At least two videos of kids trying to imitate Darth Maul have gone viral: the 2003 Star Wars Kid, which spawned an internet meme, and another which went viral in December 2017 of an 8-year-old Ontario boy pretending to be Darth Maul and displaying his martial arts skills.[31]. In the 2012 novel Darth Plagueis, the titular Sith lord sends his apprentice, Darth Sidious, to the Force-rich world of Dathomir. Maul commands her to meet with him on Dathomir and tells her that they will work more closely from that point forward, igniting his lightsaber. Maul would have been the main character of Battle of the Sith Lords, an action-adventure title set before The Phantom Menace that was cancelled in 2011. The Sith Lord easily overpowers the Padawan, but hesitates, until he sees a hologram camera. Enraged, Maul pulls out both his lightsaber and darksaber and proceeds to fight Sidious on equal ground, but Sidious ultimately defeats him. He ignites his new double-bladed lightsaber and engages Obi-Wan in a duel, but Obi-Wan again bests him in combat, cutting off his opponent's horns. It was also published in the back of the paperback edition of Michael Reaves' Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter. Obi-Wan, though outnumbered, cuts off Savage's arm. Maul: Lockdown is a Star Wars novel written by Joe Schreiber, released by Del Rey Books on January 28, 2014. Ob-Wan, in particular, took the worst kind of damage when the assassin electrocuted the Jedi for an extended moment - something even Count Dooku never managed to do. Although impressed with his former apprentice's survival, Sidious declares Maul a rival and uses the Force to push and choke him and Savage. Darth Maul had his own one-shot comic book within the 2018–19 Age of the Republic miniseries, which depicts short stories of various characters during the Galactic Republic era. Bane didn't just escape but also managed to deal some memorable blows to both his enemies. In flashbacks during the novel Star Wars: Ahsoka, it is revealed that during the final days of the Clone Wars, Maul and his forces were besieged on Mandalore by an army of clone troopers led by Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex. RELATED: Star Wars: The 10 Toughest Fights Ahsoka Tano Has Had, Ranked. Darsha's master is slain while attempting to buy time for the others. After getting frustrated with a drawing by The Phantom Menace production designer Gavin Bocquet, concept artist Iain McCaig started covering it in tape. Maul himself acknowledges his shortcomings, such as his limited understanding of politics, even as he tries to become a true Sith. In all honesty, the greatest duel in the history of Star Wars, which gave birth to the Darth Vader as fans know him from the original trilogy, is the heartbreaking, ridiculously long, intense and visually spectacular battle on Mustafar between Obi-Wan and his fallen apprentice. Several sources depict Maul returning from the dead in several different forms. He then proposes an alliance once again, but Ahsoka refuses the idea and sends him unarmed to distract the clone troopers pursuing her. Afterwards, Maul confers with Mother Talzin and plots to draw out Sidious by capturing Dooku and Grievous. In the film, Maul studies the Dark Side secretly on an unknown planet. A Dathomiri witch, or Nightsister, senses Sidious' power in the Force and approaches him. Maul spends his time serving under Darth Sidious, killing countlessly. [7], His clothing was also modified, from a tight body suit with a muscle pattern to the Sith robe based on samurai pleats, because the lightsaber battles involved much jumping, spinning, running, and rolling. After abandoning his forces as they are faced with defeat, Maul attempts to escape in a shuttle, but is ultimately captured by Ahsoka. In all seriousness though Kenobi is downplayed a lot, mostly because the Count absolutely tools him whenever they meet. Afterwards, Maul and Ezra hazardously unite the holocrons, allowing them to see visions of their desires: Ezra sees images of a way to destroy the Sith, images including "twin suns", while Maul sees a vision of his own. However, he is followed by General Grievous and his droids, who battle with Maul and the Mandalorians. What if Darth Maul won? Since the release of The Phantom Menace, Darth Maul has proven to be a popular character. Pavan barely makes it into a public area where Maul cannot follow, and unwittingly gives the holocron to Senator Palpatine of Naboo, not realizing that Palpatine is Maul's Sith Master. In this duel, Obi-Wan had to survive alone against the combined might of the powerful Force-sensitive siblings, displaying utterly insane acrobatics and evasion skills as well as the full extent of his lightsaber combat mastery. George Lucas decided to resurrect Maul for the series after developing Opress. Maul's pirates attack Hondo's loyal forces, and Maul once again duels Obi-Wan while Savage fights and kills Jedi Master Adi Gallia. From Durge to Count Dooku, here are the toughest fights that Obi-Wan Kenobi has ever gone through in Star Wars. After being rescued by his brother Savage Opress years later, during the Clone Wars, and given a new pair of robotic legs, Maul carries out his revenge plan, culminating with him allying with various crime syndicates, taking over the planet Mandalore, and killing Obi-Wan's love interest, Dutchess Satine Kryze. "[29], Darth Maul-related merchandise was popular among Hasbro Star Wars toy lines, with plastic recreations of his double bladed lightsaber and various action figures in his likeness developed. [16] Series co-creator Dave Filoni initially responded to Lucas's idea as unrealistic, because, "It's over. According to Filoni, Lucas replied, "I don't know. He knows it holds the hologram of his master, and slays the Padawan. He tells Ezra that because the connection was severed, they got bits and pieces of each other's visions. After several days, they are found floating in dead space and close to death by the Mandalorian Death Watch warriors, led by Pre Vizsla. For Obi-Wan, that foe is Count Dooku. Maul could give Dooku the fight off his life, but he still won't beat Kenobi. Meanwhile, a Jedi Padawan named Darsha Assant is faced with the Jedi trials to become a full-fledged Jedi Knight, and tries to save a member of Black Sun (which Maul had crippled in Saboteur). 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Darth Maul's origins are elaborated upon in the third season of the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which takes place between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. 1 Main Timeline 1.1 Tatooine Encounter 1.2 Naboo Fight 1.3 Impersonation by Kenobi 2 OtherWhen “If what you’re thinking is that it was a Sith—well, I’m terribly sorry. The upcoming Kenobi series should revisit the events of the Jedi Master's final battle against Maul in Star Wars Rebels.Years after their last encounter, Star Wars Rebels resurrected the rivalry with a brief but powerful interaction between the pair. Maul reappears after finding the rebels' secret base. Instead, he just holds Darth Maul as he dies. Maul is also featured prominently in comic series starting in this period, The Clone Wars: The Sith Hunters and Darth Maul: Death Sentence. Witnessing the Separatist commander in his prime against Kenobi's defensive superiority would have been a genuine treat for fans, even though their Revenge of the Sith (2005) duel didn't disappoint. He has graduated from the University of Royal Holloway and is currently a writer in training for Comic Book Resources. [9] The character was voiced by comedian/voice actor/director Peter Serafinowicz in The Phantom Menace and Lego videogame adaptation of the prequel trilogy, while Sam Witwer performed the character's voice in the animated series The Clone Wars, Rebels, and in the live action movie Solo: A Star Wars Story.