$5.90. FAST 'N FREE. Product Data Sheet. Shop SKF 78790 at Applied.com, which includes; Radial Shaft Seal, 200.03 mm Shaft Diameter, 259.94 mm Housing Bore Diameter, 15.88 mm Width. Add to Compare. Enabled filters: Availability. The secondary function of a rotary shaft seal is to preclude any contamination of the system by external particles or other environmental impacts. O'Ring Kits (Metric) Shaft Seals Inch SC SB2 TC VB TA2 SA2 TB2 VC KB KC Metric SC SB2 SA2 TC TB2 TA2 VB VC BABSL VRM01 VRM02 End Cap V-Rings A Type L Type S Type Catalog. Metric Oil Shaft Seal Double Lip 12 x 22 x 4mm Price for 1 pc. Product description This is a kind of rubber fully coated with the tight spring double lips oil seal. Tides Marine - SureSeal Drip Free Self Aligning Shaft Seal in Metric Sizes. metric shaft seal 25x42x10/7 metric oil shaft seal 25x42x10/7 double lip tc oil seals new no box (lot of 13) photos of actual item weight: 0.2 lbs dimensions: 1" x 2" x 3" bwr6d2 pys. Choose from single lip, dual lip with spring and single lip with spring seals in a wide range of sizes. Size = Shaft Size; Diameter = Stern Tube Diameter (A) Three year manufacturer warranty; Has dual injection ports* (for 1-1/8"+) and contains all necessary hardware Different seal types within these groups are described with their respective design, materials and applications. Product Data Sheet. They perform two essential functions. 21X35X7TC Metric Oil Seal. Oil seals retain lubricants, exclude contaminants, separate fluids, and confines pressure. DENVER, CO P: 303.373.1446 F: 303.373.1559 Metric Seals There are 29 products. The automotive radial lip seal works by creating a thin layer of oil between the sealing lip and shaft journal. 3,942 products. Get dependable rotary shaft seals from Grainger. Apex ES120 : Single Spring Seal / Rubber Bellows. $6.90. Metric Oil Shaft Seal 35 x 47 x 7 35x47x7 Double Lip TC Oil Seals. Tides Marine - SureSeal Drip Free Self Aligning Shaft Seal in Metric Sizes. Product Compare (0) SURESEAL 95MM. Watch. The World’s most common metric shaft seal. 5.50 (1) Material. Oil seals are used wherever shafts rotate and bearings require lubrication. There are three basic types of seals: Static seals. Piston Seals (2&5 Piece, Iron & CAT® Assemblies) read more Link Pin Seals (Metal-Cased Rod Eye Seal) read more Wear Rings & Bearings (Nylon , Teflon & Strip) read more Apex ES130 : Single Spring Seal / Rubber Bellows. FAST 'N FREE. Oil Seals and related products in metric sizes. One is a cylindrical outer covering with an interference fit that seals statically against the housing bore. Lowest prices and largest inventory on all metric inboard boat prop shaft seals. Full line of various sealing products including metric and standard Oil Seals, End Caps, V-Rings, Gamma Seals, U-Cups, Rod Wipers, Shaft Repair Sleeves, Teflon Seals and O-Ring kits. Help retain bearing lubricant and minimize the entry of dirt, oil and moisture that can damage and cause premature failure of the bearing and other components. Free shipping. Popular . Large rubber cross sections & “Surface Grab” minimize tears & enhances seal life. Product Compare (0) SURESEAL 25MM. Calculate the PV-Rating of the seal required for your application using calculator below: The PV-Rating of an AHPSeal rotary seal gives an indication of the seal’s ability to withstand the stress applied to a seal due to sealing pressure as the shaft rotates with velocity. The Lasdrop Gen II Dripless Shaft Seal Metric offers exclusive features that make it the premier dripless shaft seal on the market.. Not available (5557) In stock (3479) HEIGHT. Capillary action causes the oil to seep between the lip and the shaft, which results in the oil lifting the sealing lip clear of the shaft. So, for example, a metric oil seal stamped with 35 75 10 will have a shaft diameter of 35 mm, an bore diameter of 75 mm, and a seal width of 10mm. shaft seal is a barrier with four functions: 1) Retaining lubricants or liquids 2) Excluding contaminants 3) Separating fluids and 4) Confining pressure. Watch. All Metric Sizes Metric Shaft Double Lip Seal are used for keeping dirt, dust, water or other particles out while retaining lubricant in rotary shaft equipment. $332.21 . $8.98. Metric Oil Shaft Seal 50 x 68 x 9mm Double Lip Price for 1 pc. Used in mechanical, automobile, electrical appliance, industrial, construction, or … 0.250" - 0.590" Shafts; 0.625" - 0.984" Shafts; 1.000" - 1.437" Shafts; 1.500" - 1.875" Shafts; 2.000" - 2.437" Shafts; 2.500" - 2.875" Shafts; 3.000" - 3.750" Shafts; 4.000" Shaft; 5.000" Shaft; Metric Seals . Metric oil seals have a lip that rubs against the rotating shaft. The primary function is to retain the bearing or system lubricant in the system to avoid leakage. View; Sort by ... Sizes: ID 14mm x OD 22mm x W 7mm Nitrile Rubber Coated Rotary Shaft Oil Seal Double Lips and Spring loader Ring Add to cart. SKF industrial shaft seals and accessories are divided into three main groups: • Radial shaft seals • Axial shaft seals and • Wear sleeves. Rotary Shaft Seals. Oil / Grease Seals (Metric Dimension) Browse: All items metric oil seal Oil Seal Sort by: Featured Price, low to high Price, high to low Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z … Product(s) Shaft Size Stern Tube O.D. Seal faces encapsulated & protected by rubber bellows. FAST 'N FREE. Oil seals help a rotating shaft and the bearing within reach its maximum service life and reliability. Anti-oxidation, oil proof, weather resistant, heat proof, good elasticity, resistant to flexural deformation double lip oil seal, etc. Radial shaft seals sit between rotating and stationary components, or two components in relative motion. Sort by. $1,742.34 . per page. For any questions, or if you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us at 1 (800) 445-7803. Learn How to Select the Right Rotary Oil and Oil Shaft Seals . Metric Oil Shaft Seal 14 x 22x 5mm Double Lip Price for 1 pc. Product descriptions are followed by product tables. Display. all equipment comes with a 60 day warranty. Propeller … Metric Oil Shaft Seal 28 x 40 x 10mm Double Lip Price for 1 pc. Calculate the PV-Rating of the seal required for your application using calculator below: The PV-Rating of an AHPSeal rotary seal gives an indication of the seal’s ability to withstand the stress applied to a seal due to sealing pressure as the shaft rotates with velocity. Free shipping . Common lip materials available for use in our metric oil seals include: Nitrile — A low-cost option, nitrile has superior low-temperature capability and abrasion resistance, as … $5.90. Metric Oil Shaft Seal 20 x 40 x 10 20x40x10 Double Lip TC Oil Seals. These will closely align with the inside and outside diameter of the seal, but it won’t be exact as the seal presses into the bore, and the seal lip compresses onto the shaft. Deep Blue Yacht Supply carries the entire line of Tides Marine and PYI, Inc. marine metric shaft seals. 608-ZZ Ball Bearing 8x22x7 Dual Shielded Metal Chrome Skateboard 608Z (10 QTY) $7.40. Rotary shaft seals provide sealing and wiping functionality for rotating and swiveling movements under low pressure and high velocity. It prevents the lubricant from leaking. Add to Wishlist. The Big Bearing Store supplies the highest quality Oil Seals the market has to offer. This thin layer is retained, and … Order your inboard boat propeller dripless shaft seals today and save up to hundreds. Metric Oil Shaft Seals FKM/Viton® Oil Seals 4mm Height; Oil Seals 4.5mm Height; Oil Seals 5mm Height; Oil Seals 6mm Height; Oil Seals 6.5mm Height; Oil Seals 7mm Height; Oil Seals 7.5mm Height; Oil Seals 8mm Height; Oil Seals 9mm Height; Oil Seals 10mm Height; Oil Seals 12mm Height; Oil Seals 13mm Height; Oil Seals 14mm height; Oil Seals 15mm Height; Oil Seals 16mm Height Available in inch and metric sizes, the Timken line of O-Ring Seal Kits have the coverage you need for the most popular applications. View as. $8.54. Oil seals seal both dynamically (on the shaft) and statically (on the … Watch. A spring supports the lip, and keeps it in contact with the shaft. Phone: 800-777-5617 Fax: 800-759-6391 World Wide Phone: 727-796-1300 World Wide Fax: 727-797-8849 sales@herculesus.com Company Hours:8:00am-7:00pm est Type TB Oil Seals Metric; Type TC - Oil Seals. Free shipping . 201 S 78th St - Tampa, FL 33619 [email protected] Fax: (813) 200-3800 It should be noted, however, that The Static sealsStatic seals function of a static seal is to create a barrier … Applications of Metric Oil Seals: Metric shaft seals are installed in practically every type of machine including industrial motors, pumps, vehicles, engines, etc. All Mechanical Seals; American Seals . Teaming up with Champ Oil Seals we offer a high quality low cost oil seal for many applications including ATV and automotive.This seals... $2.00 warranty. Lip Seals are used as high pressure seals and in lower pressure applications. The second, a sealing lip, seals dynamically and statically against the shaft. Shaft OD - 0.187" Shaft OD - 0.25" Shaft OD - 0.313" Shaft OD - 0.375" Shaft OD - 0.434" Shaft OD - 0.5" Shaft OD - 0.562" Shaft OD - 0.585" Shaft OD - 0.59" Shaft OD - 0.625" Shaft OD - 0.688" Shaft OD - 0.75" Shaft OD - 0.787" Shaft OD - 0.813" Shaft OD - 0.875" Shaft OD - 0.937" Shaft OD - 0.938" Shaft OD - 0.968" They have two main parts. Double lip Oil or Grease Seals in Metric Sizes.