out to the deck. ... To reach Giant Chasm, go to Humilau City, then north to Route 22, and go to the northwest corner of the route to find the cave entrance to Giant Chasm. ... Re-encounter the Unlocker Guy in Giant Chasm. Kyurem will appear here after the player has caught ZekromB2/ReshiramW2 at Dragonspiral Tower. Continue to follow the path all the way east and follow your Dowser to the Ice Gem that you have to push a boulder into a pit to reach, then follow the path all the way back to where you entered, continue all the way south and west, and look for the exit along the bottom of the area, which leads to the Route 13.– Route 13 Giant Chasm Annex –First thing you need to understand is that the area that is just outside is NOT Route 13, it is the Route 13 Giant Chasm Annex, but that is OK there is a reason we are going here...  Outside you will spot a Treasure Ball with a Yellow Shard - be sure to collect that - and then if you follow your Dowser you will find a Max Potion in the grass.